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  • Kylie Jenners Aqua Hair!

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    Kylie Jenner has been keeping it fierce in the style department lately -- especially with her radical aqua hair. We are obsessed with this new hue! What do you think of her fun and fabulous looks?!

  • Miley... Growing Her Hair Out?!

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    So, were we the only ones who noticed that it looks like Miley's hair was a bit overgrown on SNL's 40th anniversary show?! Does this mean the rebellious pop-queen might also be missing those long wavy locks that we loved? We hope so! We loved this sassy pixie cut on Miley but we definitely are ready to see what the style icon has in store for us next! After all, her drastic hair changes always keep us on our toes!

  • Hairstyling How-To: Perfectly Diffused Hair

    hair diffuser, diffusing hair, diffusing your hair, hair tips for curly or wavy hair, curly or wavy hair, curly hair, wavy hair, blow drying curly hair, blow drying wavy hair

    Well, if you're a curly girl or have gorgeous natural waves, you already know that blowdrying your hair is usually too harsh and turns your pretty locks into a frizzy 'fro. Diffusers are a great way to gently dry your hair without over-drying or adding too much heat to your super fragile curly hair. Have a diffuser but not sure where to start? That's where we come in! We've made a super easy step by step for you to follow to make diffusing a no-brainer (which it is!)

    1.) Ditch Your Brush: When your hair is wet, its never good to just yank a brush through it, but this is especially true for curly hair that tends to "stretch." Try to finger comb your hair or use a wide tooth comb to allow the most of your natural curl to come through while diffusing. Use a detangler, or our favorite Maijan Frizz Eliminator for this step, it will make this step MUCH easier.

    2.) Products Are Your Friends: We LOVE LOVE LOVE to use mousse when we diffuse, but you can use any of your favorite curl products for this step. Use them generously but prevent using too much, we want this to be a natural look, not crunchy.

    3.) Time To Diffuse: The best part about a diffuser is how the wide surface distributes air and makes it far more gentle to put the unit directly to your hair. You don't have to do this but if you find it helps to place the ends of your hair on the diffuser and dry upwards, we find this is a very effective method for waves! For extremely curly girls, we recommend flipping your hair upside down and diffusing that way. With both techniques, continuously scrunch your hair with your hands to help promote as much curl and wave as possible. Looking for a less curly/wavy look? Scrunch less.

    4.) Know Your Hair: This may take you a few diffuser sessions, but that's okay because we are lucky enough to live in a world with endless flat irons and curling irons to help us touch things up until we become a pro! You may find that you are able to dry your hair 3/4 of the way and let it air dry the rest of the way for a more natural look, or you may be one who likes to dry it all the way to make sure you end up with a perfectly predictable look. Either way, you can always touch it up with your tools!

    5.) Finish With A Spritz! Use a light mist of hairspray with a hold of your choice to help seal in your look and lock out humidity and frizz but luckily, we all know that curly girls often benefit from humidity! Time to embrace your inner curly girl!

    We love this little video we found that shows how easy it is to be an at-home diffusing pro!

  • Brand Spotlight: Meet Joico, the Art of Healthy Hair

    The History of Joico
    During the early years, Joico was looking for a way to create hair care that delivered the most effective reconstructive process. Although the company began with a formula using nucleic acids for reconstruction, within one year another important discovery occurred that would forever change the hair care industry. Joico’s scientists discovered how Human Hair Keratin Protein could be captured and used to truly rebuild hair.

    Joico Deep Penetrating ReconstructorFor the first time in history, Joico began using Human Hair Keratin Protein (HHKP) in all of its products to strengthen and rebuild hair with a benefit that went beyond simply offering a cosmetic or temporary feel to the hair. Using Human Hair Keratin Protein made sense. Because hair needed to be rebuilt with all of the 19 amino acids found naturally in hair, hydrolyzed human hair was the only option to achieve this result. Joico began to acquire HHKP from different sources only to find that researchers were discovering new ways to improve on the formula. Joico took great pride in offering the finest quality products with the best possible results. (Pictured: Joico K-Pak Deep Penetrating Reconstructor.)

