Maxiglide SonicGlide Limited Edition Kit Review

Maxiglide SonicGlide Limited Edition Kit Review

Imagine all your hair straightening tools bundled up in a single, stylish package. The limited maxiglide-flat-iron-reviewedition Maxiglide SonicGlide hair straightener kit was created for ladies who like their hair silky smooth at home and on the road.

Maxiglide flat irons have become the go-to styling tool for controlling frizzy hair in just one step. It has a multi-patented design that combines steam, ceramic plates and sonic vibration technology. It is the epitome of smart styling and the kit takes it a few steps further.

How the Maxiglide Hair Straightener Works

The steam makes a huge difference in helping to soften the hair, whereas other straighteners tend to dry hair out, leaving it straight but often unhealthy looking. As you straighten, the Maxiglide lets out a burst of steam on the hair. If you’re the scientific type, you’ll appreciate that the steam feature creates negative ions and spreads the heat evenly across the hair more quickly. The Maxiglide hair straightener was made to get the most unruly hair under control. No matter what type of hair you have, all the tools in the kit will help get your hair straighter than it’s ever been.

The one drawback of the Maxiglide flat iron is that if you have really curly hair you’ll need to first brush your hair straight. The Maxius Styling and Detangling Brush that comes in the kit is a great detangler. If curly hair isn’t brushed smooth, the detangling pins could get snagged in the curls. For ladies with straighter strands, the detangling pins do their job just fine without needing to brush first.

Maxiglide Flat Iron Limited Edition Kit Specs

Here’s what you’re really wanting to know – what is included in the kit.

1. Maxiglide SonicGlide Hair Straightener (1 ¼ inch)
2. Miniglide Flat Iron
3. Travel Bag
4. Maxius Styling and Detangling Brush
5. Additional Flat Plate

The Miniglide flat iron packs in all the technology that makes the Maxiglide so great, but so in a much smaller tool. This compact straightener is so small it can be carried in your purse. However, it doesn’t incorporate the steam technology due to its small size. Despite the lack of steam, the flat iron is still a great tool for straightening those important face framing layers.

Professional stylist Masood Max created the Maxiglide hair straightener so he and other stylists, as well as at-home amateurs, could cut the time that it took to straighten hair. The unique design eliminates the need for blow drying and also helps to keep hair healthier by not drying it out. It may be bulkier than other straighteners on the market, but the Maxiglide flat iron and the accompanying tools in the kit are worth their weight in gold.

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