63rd Emmys Hair - Katie Holmes

Katie, what on earth were you thinking? Were you thinking? I'm thinking Katie really ought to consider cutting her hair again. She is a beautiful woman whose hair always seems to look a mess. Short hair is a lot easier to manage and quicker to style with the right cut, and is really flattering on her. It would certainly serve her better than this:

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The simple, fresh makeup and lack of jewelry in Katie's Emmy Red Carpet look gave an air of casual, effortlessly chic glamor. But the hair just looked plain effortless - like she tied it up to get it out of the way for makeup and left it that way.

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It's not the first time Katie has appeared looking somewhat disheveled from the eyebrows up, either. Her hair for her So You Think You Can Dance guest judge appearance left me scratching my head. For a reminder of just how sexy-sassy Katie can look, check out this hair cut she rocked in 2009! Her cheekbones are insane with short hair. Katie, please consider!

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