Perm Rods, Curling Rods, & Rollers Buying Guide


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Perm Rods, Curling Rods, & Rollers Buying Guide

Shopping for curling rods and rollers can be overwhelming but we are here to help make picking the right one easy for you. Here is a guide that will break down the different uses of each type to help take the guesswork out of it.

Cold Wave Rods

These rods are perfect for any type of permanent wave service in salon or at home. Cold Wave rods are the oldest and most reliable way to add some permanent curl and volume to your hair.

Velcro Rollers

The perfect and easy solution to add a little volume to dry hair, roll them in, add a little heat and go!

Magnetic Rollers

Magnetic rollers are great for at home styling or in salon wash and sets. Set your hair wet and forget about it or grab a seat in the nearest dryer, once dry you will have a voluminous, wavy fresh look.

Foam Rollers

the best way to set and forget for everyday at home styling. The best part about foam rollers – they’re so soft you can set your hair before bed and sleep on them. It isn’t impossible to wake up with fabulous hair.

Rubber Rods

These are another super versatile way to add curls to your hair in salon or at home. These soft and twisty rods let you set your hair wet and sleep on them over night, or you can even wrap and set dry hair, add heat, and have an instant beach wave look!

Our Favorite Rollers

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Diane Cold Wave Rods

Our most popular pick. The Diane Cold Wave Rods are perfect for giving that permanent curl and they come in a number of different sizes and lengths.

Jet Set Velcro Rollers

The Jet Set EZ Grip curlers have a gentle self gripping surface that allows for faster wrapping and no hair breakage. Very easy to use.

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