Hair Clinic: Can I use Maxiglide on Relaxed Hair?

Do you know if the Maxiglide can be used on ethnic hair?
"I am african american with thick, relaxed hair. Can the Maxiglide straighten my hair type? Will the 'steam' frizz this type of hair?" - Tammie via email

Answer: Definitely! You can definitely use the Maxiglide Flat Iron on ethnic hair. I recommend using it on dry hair along with a thermal protectant to lightly coat your hair before you start styling. The thermal protectant along with the ceramic iron will close the cuticle therefore helping hair stay soft and straight and not frizz in humid temperatures.

To use the Maxiglide if your hair is especially frizzy, dry, brittle or stubborn hair, first, without applying a lot of pressure, barely close the iron and quickly go over the frizzy, brittle part of the hair which is usually the last 3-7 inches before the ends, with 1 or 2 bursts of steam. (This will soften the hair, much like you would iron out a tough wrinkle in a shirt). Then go over the entire section from the roots to the ends WITHOUT THE STEAM.
Please note I do not recommend the use of any heat styling appliance on very, very damaged, fragile hair, and I would always use a flat iron with a thermal heat protectant, for added protection to my hair.

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