    At the time, HHKP had a molecular weight and size of 150-300. Although Joico now uses a wider range of molecular weights, it was a great start to a journey committed to the art of perfecting healthy hair. Joico K-Pak Curl RevitalizerJoico continued its journey as a leader on the forefront of reconstructive hair technology. Once again, science discovered a way to make the original formula more effective, and Joico wasted no time in utilizing this new technology. Researchers proved that HHKP could be processed into MWS of 150-1800 with even more effective and quicker reconstruction results than the original formula. Then Joico’s own Triamine Complex® formula is developed to offer reconstruction from cuticle to cortex, Triamine Complex mimicked the exact same percentages of all 19 amino acids found within the hair to form a perfect balance of reconstructing proteins. (Pictured: Joico K-Pak Curl Revitalizer.)

    Over time, science revealed the importance of focusing on the cuticle for optimum condition. Researchers demonstrated that if you can control the cuticle, you can control the integrity of the hair. It was also discovered that the majority of reconstruction occurs during the conditioning process. Because of this, Joico created a new formula called Cationic Triamine Complex.

    Joico K-Pak Smoothing BalmAlthough Triamine Complex was utilized in all Joico products at the time, Cationic Triamine Complex was added to only conditioners and reconstructors for optimum hair repairing benefits. Cationic Triamine Complex offered the same 19 amino acids found in hair with the same molecular weights and sizes intact, but the formula also featured a positive charge that attracted to the negatively charged cuticle layer. (Pictured: Joico K-Pak Smoothing Balm.)

    Finally, optimum cuticle and repair protection could be achieved in the quickest and most effective way possible while preventing further damage to the interior of the hair fiber. The end result was stronger, healthier hair with the greatest protection available. Although Joico had already mastered the Triamine Complex and Cationic Triamine Complex formulas to mimic hair reconstruction, scientists once again found another extremely important discovery that would change the way Joico reconstructs the hair in the years to come: more effective molecular weights and sizes that resulted in 150-2500 MWS and every size in between for the ultimate in hair reconstruction.

    Joico K-Pak Styling Creme ElixirJoico hair care combines technology, artistry, commitment and integrity into every product to ensure healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. With a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, innovative product development and inspiration from the worlds of art and fashion, Joico is in the forefront of professional beauty. By delivering Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling Products that enhance the integrity of the hair and provide exceptional results, Joico relies on ongoing technology and remarkable ingredients to consistently produce superior product performance. Founded by a hairdresser who discovered the reparative qualities of human hair keratin protein and formulated Joico K-Pak Reconstructor, Joico has continued to provide innovate hair care products for daily care, as well as fine, dry, coarse, color-treated and damaged hair types as well. (Pictured: Joico K-Pak Styling Creme Elixir.)

    From the catwalk to the street, from Hollywood to Seventh Avenue, from the chic enclaves of Europe and beyond, Joico sources the fashion and cultural influences that professionals rely on for inspiration. With inspiration like this, artistry soars. That’s why, when it comes to the Art of Healthy Hair, Joico always has been—and always will be—the first choice of the modern hair care professional. Joico, The Art of Healthy Hair.

  • Bumble & bumble: The Sure Path To Curl Consciousness

    Want to achieve Curl Consciousness? Just follow the advice of Bumble & bumble! This easy step-by-step guide will have you coaxing those curls into dreamy ringlets in no time...

    Shown: Bumble & bumble
    Curl Conscious Conditioner Hot Mama

    Step 1
    Shampoo and Condition with the Curl Conscious Shampoo and Conditioner for your hair type. There are a few different types according to your curl type and hair thickness.

    For fine to medium hair:
    Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo Nordic Angel, Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner Wispy Waif

    For medium to thick hair:
    Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo Wild Child, Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Conditioner Hot Mama

    Step 2
    Towel dry hair. Squeeze out water – do not rub!

    Step 3

    Starting with a quarter-size dollop, work Curl Cream into hair with fingers from roots to ends and from nape forward. Lots of hair? Lots of Curl Cream. Use enough to thoroughly coat.

    For fine to medium hair:
    Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Curl Cream Wavy Woman

    For medium to thick hair:
    Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Curl Cream Kinky Chick

    Step 4

    Comb through with a wide tooth comb.

    Step 5

    Gently lift sections of hair and corkscrew around your finger toward your face (clockwise at left of center part, counter-clockwise at right) and twirl tendril downward. The thicker the hair, the larger the section. The finer the hair, the smaller the section.

    Step 6

    Work from nape up to natural part.

    Step 7

    After each twirl, tenderly cup and press toward the scalp (don’t squash) and release. Repeat everywhere. Don’t obsess – too perfect curls look fake.

