5 Top Tools Spotted in the Salon

I'm always on the lookout for the hair appliances the salons use - who better to attest to a styling tool's greatness other than a professional who uses it all day long? While waiting for a friend to get a quick trim the other night, I couldn't help but notice the following styling tools - call me obsessed. Here are my top five sightings (well, this week!) and my commentary of course.

#1 - HAI Convertable 1-1/4" Ceramic Flat Iron
Pro: Silkens and smooths all hair types - it's even on our best flat iron list!
Con: Lower price point is misleading to consumers - they don't realize how great it is.

#2 - Hot Tools 1-1/2" Ceramic and Titanium Spring Curling Iron - I spotted it easily by its purple barrel, though it might have been a different size - my eyes couldn't quite judge the width.
Pro: Ceramic + Titanium technology is a great heat conductor for long-lasting curls and this is one of my personal faves.
Con: I wish they made this curling iron in a 2" width for bigger curls. Hint, hint Babyliss.

#3 - Babyliss Pro Carerra 2 Hair Dryer
Pro: Well known and very popular, magazines love to write about this one.
Con: They are sometimes hard to get because they run out of stock so fast and that's such a letdown.

#4 - Hai Elite Rod (pictured)
Pro: This wonderful curling wand kicks *ss and is used everywhere to create those loose celebrity curls.
Con: It really is a professional tool. It's quite large and can be somewhat difficult to handle by yourself so if you take the plunge and buy one, be careful.

#5 - FHI Platform 1" Ceramic Nano-Tourmaline Flat Iron
Pro: Stylists love this because it straightens hard to straighten hair well. I see this iron in a lot of salons.
Con: It's kinda pricey when compared to the others, you might not need this much power if your hair straightens easily.


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