Hair Clinic: Which Babyliss Hair Setter?


Which BaByliss roller set should I get? I like the 30 roller sets, but one is vertical and one isn’t, are they very different? - Teri via phone

We get this question a lot. If you’re looking to create curls, you definitely cannot go wrong with a Babyliss hair setter, it’s permanently parked on my list of all time favorites. (FYI, If you’re looking for a steam setter – join team Caurso – I’m on that team too!) But back to BaByliss.

You're comparing these two items:
BaByliss Pro 30 Professional Hairsetter Roller Set, BABHS30S
BaByliss Pro Professional 30 Ceramic Ionic Hairsetter Roller Set, BABHS40

From a technology standpoint, both hot roller sets are loaded with the same benefits; ease of use and exceptional performance for long-lasting, carefree curls of every size. They also feature quick heating times with gentle, far-infrared heat to provide the maximum heat transfer from roller to hair. Super important when creating curls. Cold rollers just don’t cut it…or I should say curl it.

Both Babyliss sets also have an assortment of 30 rollers in the following sizes: 6 Small 3/4 inch, 8 Medium 1 inch, 8 Large 1-1/4 inch, and 8 Jumbo 1-1/2 inch. These rollers have Ceramic Ionic technology for faster styling and eliminate hot spots which can cause damage to your hair. Plus the ceramic ionic technology smoothes the hair as it curls, and wipes out the frizz so your curls will last forever – or at least until you wash them away.

The main difference between the two sets is in the design. Only one has a space-saving folding arm that allows for vertical positioning and a vertically split cover for easy roller access. This feature was probably originally created for the stylist’s workstation to provide easy access to the rollers without using a lot of room. We know those salon workstations are puny. The folding arm is also extremely convenient for the home user who has limited counter (and storage) space.

Aside from that, I know you’d be happy with either set! To read more about each product visit our BaByliss section for the entire selection of hairsetters, curling irons, hair dryers...

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