    Step 8

    Pick random pieces around the face and on top and repeat twirling, making sure they curl toward your face from the root.

    Step 9

    When nearly dry (80%), place fingers spread at the scalp and gently press hair upward for lift.

    Step 10

    Don’t comb, brush, fuss or fiddle. If you really must blow-dry, use a diffuser to minimize frizz.
    Step 11

    Be proud!

    With Bumble and bumble products it's so easy to have the curls of your dreams! Visit our Bumble and bumble section for more information and product details.

  • Celebrate Curls With Curl Friendly Choices!

    Whether you have naturally kinky hair, soft curls, or loose waves you can find everything you need to keep your curly hairstyle looking great. Born without curls? These top tips will help you create more defined, longer lasting curls with hot rollers, curling irons, or flat irons with curved plates. From carefree corkscrews to ravishing ringlets, if you have curls, these tips are for you.

    Humidity Proofing
    In my opinion, carefree curls are always in style, but only if they look healthy and defined. If you have curly hair you already know that humidity is curl enemy #1 and there is nothing worse than a head full of frizzy curls. Start with a curl-friendly shampoo and conditioner to start your style off right! Keep your curly hairstyle free of frizz and fly-aways with some of my favorite frizz fighters:
    CHI Curl Preserve Leave-in Treatment (pictured), Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Hot Mama Conditioner, Abba True Curls Shampoo, Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious Shampoo Wild Child.

    Defining Moments
    Whether your curly style is long and loose or tightly wound, curls need definition to look healthy. The less definition to a curl, the more unfinished and unhealthy it looks. Tousled, sexy curls are pretty, unruly, messy curls make people cringe. Coax your curls into shapely, sexy, curves with these best-selling curl definers:
    Davines Momo Curl Enhancing Serum, Abba Instant Recall Curl Activator, Fudge Skrewd Curl Enhancer, Bain de Terre Anti-Frizz Smoothing Crème Recovery Complex (pictured), Bumble and Bumble Curl Conscious Curl Creme Wavy Woman.
    Diffuse the Situation
    You may think a diffuser is a curl’s best friend; but only if it’s attached to a great hair dryer. Built on the principle that curls should be pampered and not blown dry into a knotty mess, diffusers come in many varieties perfect for short curly hairstyles and long alike. Shorter styles dry faster, longer lengths take more time, so be sure your diffuser works well with your hair dryer to crank out enough airflow for the length of your locks. These hair dryers are sure to deliver power and pampering with or without your diffuser:
    Elchim Galaxy Hair Dryer, CHI Turbo Hair Dryer (pictured), Solano Platinum Hair Dryer, Babyliss Pro Ionic Hair Dryer Diffuser.

    Mega Shine
    Straight hair seems to shine effortlessly, but it’s a myth to think that curly hairstyles cannot be super shiny too. You just need the right products…in the right amounts. Whether you choose a glossing styling spray, a shine enhancing lotion, or a polishing crème, just remember that less is more when applying any shine enhancer. Turn your shine up to eleven with these mega shine must-haves created especially for curly locks:
    Terax Gloss Finishing Serum, Bain de Terre Hairspray Recovery Complex Anti-Frizz Shine and Hold, Abba TrueShine Shine Elixir (pictured).

    Curl Friendly Choices
    Curl texture plays a big part in how cooperative your curls can be, and there are lots of curl friendly product lines on the market today that are tailor made for your type of curls and styling needs. From shampoos and conditioners, to styling creams and hairsprays, there are brands dedicated to making curls look their curviest. Bravo to these curl friendly brands:
    Bumble and bumble Curl Conscious, CHI Curl Preserve, Davines Love Curl Enhancing (pictured), Abba True Curls.

    With products like these you can get your curls into sexy, carefree curves and coils in no time! Want to see more curl friendly products? Visit our Curly Hair Care section.

  • CHI Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron Tips

    Getting Started with your CHI Auto-Digital Wet-to-Dry Ceramic Flat Iron:

    Plug the CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Flat Iron into the correct power supply.
    Turn the power switch “ON”.
    Turn the power switch to “OFF” position after the usage.

    Select the Temperature:
    The CHI Auto Digital Ceramic Flat Iron offers complete versatility for temperature setting. The controls allow you to set the temperature and the time. The digital monitor allows you to see the precise temperature for your requirements. You may also set a timer for automatic shut off when you are done with styling.

