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Maxius Maxiglide Flat Iron & Hair Straightener

If achieving straight hair fast is your goal, the Maxius Maxiglide Flat Iron is your answer. With Maxius Maxiglide, the tedious process of blow drying hair can be eliminated, saving you precious minutes off your hair styling routine. With multiple models of the Maxiglide Straightener to select from, you are sure to find the one that will give you the exact styling results youíre looking for. This state of the art brand of flat irons features easy detangling, steam burst technology, ridges and grooves, and more.

All Maxiglide Flat Irons come with a One Year Manufacturer Warranty. If you are an avid Maxiglider, or looking to become one, check out these Q&A's from Maxius Beauty: Everything You Want to Know About Maxiglide and More! Already lovin' your Maxiglide? Check out more from Maxius Beauty: Maxius Beauty Hair Care and Adjust-A-Curl.

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Maxiglide Sonicglide Flat Iron, Maxi Glide Straightener Maxius 1 1/4" Miniglide Flat Iron, Hair Straightener Maxius, MX-501 Maxiglide SonicGlide Limited Edition Kit, Maxiglide, Travel Bag, and Miniglide
Our Price: $99.95

Our Price: $29.95

Our Price: $129.95

Maxiglide SonicGlide Flat Iron Miniglide Hair Straightener Maxiglide SonicGlide Hair Straightener Kit
With a Maxiglide SonicGlide flat iron you'll get smooth, straight hair fast and the free swag won't last long!
The Miniglide Straightener with detangling pins and ceramic technology, has ultra slim plates that are just perfect for touch ups.

With the Maxiglide SonicGlide and Miniglide irons and Travel Bag this is our best deal ever!

Maxiglide SonicGlide Flat Iron 1 1/4 inch and Hair Dryer Value Kit, Maxius Maxiglide SonicGlide Flat Iron, Travel Bag, The End 1 oz, Styling Brush, Maxius Beauty Hair Straightener Maxiglide SonicGlide Favorites Kit, Flat Iron, MiniGlide and Hair Dryer Value Kit
Our Price: $154.95

Our Price: $119.95

Our Price: $199.95
Maxiglide SonicGlide Flat Iron and Hair Dryer Kit Maxiglide SonicGlide Hair Straightener Kit Maxiglide SonicGlide Favorites Kit, Flat Iron, MiniGlide and Hair Dryer Value Kit

Maxiglide SonicGlide Flat Iron 1 1/4 inch and Maxair Hair Dryer Value Kit gives you the power of straightening in minutes.

Style your strands straight with a Maxiglide SonicGlide Flat Iron, a 1 oz. The End, a Travel bag, and a Ceramic Flat plate. It's a kit with super straightening powers!

The Maxiglide SonicGlide Favorites Kit includes all of your Maxius Beauty favorites in one fabulous gift set.
Miniglide Flat Iron Kit, Beyond Straight, and Travel Bag Maxius Maxair Professional Hair Dryer MX2000, Maxiglide Maxius Beauty
Our Price: $44.95
Our Price: $59.95

Miniglide Hair Straightener Kit Maxius Hair Dryer MX2000

Save 41% OFF List Price: This Limited Edition Kit contains the Miniglide Flat Iron, a Beyond Straight, and a Free Travel Bag all for under $45 - now that's a steal!

The Maxius Maxair MX2000 Professional Hair Dryer allows you to style your hair like a pro.

Maxiglide Straightener

One Maxiglide Hair Straightener that is known to deliver is the Maxiglide Sonicglide Flat Iron. This tool not only performs in minutes by drying the hair smooth, it also gives hair additional shine as it straightens and eliminates frizz. Advanced features of this professional grade tool include a reduced risk of burns and an on-off switch that is far enough away from the userís hand to prevent accidental shut-offs. This iron is excellent for very thick and hard to manage hair and the sonic vibration feature helps to reduce friction while the ceramic coated pins work to detangle hair painlessly. Negative ions created by the steamburst technology of Maxiglide flat irons help to distribute heat fast, resulting in smoothly styled hair.

You are sure to find a Maxiglide straightener that will work with your hair type and help you achieve that silky smooth look coveted by fashion forward women everywhere. Shop now and enjoy free shipping on your order of $50 or more!

Need to make that straight style a little smoother? Visit our Straight Hair Care section packed with super straightening shampoos, conditioners and styling products, then check out our article on Styling Tips from Maxiglide. You'll have the straightest hair EVER!