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Welcome to MyStyleBell!  If you have ever wondered…

WHICH brand is the best hair care for my hair type or am I stuck with frizz forever?

HOW do I recreate those celebrity styles at home without a million products and my own personal stylist?

WHY would I ever want to put cornstarch in my hair?

WHAT does all that flat iron and hair dryer tech talk really mean? Nano, Tourmaline, Ionic? Huh?

Look no further as StyleBell uncovers the scoop on all things hair and more!

It’s a place to hangout. It’s a place to learn. It’s a place to share.

Stay as long as you like and come back often, we love the company!

Done with your research and feel like a little shopping? Come visit us at www.stylebell.com!

PR Inquiries and Product Reviews

If you would like to contact StyleBell including product reviews and press inquiries, please contact us at info@stylebell.com.

StyleBell's Editor & Founder

Sapna Parikh is the editor of StyleBell.  Sapna Parikh has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and focuses her research on everything hair including trends analysis, retail forecast, and product research and reviews.  Sapna is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School.  Sapna is available for print, television, radio and new media interviews. If you need a hair and beauty expert Sapna is your answer. Her charismatic charm, extensive research, and of course gorgeous hair will capture your audience.   To book Sapna, contact info@stylebell.com.

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