Tan Towel Review, I Love the Tantowel

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I recently used the TanTowel and had a great experience with it! I’m not a regular customer at a tanning salon, due to the fact that tanning beds are known to be so harmful. When given the opportunity to test out the TanTowel I was thrilled to get a little glow to my skin from being so pale all winter long!

I applied the tan towel right after I got out of the shower, when my skin was moist and clean. The TanTowel had a nice light citrusy fragrance to it. After I used the TanTowel, it didn’t make my skin feel dirty, slimy, and sticky or gross afterward. When applied, it is almost like you are using a thin light damp towel.  After my first treatment 4-6 hours later, I noticed a slight glow to my skin. Although not as glowy as I liked, I then decided to do another treatment the next day. I applied it the same way, right after a shower. After the second treatment there was a much obvious change to my skin color. It did take about 4-6 hours for it to start changing. But the change was extremely noticeable! It didn’t give me that orange cheap tan appearance. It looked natural and clean. Because I was so precise when applying, I didn’t have any blotchiness or patches to my tan. However, next time I would apply the tan towel I would use a glove when applying this product because it did turn my palms orange. But after a day or so it went away.

My tan lasted about 10 days before beginning to fade or needing another treatment. I would strongly recommend this product to others looking for an alternative to tanning!  My slideshow shows all of the before and after shots. Enjoy!

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