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  G.O.D Powertools Gray Oxidizing Drops 1 oz

G.O.D Powertools Gray Oxidizing Drops 1 oz
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G.O.D Powertools, Gray Oxidizing Drops is used in any manufacturer's color to cover resistant gray hair. Permanent, demi and semi-permanent color performance is improved by adding G.O.D into the formula. G.O.D, Gray Oxidizing Drops helps color penetrate better while adding depth and shine to any manufacturer's hair color. G.O.D is compatible with TCA, The Color Accelerator and all Powertools products.

Product Details:
  • 1 oz
  • Oxidizing solution
  • Covers resistant gray completely
  • Helps color penetrate better
  • Locks in hair color and prevents color fadeout
  • Red colors are especially enhanced and intensified
  • Blondes look richer and cover better
  • Adding 3-5 drops of G.O.D to shampoo, refreshes red and warmer toned colors
  • Maximum color absorption with shortened processing time is achieved by mixing G.O.D and TCA, The Color Accelerator into the color mixture
  • Adds depth and shine to any manufacturer's hair color
  • Does not affect processing time
  • Compatible with all Powertools products

Formulation Chart:
Levels 1-7
Color + Developer = 2 oz, add 10 drops
Color + Developer = 4 oz, add 20 drops
Levels 8-12
Color + Developer = 2 oz, add 5 drops
Color + Developer = 4 oz, add 10 drops

Directions: Mix color, add drops to mixture, apply and process as usual.

Important Points about G.O.D:

What Are G.O.D, Gray Oxidizing Drops?
G.O.D, Gray Oxidizing Drops is used in any manufacturer’s formula for 100% gray coverage even with resistant heads. It comes in a 1 ounce bottle, which is good for approximately 48 applications. It saves the stylist from having to open another tube of color, helps color to penetrate better, adds depth and shine to any color while not affecting the processing time. G.O.D is compatible with TCA, The Color Accelerator and all other POWERTOOLS FOR PROFESSIONAL HAIRCOLOR products.

How Does G.O.D Work?
G.O.D is a blend of red, yellow and blue dyes and pigments. It balances out the neutral tones in any manufacturers color, giving you 100% gray coverage, without changing the tonal value. When mixed in with the color G.O.D is dispersed throughout the application, helping permanent, semi and demi permanent color molecules to get under the cuticle imbrications easier, penetrating deeper into the cortex. Clients will notice that their color stays in longer and is healthier and shinier.

How Is G.O.D Used?
G.O.D is added, in drops, to the total color mixture which is the color plus developer. (1 ounce of color plus 1 ounce of developer gives you 2 ounces of total color mixture) First you decide what level your formula is as this will affect the number of drops of G.O.D being used. Levels 1-7 will use more drops of G.O.D than Levels 8-12. Remember G.O.D is a pigmented product, following our guidelines for the number of drops used will give you the best results. Your professional judgment is most important, if the hair is a Level 8-12 with a high degree of porosity, you might want to use even less drops than the recommended amount to avoid getting an off tone to the hair. For more detailed mixing guidelines please refer to instructions in box.
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