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LiLash Purified Eyelash Stimulator .18 fl oz

Used daily LiLash will grow the appearance of the longest, fullest lashes you have ever had. Guaranteed.

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Used daily LiLash will grow the appearance of the longest, fullest lashes you have ever had. Guaranteed. Applied daily as a liquid eyeliner you will notice LiLash begin to change your lashes in several weeks. Wait 4-6 weeks and watch your lashes transform right before your eyes. LiLash is the world's most powerful and fastest-acting eyelash conditioner. Our no-salt, nonirritating formula is just one more benefit that sets LiLash apart. LiLash is a favorite of eyelash extension wearers who notice better support and less lash breakage.

Product Features:

  • .18 fl oz 
  • One tube lasts 5 months
  • Physician formulated & clinically tested
  • Safe for even the most sensitive eyes
  • The only non-irritating lash conditioner
  • Less natural breakage than extensions
Before and After Pictures:

Customer Reviews:
“I wore lash extensions due to my VERY short, thin eyelashes. After 2 years of extensions I just got tired of the maintenance and the expense but knew I'd really miss the look so I began to google treatments. Fortunately, I found Li Lash. Excited after reading testimonials yet still a bit skeptical, I ordered Li Lash and began using it Thanksgiving weekend. It has been 6 weeks now and let me tell you all, I AM A BELIEVER and THRILLED! I have photo boothed my 'new' lashes and sent them to my mom and sis (we live in different cities) and they truly CANNOT BELIEVE that these lashes are mine. My husband is amazed as well and happier to be saving money. He says my new Li Lash lashes look better than my extensions. Li Lash combined with my favorite mascara Lancome Definicils and/or Channel Inimitable truly do make me look and feel better than my extensions did. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your product. I am saving money and time, both precious commodities for a mother of 4. Anybody reading this still doubting? All I can say is DON'T, It REALLY works. Try it, be patient and sure enough, after about 6 weeks you'll be singing Li Lash's praises just as I am.”
—Misty M.


Upon removing applicator from tube carefully wipe off excess gel from applicator tip on the inside wall of the tube. Lilash is an extremely concentrated formula. Very little product is required for best results.

Apply the product to the skin at the edge of your eyelid right above your lashes as indicated in the illustration. Lilash is applied above your lashes similarly to a liquid eyeliner. There is no need to apply more than one swipe per application. For best results alternate the direction of your application each time you use LiLash. For example one time apply from the inside of your eyelid to the outside. The next time apply from the outside in. This will give the most uniform results to your lashes. After application, allow the product to dry for several minutes. Once dry, apply your normal makeup. LiLash's unique formula means you can use it morning or night, according to your personal beauty regimen. Do not apply LiLash to your lower eyelashes. This will only increase the potential for irritation.

Q: How do I apply LiLash?
Apply LiLash to the skin of the eyelid as you would apply liquid eyeliner. Do not apply to the lower lashes. Please look at the Application Instructions for further information.

Q: How long does a tube of LiLash last?
Your tube of LiLash will last for up to six months if used daily as recommended. Once opened, the formula will remain active for 12 months. Unopened, a tube of LiLash is good for 24 months.

Q: Will LiLash change my eye color?
The shades green and blue that make your eye color unique to you will remain the same with correct application of LiLash. Cosmetic Alchemy has never received any reports from our customers of a change in their eye color with proper application of LiLash.

Q: My eyes are irritated, itchy, or red from the product, what should I do?
The skin surrounding your eyes is highly sensitive. Certain individuals may be sensitive to one or more of the ingredients in LiLash. If mild or moderate redness or irritation occur, discontinue use of the product at least temporarily until symptoms resolve. Mild irritation can occur with incorrect application of LiLash.

Q: I noticed some skin discoloration where I apply LiLash, should I be concerned?
Some customers have noted a slight darkening of the skin on the eyelid where they have applied LiLash over a prolonged period of time. In most situations this will naturally fade with discontinued use of the product.

Q: Is LiLash safe during pregnancy and/or breastfeeding?
LiLash has not been tested in all situations; therefore we do not recommend using LiLash during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Q: Can you use LiLash on your brows?
LiBrow works best to enhance your brows. Specifically formulated to thicken, fill-out, and darken the hair for bold, enchanting arches.

Q: What are the ingredients in LiLash?
Purified water, Panthenol, Lupinus Albus Seed Extract, Prunus Amygdalus Seed Extract, Silica, Glycerin, Coloidal Silver, Phenoxyethanol, Chlorphenesin, 9 Alpha, 11 Alpha, 15S-trihydroxy-17-Phenyl 18, 19, 20-Trinorprosta-5Z, 13E-Diene-1-oic acid, Isopropyl Ester, Hydroxyethylcellulose.

**We at Cosmetic Alchemy do not believe in animal testing. LiLash™ has never been tested on animals.

Additional Info

Manufacturer Cosmetic Alchemy

Customer Reviews (1)

Not sureReview by Catchers Mom
I am not sure if this product is going to work for me. I have had it for a month and had to stop for a few days to rest my eyes. I seem to have sensitivity to the product, although not severe. It is extremely easy to use, and I WANT it to work so I will continue to try. I would recommend with some reservations - mainly I am not sure it works yet and it is expensive. (Posted on 11/29/2010)

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