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Hair How To: Christina Aguilera's 1970's Inspired Look!

Get Christina Aguilera Gorgeous

Step 1: Protect and Hold

We recommend starting off this style by spraying a thermal protectant with light to medium hold all over your hair. Apply it in sections to make sure that the product is evenly dispersed and protecting each strand evenly! Our personal favorite is FHI's Hot Sauce because it helps to nourish your hair during heat styling instead of burning it off! After applying, make a wispy part down the center of your hair.

Step 2: Use a Magic Wand

To achieve the all over volume and curl that Christina's got in this style, we recommend using a tapered styling wand to get those tight curls without making the roots too voluminous. I recommend using this 3/4-1 1/4" Styling Wand by Hot Tools, but you can also use a regular curling iron being careful not to use one larger than 1 1/4". I recommend separating your hair into 1/2" horizontal sections and taking 1/2" vertical sections per each curl. This will definitely be a time consuming process, but for big gorgeous hair like this -- it's totally worth it!

Step 3: Flip your bangs

In order to achieve the same flipped out bangs that christina is rockin' you can use any flat iron, or for really baby fine bangs we recommend this FHI mini flat iron. If you don't have bangs but still want to achieve this look be sure while you are curling your hair that you take the front hairline portion of each side of the head and curling the towards the back of the head to give it the same off the face look!


Products to Get This Look!
FHI Heat Hot SauchHot Tools Styling Wand FHI Mini Flat Iron
FHI Hot SauceHot Tools 3/4 - 1 1/4" Styling WandFHI Mini Flat Iron