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Difference Between Straightening and Smoothing: Keratin Hair Treatment

 Difference Between Straightening and Smoothing: Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin proteins have always been in your hair, but it wasnt until several years ago that keratin infused products started hitting the market. And boy did they hit it hard! Keratin hair treatments quickly became a must-have for women that wanted to tame their tresses.

Today, theres a wide array of Keratin hair treatment products to choose from, many of which we carry at StyleBell. With so many choices it can get confusing as to what each product does and whats best for your hair type. To help you cut to the chase were going to give you the 411 on two of the most popular products Keratin Straightening Treatment and Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

Keratin Straightening Treatment

What It Does A Keratin straightening treatment is a multi-step process that results in hair thats straighter, smoother and easier to manage. It eliminates up to 95% of frizz and curls and provides overall improved texture and appearance. It works by infusing hair cuticles with natural keratin proteins, wrapping each strand in a protective keratinous bond that fills in the ridges of curls. Once the formula is applied to the hair your stylist will use a blow dryer and flat iron to create the bond and seal in the keratin.

Unlike flat iron styling, which can damage hair, Keratin straightening treatments help protect the hair and improve its health by keeping toxins and pollution out of the hair cuticle. The results will last up the 5 months.

What Type of Hair Its Best For If youd describe your hair as curly, wavy, frizzy, rough or dull then it will take well to a keratin straightening treatment. Those who straighten their hair often will also be good candidates as the treatment will reduce the need to use heat styling products that can cause damage, and it cuts drying time in half.

Hair that has just been colored or highlighted is perfect for keratin straightening as it can help lock in color and add luster. Likewise, if your hair has been damaged from chemical treatments, keratin straightening can help restore it back to its formally healthy state.

When to Avoid Using Keratin Straightening Treatments If you have psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis you should check with your doctor before getting a keratin straightening treatment. Also, hair cant get wet or clipped/tied back for three days after the treatment. So if this cant be avoided, its best to hold off until it can.

Keratin Smoothing Treatment

What It Does A keratin smoothing treatment can reduce frizz and restore shine in hair thats become dull. It wont make curly hair straight but it will help tame curls and make them softer. Like the keratin straightening treatment, it works by infusing the hair shafts with a protective keratin protein complex that is bonded to the hair using a blow dryer and flat iron. The result is a salon quality keratin blowout look that lasts 3-5 months.

What Type of Hair Its Best For If your hair is wavy or straight, but tends to get unruly, youll see major benefits from a keratin smoothing treatment. Those that are prone to getting frizzy in humidity can use the treatment to lock out coif-ruining moisture. Even ladies with naturally straight hair will benefit from the sealing and protective benefits.

When to Avoid Using Keratin Smoothing Treatments Just as with keratin straightening products, those with psoriasis or seborrheic dermatitis may not be good candidates for the treatment. Ultimately, keratin straightening products are very similar to keratin smoothing products. Talk with your stylist to see which product will work best for your hair and the results youd like to achieve.