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COS Powertools Color Out System

COS Powertools Color Out System is a new technology that is the safest and most effective way to remove undesirable hair color.
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COS Powertools Color Out System is a new technology that is the safest and most effective way to remove undesirable hair color. In just 20 minutes, COS Color Out System corrects and removes the color by shrinking the dye molecules, allowing it to be simply washed out of the hair. Levels are of no concern as COS's unique bleach and ammonia free formula removes all artificial pigments from the hair while keeping the hair in great shape.  Stylists and their clients will not experience the damaging effects that bleach and ammonia based products cause.  COS is so gentle that hair can be recolored right after the COS service.

Product Details:
  • Two 4 oz bottles, 2 to 4 applications per box
  • Color removal solution
  • State of the art formula has a pleasant fragrance
  • Gently removes permanent, semi and demi permanent hair color
  • Takes only 20 minutes
  • Ammonia and bleach free
  • Re-color the same day

Directions: Mix color, add drops to mixture, apply and process as usual.

Important Points about COS
What Is COS?

COS, The Color Out System is a gentle color remover that reverses the color process without causing damage to the hair.  Unlike traditional bleach based color removers which are unpredictable, drying to the hair and cause porosity issues, COS gently shrinks the size of the color molecule removing it from the hair.  The hair is returned to whatever color it was prior to the application of the artificial color without drying the hair out or increasing porosity.
How Does COS Work?
COS works by reversing the growth process of color dye molecules.  When coloring, the para dyes have small molecules that easily pass through the cuticle imbrications.  Once they have entered the cortex, through oxidation, they grow into larger molecules that become permanently held and cannot be rinsed back out through the cuticle imbrications.  The chemistry behind COS shrinks the dye molecules back down to a size that can be easily rinsed from the hair.

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Manufacturer Powertools

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