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HAI Twig Flat Iron 1/2 inch Ceramic Styling Iron, Hair Straightener

Hey shorties, pixies and guys - the HAI Twig Flat Iron easily styles short hair with slim ceramic plates and infrared ionic heat technology. It's a styling iron just for you!
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The HAI Twig 1/2 inch Flat Iron easily styles short hair, bangs, mens hair and more with a slim plate width that gives you the perfect amount of control. The super-slim 1/2" wide by 3 1/2" long beveled edge plates on the HAI Twig allow you to style shorter lengths quickly and effortlessly. Featuring the same rapid heating element to provide hot, consistent heat as other HAI models, adjustable temperature settings, and a comfortable lightweight design, the far infrared heat technology in the HAI Twig is a great choice for anyone looking to style shorter sections of hair. Automatic temperature control is preset at 170 degrees F and adjusts up to 390 degrees F quickly.

Product Features:
  • 1/2" Ceramic plates
  • Beveled edge plate design allows you to straighten and create curls
  • Flash heating from 5 seconds
  • Ceramic Technology eliminates frizz and damaging hot spots, locks in moisture and shine
  • Negative Ionic Technology seals in moisture and shine, without damage
  • Negative ions smooth the hair cuticles, reduce static electricity
  • Preset at 170 degrees F with adjustable heat settings from 180 degrees F to 390 degrees
  • Far Infrared heating in less than 10 seconds
  • PTFC Heaters generate controlled, even heat and quick temperature recovery time
  • Negative Ion Technology seals in hair's natural moisture adding shine
  • 110 volts, 60 Hz, 50W for use in the United States, Canada and Mexico
  • 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Additional Info

Manufacturer HAI
Plate Features N/A
Iron Features N/A
Highest Temperature N/A

Customer Reviews (2)

Did not like itReview by Rafael Iniguez
I have returned the item, waiting for a full refund (Posted on 9/15/2014)
My FAVORITE flat iron so far!Review by Cute from the I
This is a very reliable iron and works super well! ive been using it for about 2 months now.|i have naturally think and curly hair and it used to be really long- down the bottom of my back. a few yrs ago i decided to chop it off. and ive used 3 other flat irons (different brands like HotTools- which was somewhat cheaply made, and other brands) in the meantime depending on how short it was at the time. but now its shorter than ever (feminine "boy cut") and this iron works so well on its length and thickness. anything you want it to do- it does! straighten, curl, spike! ..depending on the look yo want to go for that day ;) the only negative comment i have about the iron is that IF you had product in your hair from the previous day, like hairspray or gel, and you use the iron the next day before washing out the product, the some of the product melts onto the iron which causes a maroonish think residue. but all you have to do to get it off is, when the iron is cool again, just take a kleenex and wipe it off and use your nail on top of the kleenex to scrape the residue off if its stuck on some areas more than others. You can also very lightly scrape the remainder of the residue off the plate with your fingernail. but do that with not much force. (You wont need to anyway because all of the residue comes off fairly easily.) Also, make sure that when youre ironing your hair, if you see/hear the residue melt onto the iron, make sure that some of that residue doesnt get onto your hair because it does at times, in which case, just lightly pull it out of your hair; its just flaky dried-up product. its not a big deal. and many other irons also have this same residue issue, about it melting onto some spots of the plates. ive actually read reviews about it. However, when youve just newly washed and dried your hair and then use the iron, dont expect residue. It ONLY occurs if you dont wash your hair everyday (i was yelled at at the salon for washing mine everyday because we need the natural oils!)and only IF you had product in it from the previous day. The plate is normally smooth, silky, and the iron overall looks of good quality; well-made. And ive noticed my hair doesnt release as much "smoke" while using this iron, which im guessing means that it does less damage on your hair, which im totally siked about! but other than that, this iron is awesome! love! Try the HAI Twig- Highly recommended. oh did i mention is bought another of the same exact iron three weeks after purchasing my first one? yup, one for my apartment and one for my bedroom in my parents' home :) Enjoy! And dont forget about your INNER beauty, friend. (Posted on 9/18/2012)

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