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Seven reasons to love the FHI Technique Pink Professional Flat Iron

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1 - Damp to Dry Capability: According to FHI, damp hair is the preferred method of use for the iron. Betcha didnít know that! Yes, this hair straightener was built to break down more water molecules and force them back into the hair shaft for increased moisture. Then the iron closes the hairís cuticle as you glide down the section, repelling humidity, insuring the style is locked into place.

2 - Ultra-rapid heat-up time: The FHI Pink 1 inch Flat Iron heats up in less than 15 seconds. Thatís super fast for those of us whoíd rather be styling than waiting. Plus it has a fixed temperature of 410 degrees F, that delivers consistent, even heat every time you use it.

3 - Technology: The FHI Pink Flat Iron directly infuses negative ions into the hair at a rate 20 times more than most ordinary non-ionic hair straighteners resulting in hair that is more moisturized and in better condition. Plus, an additional oomph of Nano Titanium Oxide and Nano Silver Technology helps remove any harmful chemicals as well as kill bacteria. This means your hair is softer, shinier, and healthier. Healthier hair? Sign me up!

4 - Reduces Color Fade: The combination of Ionic technology and gentle infrared heat allows your hair color to last longer than ever due to the extra moisturizing that happens when you straighten the hair section, and smooth down the hairís cuticle. Good news if you have highlights, they will look brighter and more vibrant each time the iron is used.

5 - Automatic-Sense Control System: This unique feature promises a superior heat-recovery rate. Every time you style your hair and finish the section, the temperature of the iron changes. Think about it, when you style your hair itís not that hot, but after you glide down the section your hair stays hot for a minute or two. With the Automatic-Sense Control System in the FHI Pink Flat Iron the heat is instantaneously recovered to the plates. Translation: The iron is as effective at the beginning of the styling process as it is at the end.

6 - The PTFC Ceramic Heater: The heating element in the FHI Pink Flat Iron (as well as all FHI Heat Technique flat irons) is one of the most technologically advanced PTFC ceramic heaters on the market. The production of far-infrared heat means you are straightening the hair from the cortex outwards and sealing the cuticle flat. This protects the hair strand and reduces damage promoting a healthier head of hair. Again, healthier hair, I love it.


7 - Design: This iron is so versatile, FHI calls it a Ďmultipurpose styling toolí. The clever design has beveled edge 1 inch plates that allow you to flip, twist, and curl hair with this one, clever appliance. This means that you can go curly one day, straight the next all with this iron. Who doesnít love options?


OK one moreÖ

8 Ė The color! I just love that itís pink. But donít let the girly color fool you, this iron is packed with technology that will leave your hair silky and soft, with a long-lasting frizz-free smooth style, whether curly or straight.
Convinced? Check it out for yourself right here: FHI Pink Professional Ceramic 1 Inch Flat Iron.


-Straight Belle

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