    Before you Straighten:
    Shampoo and Condition the hair with your favorite CHI shampoo and conditioners.
    Always make sure that your hair is 90-95% dry and combed through.
    Apply your favorite CHI styling products to the hair. We suggest: CHI 44 Iron Guard and CHI Silk Infusion.

    Using your CHI Auto-Digital Ceramic Flat Iron
    Section the hair and start with a section approx. ½ inch (1 cm) in thickness.
    Start from underneath and work your way up.

    Thinner sections = more intense, thorough heat
    Thicker sections = less heat directed to the section

    Continue styling ½ inch sections until entire head is finished.

  • CHI: The 411 on CHI Technology

    Just a guess, but maybe you've heard of CHI? Of course you have! As one of the best-selling brands of hair appliances (and hair care!) we've decided to find out the scoop on why CHI is such a great brand, and we love what we found out. CHI really is different than other brands out there because of their innovative ideas and breakthrough technology. Interested? Read on...

    What is CHI Technology?
    The unique thing that makes CHI stand out as a brand with a huge competitive edge is the technology. Farouk Systems believes that through innovation they can offer the hairdresser and home stylist truly unique products that out perform anything else on the market.
    What are the Benefits of CHI Technology?

    Ceramic Heat
    CHI Original Hair Straightening Flat Irons use moist ceramic, ionic, far infrared heat with ceramic plates and coils to maintain an even temperature all the time, eliminating hot spots that can cause damage and breakage to the delicate hair strands. This ceramic technology in CHI irons also produces negative ions to seals the cuticle, repel humidity and lock in hair color while smoothing and CHI Wet-to-Dry Flat Ironstraightening. Shown: Chi Turbo Ceramic 1" Flat Iron.

    Flat irons made with traditional copper coils can cause damage by pulling and snagging the hair strands and drying the hair because there is no ionic technology to protect the hair from the excessively high temperature of the hair straightener. Shown: CHI Wet-to-Dry Flat Iron. See more CHI Flat Irons.

    Negative Ionic Activity
    Did you know that your hair carries a positive electrical charge caused by dryness? Over time, this positive charge increases, and as your hair becomes drier, more hair cuticles open, creating unhealthy hair that is hard to style. The negative ions created by CHI appliances cancel these positive hair charges, while smoothing down the hair cuticle. Smoothing the hair cuticle seals in your hair’s natural oils and moisture resulting in healthier, shinier hair. Shown: CHI Pink 1" Flat Iron.

    Far Infrared Technology
    Far Infrared is the longest frequency of the infrared spectrum; it is invisible to human eyes. Far infrared frequency can penetrate up to 1 ½ inches (4 cm) inside of the skin as well as inside of the hair. Far infrared dries the hair from the inside out due to its ionic charge by penetrating deeper. Far infrared heats up objects like your hair, and hair brush not just the air, to dry your hair faster. The recent studies have also shown that it can increase the blood circulation and metabolism. It can also help to maintain our general health. Shown: CHI Turbo Hair Dryer. See more CHI Hair Dryers.

    Far infrared heat is produced in all CHI products and tools giving the user amazing performance with every product. CHI products and tools penetrate deeper into the hair and the results speak for themselves.

    Want to see more? We've got the whole she-bang...CHI Turbo, CHI Nano Digital, CHI Original and more! We also have CHI Hair Care, talk about a selection. Want to see it all? Visit our section dedicated to everything CHI, you'll love it.

  • CHI: Which CHI 1" Flat Iron is right for YOU?

    We know, we know, your best friend has a CHI flat iron and you want one too. Or maybe your hairstylist told you to buy a CHI so you can get those silky straight strands at home. We hear it all the time, "I want to buy the CHI 1" Flat Iron." We gladly answer, "Sure, which one?"

    CHI truly is an innovative brand well known in the beauty industry for producing some of the most sought after flat irons on the planet, and it seems as if absolutely everyone has been told to buy one. But, there are so many CHI's out there; CHI Original, CHI Turbo, CHI Pink, CHI Nano, which CHI is right for you?

