Curling Wands vs. Curling Irons

Woman styling her hair with a curlerCurling Wands vs. Curling Irons

Many girls out there have been wondering about the curling wand vs. curling iron debate when it comes to styling their strands. The curling wand is a fairly new beauty invention, while its curling iron cousin has been around for ages (even in ancient societies before electricity’s discovery). Curls are an amazing look for just about any occasion, and it’s important to know some details on both tools before you make your decision.

What’s The Difference?

A curling iron is a heated metal cylinder with a clip. You wrap your hair around the iron, and use the clip to hold the hair evenly against it. A curling wand has no clip, and you must hold the hair yourself – most curling wands come with heat gloves so you don’t burn yourself. A curling wand is often tapered, so you can get a curl that differs from top to bottom where as a curling iron is usually one sized, for a flat, even curl.

The curling wand is typically hotter, can get your hair curled a bit faster than the traditional iron and there’s no clip to snag or pull your hair! If time is of the essence, you may prefer the wand. But if you have time, and are just more comfortable using a tool that has been in your bathroom since before you can remember, just use the handy curling iron.
Curling Wand Curls vs. Curling Iron Curls

A curling iron can create big curls, small curls, and all kinds of waves – you just might need a few different sizes of irons. Some curling irons even have detachable barrels to change the curl size. With curling iron curls, you will get a flat, ribbon-like curl that is consistent from root to tip. With a curling wand, the curls look fuller, natural, bohemian, and fun – perfect for a party, a hip concert or a day at the beach. Many ladies prefer the curling rod because you can get closer to the root and create more volume throughout. With a tapered curling wand, the curls are not consistently the same size throughout the curl.

Different Hair Types Might Need Different Tools

The curling wand is fast, but if you have shorter hair it can be hard to use because your hand and arm will be getting pretty close to the hot metal. It may take new users a few tries to get completely comfortable with this tool. Long hair that isn’t too heavy or wavy can use the curling wand very easily to create beautiful, fun curls.

If your hair is short, heavy, damaged or naturally frizzy, your best bet is to use the curling iron. The clamp that the curling iron is known for spreads the heat evenly throughout the strands and keeps the tension the same throughout the curl. Tension is important when you have hair that really needs to be tamed, like heavy or textured hair.

When Should You Use Each Tool

If you’re in need of a fancy up do, with just a few loose curls to be the highlight of the hair, you will want to use a curling iron. The curls are more consistent and classic looking. Likewise, if you want perfect curls or waves for an elegant occasion, the curling iron will give you the desired look.

If you want big Victoria Secret curls, the curling wand is for you. The curls from the wand are fuller, not flat like the curling iron curls, resulting in a modern, sexy look. Also, if you’re in a rush, and just want some curls or waves – use a wand. It’s quick and easy, once you get the hang of it.

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