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Aquis Microfiber Long Lisse Hair Towel 18 x 44

The Aquis Microfiber Orginal Long Hair Towel is made from Aquitex, a patented microfiber materials that is super absorbent.
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The Aquis Microfiber Original Long Hair Towel is made from Aquitex, a patented microfiber materials that is super absorbent.  The Aquitex microfibers are extremely lightweight and very gentle on your hair helping to protect your locks against hair damage.  No more balancing act needed from a heavy cotton towel that flops around on your head while you are trying to get ready.
  • Made with Aquitex microfibers
  • 18 inches x 44 inches
  • Ultra Absorbent allowing for quick hair drying time
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Gentle on skin and hair
  • Reduces risk of split ends
  • Wraps easily into a turban
  • Quick drying allows the towel to stay fresher longer
  • Durable lasting longer than conventional towels
What is Aquitex microfiber?
The term microfiber is a measure of size, referring to ultra-fine fibers that are leass than 1 denier per filament.  In comparison with other materials, microfibers are twice as fine as silk and three times finer than cotton.  Microfibers are high performance fibers, engineered to carry out a number of functions such as transporting and managing moisture, and regulating heat.
Why is Aquitex microfiber the best?
Every Aquis towel is made from Aquitex microfiber.  All microfibers are not created equal . . . and the technology behind each type of microfiber material is designed to produce a fiber with the specific Aquitex microfiber has been perfected for more than 10 years, and is designed for the most efficient moisture transport while providing greater durability, comfort and softness than other microfiber towels.

Aquitex microfiber has a unique hydrophilic capillary action that draws water faster, more thoroughly and gently from hair and skin than ordinary towels. Because it has been woven from ultrafine microfibers, Aquitex has much more surface area for absorption and evaporation, which greatly increases its drying capabilities. This same technology also allows Aquis towels to dry quickly between uses, keeping them fresher longer.

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Manufacturer Aquis

Customer Reviews (2)

Aquis Microfiber Long Lisse Hair Towel 18 x 44Review by Harry N.
They're perfect towel that I haven't seen them before. They're great to dry your hair after taking a shower. I think everyone should buy it. But I think the Manufacturer has to make them thicker is more better for users. Thank you (Posted on 4/15/2013)
Great towel! Absorbent, dries fast.Review by Pearl
I use the towel to blot excess water from hair and sometimes use it as a turban. (Posted on 11/10/2011)

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