    The Similarities:
    In addition to all being fabulous flat irons, they do share a few common features such as:

    1" curved plates for straight and curly styles
    Ceramic, Ionic and Far Infrared Technology to smooth down the hair's cuticle and create sleek, shiny hair without damage
    Flash heating for quick heat-up times
    Quick recovery time - this eliminates damaging hot spots that can damage your hair

    So at least you know whichever CHI you choose, you're getting an absolute powerhouse dedicated to smoothing your hair with every snag-free glide, but read on to find out what each CHI is famous for:

    CHI Original 1" Ceramic Flat Iron
    Product Snapshot: This professional salon model is a best-seller for good reason it's awesome. Part of CHI's original collection of flat irons, this versatile styling tool has an ergonomic design and curved edge plates to create any style from straight to curly and everything in between. With a flash heating element and fixed temperature setting, the power to create the style of your dreams is your hands, and with ceramic, ionic, infrared technology, frizz is nowhere to be found. CHI Original 1" Flat Iron.

    The main difference: Fixed temperature: it provides the exact amount of heat every time, and everyone loves this iron.

    CHI Pink Original 1" Ceramic Flat Iron
    You get the professional CHI Original Ceramic 1: Flat Iron in, you guessed it's PINK! With its ergonomic design and curved edge plates you'll be straightening and curling constantly.

    Why we love it: It's a limited edition iron - the same as the CHI Original - but a portion of all sales go to support National Breast Cancer Awareness. What's not to love? CHI Pink 1" Flat Iron.

    CHI Turbo 1" Flat Iron
    Turn on the turbo and get a great style fast with the CHI Turbo 1" Flat Iron. Ceramic, ionic technology seals in the hair's natural moisture and shine by smoothing the hair cuticle, creating a healthy static-free shine. Variable temperature settings from 175 to 356 degrees F allow you to control the amount of gentle, far infrared heat as you style. Negative ion activity straightens your hair making it sleek and smooth, and the curved edge plates allow you to make curls and waves as well.

    What's so special? Variable Temperature Settings, you control the amount of heat your hair needs; its perfect for if you cannot use your iron on the hottest setting. Bonus points: Felt heat protection on the outside of the iron. Chi Turbo Ceramic 1" Flat Iron.

    CHI Deep Brilliance Titanium 1" Flat Iron
    Product Snapshot: If you're looking for high heat in a cute package, you're looking for the CHI Deep Brilliance Titanium 1" Flat Iron. This is one of the few titanium flat irons by CHI and will allow you to get a beautiful shine in one pass. This iron can be used on keratin treatments, hard to straighten hair, and just for you everyday straightening. This iron has an adjustable temperature going up to 410 degrees! Talk about innovation! CHI rocks. CHI Deep Brilliance 1" Flat Iron.
    The breakthrough technology used in the development of CHI appliances has given them a competitive edge by allowing them to create truly unique products and styling tools that are so well known in the industry they are asked for time and time again. From the latest in far infrared, ceramic and ionic technology to pioneering the newest Nano Silver technology, CHI tools not only out perform other appliances, but some of their tools actually sterilize themselves. If you're ready to style your hair like a professional, you're ready for CHI - go directly to our CHI Flat Irons section, it's chock full of CHI - in our favorite 1" size.

  • Creating Curls with Caruso

    Creating curls with the Caruso SalonPro Molecular Steam Hairsetter:
    By far, Caruso is one of the cult-favorites among curl-divas everywhere, for good reason - it works so well. The curls created with the Caruso Hairsetters are so long-lasting, once you try the Caruso you are hooked for a lifetime. With such a great track record and a large base of loyal followers, here is a quick snapshot for those of you doing some hairsetter comparison shopping.
    Pictured: Caruso SalonPro Steam HairSetter.

    1. Caruso soft foam rollers are infused with gentle steamed moisture.

    2. Wrap each section of hair around on the infused roller and cover with a shield.

    3. The patented roller and shield design creates even moisture penetration and allows airflow for quick evaporation, or speedy results if used with your hair dryer.

    4. Gentle moisture penetrates to the hair's molecular core allowing it to relax and bend.

    5. As moisture evaporates, hair is "set" in curled position.

    Did you know?
    The molecular hold is so strong, it can only be released by shampooing. Because there is no damaging heat, you can use the Caruso Professional system as often as you like.

    Talk about curls! With the Caruso the curls you can create are soft and bouncy and keep their shape (and bounce) all day long. I love that the curls also last well into the next day if you are one of those every-other-day type of stylers.

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