KeratinPerfect 30-Day Home Keratin Review


Have you heard about the latest and greatest at home keratin treatment?! The KeratinPerfect At Home Brazilian Hair Smoothing Treatment is the new line that will make accessing (and affording) keratin smoothing treatments easier for everyone!

With our hair world revolving around heat styling, we are constantly causing damage to not only the outside hair cuticle but deep into the hair shaft as well. KeratinPerfect is a full line of hair care products and brazilian keratin smoothing treatments designed to help repair and smooth our hair for a more radiant look without breaking bonds and causing permanent damage. Keratin helps renew the hairs shiny cuticle and texture while strengthening the hair from deep in the hairs cortex. Keratin treatments help infuse the hair with lost keratin molecules filling in and evening out the hairs natural porosity, which in turn improves hairs texture, strength and elasticity.

On top of the obvious reasons why having even porosity in your hair is beneficial, the added bonus is when the porosity is even, hair is less likely to react to humidity because it is less likely to be absorbing all of the moist heat and other environmental factors. KeratinPerfect takes all of the guess work out of the at home treatments with their full line of keratin  smoothing kits, keratin treatments, and keratin infused hair care and styling products. With long lasting 30 day results, this treatment will make your daily styling quicker and overall healthier by cutting down on your daily heat styling time and is much more affordable than previous monthly salon treatments!

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