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Coppola Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blonde Hair (8 oz)

Coppola Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for blonde or highlighted hair is specifically formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating Keratin treatment that eliminates frizz and curls.
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Keratin Complex

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The Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment is no longer available.
A fantastic alternative is the Global Keratin GKHair Keratin Taming Treatment for Coarse Hair. Stylebell Tested and Approved! Click here to read more.
Global Keratin GKHair Keratin Taming Treatment Coarse Hair
Coppola Keratin Complex Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment for Blondes and/or Highlighted hair is specifically formulated as a revitalizing and rejuvenating Keratin treatment that eliminates frizz and curls (similar to the Brazilian Treatment). The advanced patent-pending formulation straightens and smooths hair by infusing the highest quality of natural keratin deep into the damaged cuticle eliminating up to 95% of the frizz and curl. The keratin treatment therapy encases the hair follicle with a keratinous bond to promote healing and helps keep environmental toxins, such as smoke, pollution and ultraviolet rays, from entering the hair. Typical results last 3 -5 months.

For Professional Use Only

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This smoothing treatment was designed and created especially for the following hair types:
  • Double Processed Blonde
  • 40 Volume High Lift Ultra Blonde
  • Highlighted Blonde
  • Platinum Blonde
  • Fine, Damaged, & Dry Hair
  • White & Great Hair

Product Features:

  • 8 oz natural keratin treatment
  • For Blonde and/or highlighted hair
  • Eliminates frizz and curl
  • Promotes healing of hair
  • Blocks the effects of humidity
  • Straightens and smooths hair infusing natural keratin
  • For Professional Use Only, License is Required
  • Patent-pending formulation
  • 12 month shelf life
Before and After Shots:

Pre Treatment:
This is a great tip that we had to pass on to all Coppola Keratin Complex users! About a week before you have the Coppola Keratin Complex treatment use the Maijan Pure Organic Argan Oil deep conditioning oil treatment on your hair. This will help prevent breakage and keep your hair healthy pre and post treatment. TheMaijan Argan Oil conditioning treatmentcan be used pre and post Coppola Keratin Complex treatment.


STEP 1: Preparation
  1. Shake bottle well. Pour approximately 2-3 oz of Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment solution into a application bowl and let sit for 20 minutes. In the meantime shampoo hair with Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo.
  2. Pour 2 ounces for shoulder length hair. Pour 3 ounces or more for longer hair. Do not pour solution back into the bottle after application is completed. Discard left-over product
  3. Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo should be used as follows: Wash hair with one light shampoo with the Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo if client has 70% or more highlights. Wash hair twice with the Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo for single process color and 50% or less highlighted hair. Wash hair three times with the Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo for virgin, course, resistant or grey hair.
  4. Note: When color is being done on the same day as treatment, always remove color with regular shampoo and then proceed with Keratin Complex Clarifying Shampoo.
STEP 2: Blow-Dry
  1. Using medium to high heat setting, blow dry hair to 100% dry.
STEP 3: Application
  1. Section hair into three or four parts.
  2. Disposable Gloves should be worn during application.
  3. Starting at the nape area, part the hair into 1/2" to 1" sections.
  4. Using an application brush, apply the solution away from the face, from roots to ends.
  5. Comb hair away from the face with a fine tooth comb ensuring the solution is evenly distributed. Do not Over-Saturate.
  6. Place hair in a Disposable Processing Plastic Cap.
  7. Let sit for 30 minutes.
STEP 4: Post Application and Blow Dry
  1. Remove Disposable Processing Plastic Cap. Do not rinse. Comb out any excess product with a fine tooth comb and wipe onto a towel.
  2. Blow Dry hair with a hair dryer using medium/hot setting with a paddle or vent brush to 100% dry.
STEP 5: Final Step - Flat Iron
  1. Using a heat resistant comb, clip hair into 3 or 4 sections according to client's preferred style.
  2. Using a 450 degree flat iron, start at the nape of the neck, taking 1/8 inch sections (like a highlight strand) and slowly move the iron from root to ends.
  3. For damaged, double processed, bleach blondes, grey or fine hair, set iron at 400 - 410 degrees. Pass iron over each section 5 - 7 times.
  4. For single processed or 50% or less highlighted hair, set iron at 420 - 430 degrees. Pass iron over each section 7-10 times.
  5. For virgin, coarse or resistant hair set flat iron at 440 - 450 degrees. Pass iron over each section 10 - 12 times.
  6. This will infuse the keratin into the hair shaft.
  7. Always have a heat resistant comb in front of the flat iron.
  8. If the ends of the hair are severely damaged or split, cautiously go over the ends fewer times with the flat iron to prevent further damage.
  9. Use your flat iron to style hair and add volume.
Note: Flat Iron temperature should be adjusted based on individual client's hair type, as flat iron is extremely hot and can be damaging.

