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Hair Setters with 1/2 Inch Rollers

StyleBell has the perfect hair setter to suit your hair styling needs. All of these hair setters include 1/2 inch rollers and various other sizes.

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Caruso Pro Molecular Ion Steam Hairsetter, 30 Rollers, 5 Sizes, C97958 Caruso ProTraveler Molecular Steam Hairsetter 14 Roller 5 Sizes C97956, Dual Voltage Caruso SalonPro Molecular Steam Hairsetter 30 Rollers 5 Sizes, C97953, Dual Voltage
Our Price: $49.95

Our Price: $39.95

Our Price: $47.95

Caruso Ion 30 Steam Roller Hairsetter Caruso ProTraveler 14 Roller Steam Hairsetter Caruso 30 Roller Steam Hairsetter
Create curls with tons of shine with the Caruso Professional Molecular Ion Steam 30 Roller Hairsetter. Now you can take your curls with you with the Caruso ProTraveler Molecular Steam 14 Roller Hairsetter. Looking for the hard-to-find Molecular SalonPro Steam 30 Roller Hairsetter from Caruso? This is it!
Caruso Petite .5 inch Molecular Steam Rollers, Set of 6, 06749-05
Our Price: $12.50

Caruso Petite 1/2 inch Molecular Steam Rollers with Shield
Create small springy curls with tons of shine with the 1/2 inch petite rollers and a Caruso Professional Molecular Steam Hairsetter.