STEP 6: After Care and Maintenance
Warning: Avoid contact with eyes, If contact occurs, flush eyes with water. Store at room temperature.

Keratin Complex How To:

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Customer Reviews (7)

Frizz removal productReview by Guest
This is a great product if you want to take the frizz out of your hair! Same stuff they use at the salon. The downside is the fumes are bad, so make sure you do this treatment in a well ventilated area. Also, plan to do it when you won't be sweating or swimming for 3 days. Yes, it is expensive, but way cheaper than paying the big bucks at a salon when you can do it yourself. (Posted on 11/13/2012)
Life ChangerReview by Bad Hair Girl
I had this done at a salon and then recently did my own application at home. If you can blow dry and flat iron your hair then you do not need to pay a professional for this unless you want to. The product may not be washed out for three days which is definitely the only downside. You cannot sweat which makes working out almost impossible during the three day processing period. You must use the keratin infusion and shampoos and conditioners to get any longevity. It lasts about 60 days. This bottle is good for three applications. Considering it is $300 an application at a salon, buying the whole bottle for [$] is a fantastic deal. The product will remove all frizz and make your hair extremely easy to blowdry. I have very curly, frizzy color treated hair and this product makes my hair simple to style. WEnt from 45 minutes a day to 5. (Posted on 9/18/2012)
Best Thing for Frizzy/Damaged HairReview by Blondie145472
I had this done Professionaly by the makers Coppola at a Beauty Show 2 yrs ago and have used it ever since on my own!! It is expensive, but I get 3 uses out of every bottle! That makes it resaonable, plus I only need it every 4 months, and it makes SUCH a difference that I HAVE to have it! All of my friends now use this product also, it takes all the frizz out of your hair in the winter and humidity free in the summer. Plus I have curly hair that when I would blowdry it, it would look like the end of a q-tip. Not anymore! Now it blowdrys nice and smooth - kind of straight/with a wave. Since this is not a staighting product only a smoothing product that actually infuses protein back into the shaft of your hair. (Posted on 9/18/2012)
Couldn't Live Without!!Review by leesali
Have been using Keratin treatments for 2-years now, trying a few different brands but Coppola, by far, is the best!! Have wavy, thick, coarse, color-treated blonde hair and this truly is magic in a bottle!! Would not recommend to those with thin hair...this does seem to take the "mass" out of hair. Highly recommend!! (Posted on 3/5/2011)
Brilliant Product!Review by Lou
The process involved is quite long however the results of this smoothing treatment are more than worth it! My hair is so much more manageable now, no need to set aside two hours to do my hair. I just wish I had heard about this product sooner :-) [...] (Posted on 10/17/2010)
the jury is still out, Look 4 my updateReview by KB
I have had the Coppola Keratin treatment done once professionally in the past but the [$] price tag BEFORE tip was just too expensive to justify the results.I just did the treatment at home tonight and so what can I really say? It looks good now, very shiny...nice and straight thanks to the flat iron but this is how my hair looks whenever I flat iron it and I can't wash it for 72 more hours so... (Posted on 8/30/2010)
This did not work at allReview by ashley
I was told this product was so great, but it did nothing to my hair at all. What a waste of [$] (Posted on 8/11/2010)

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