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  • Hairstyling How-To: Perfectly Diffused Hair

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    Well, if you're a curly girl or have gorgeous natural waves, you already know that blowdrying your hair is usually too harsh and turns your pretty locks into a frizzy 'fro. Diffusers are a great way to gently dry your hair without over-drying or adding too much heat to your super fragile curly hair. Have a diffuser but not sure where to start? That's where we come in! We've made a super easy step by step for you to follow to make diffusing a no-brainer (which it is!)

    1.) Ditch Your Brush: When your hair is wet, its never good to just yank a brush through it, but this is especially true for curly hair that tends to "stretch." Try to finger comb your hair or use a wide tooth comb to allow the most of your natural curl to come through while diffusing. Use a detangler, or our favorite Maijan Frizz Eliminator for this step, it will make this step MUCH easier.

    2.) Products Are Your Friends: We LOVE LOVE LOVE to use mousse when we diffuse, but you can use any of your favorite curl products for this step. Use them generously but prevent using too much, we want this to be a natural look, not crunchy.

    3.) Time To Diffuse: The best part about a diffuser is how the wide surface distributes air and makes it far more gentle to put the unit directly to your hair. You don't have to do this but if you find it helps to place the ends of your hair on the diffuser and dry upwards, we find this is a very effective method for waves! For extremely curly girls, we recommend flipping your hair upside down and diffusing that way. With both techniques, continuously scrunch your hair with your hands to help promote as much curl and wave as possible. Looking for a less curly/wavy look? Scrunch less.

    4.) Know Your Hair: This may take you a few diffuser sessions, but that's okay because we are lucky enough to live in a world with endless flat irons and curling irons to help us touch things up until we become a pro! You may find that you are able to dry your hair 3/4 of the way and let it air dry the rest of the way for a more natural look, or you may be one who likes to dry it all the way to make sure you end up with a perfectly predictable look. Either way, you can always touch it up with your tools!

    5.) Finish With A Spritz! Use a light mist of hairspray with a hold of your choice to help seal in your look and lock out humidity and frizz but luckily, we all know that curly girls often benefit from humidity! Time to embrace your inner curly girl!

    We love this little video we found that shows how easy it is to be an at-home diffusing pro!

  • Perm Rods, Curling Rods, & Rollers Buying Guide


    hair-curlers victim

    Perm Rods, Curling Rods, & Rollers Buying Guide

    Shopping for curling rods and rollers can be overwhelming but we are here to help make picking the right one easy for you. Here is a guide that will break down the different uses of each type to help take the guesswork out of it.

    Cold Wave Rods

    These rods are perfect for any type of permanent wave service in salon or at home. Cold Wave rods are the oldest and most reliable way to add some permanent curl and volume to your hair.

    Velcro Rollers

    The perfect and easy solution to add a little volume to dry hair, roll them in, add a little heat and go!

    Magnetic Rollers

    Magnetic rollers are great for at home styling or in salon wash and sets. Set your hair wet and forget about it or grab a seat in the nearest dryer, once dry you will have a voluminous, wavy fresh look.

    Foam Rollers

    the best way to set and forget for everyday at home styling. The best part about foam rollers – they’re so soft you can set your hair before bed and sleep on them. It isn’t impossible to wake up with fabulous hair.

    Rubber Rods

    These are another super versatile way to add curls to your hair in salon or at home. These soft and twisty rods let you set your hair wet and sleep on them over night, or you can even wrap and set dry hair, add heat, and have an instant beach wave look!

    Our Favorite Rollers

    curling rods

    Diane Cold Wave Rods

    Our most popular pick. The Diane Cold Wave Rods are perfect for giving that permanent curl and they come in a number of different sizes and lengths.

    Jet Set Velcro Rollers

    The Jet Set EZ Grip curlers have a gentle self gripping surface that allows for faster wrapping and no hair breakage. Very easy to use.

  • Halloween Hair Tricks & Treats!

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    Halloween is definitely one of our favorite holidays to dress up and do something funky with our hair and makeup! There are endless possibilities for halloween hair but we've decided to round up our favorite tricks to make your halloween hair color and accessories blow everyone away! Here's 3 tricks that work on any hair texture, length, and color that will never let you down!

    1.) Temporary Hair Color: Whether you use spray on, hair chalk, or powders this is a super easy way to completely switch up your day to day look and do something drastic for halloween that will wash right out the next day! The BEST part about temporary hair color? They add TONS of volume to your hair which makes styling crazy easy. Especially because we are loving the super teased, huge volume, halloween hair styles we've been seeing lately! We do caution blondes in using temporary hair colors to do a test strand (especially with hair chalks) as they can sometimes take several washes (days) to wash out completely... so, if you were planning on going to a big business meeting the next day, this may not be the best option for you ;)

    2.) Hair Pieces/Artificial Hair: Well, as previously mentioned, we LOVE big hair so we stop at nothing to achieve that. Whether it be adding a few clip in extensions or going for the more traditional, all over wig -- this is another super easy way to switch up your look for halloween. The best part about hair pieces? You can reuse them! Especially if you buy clip-in extensions in your natural hair color and use your temporary hair color to make them match your halloween look. You can aways reuse those clip-ins for formal hairstyles or a quick and easy way to get volume day to day! You can also find things such as clip on pony tails or buns and now, you can even find clip in braids so you don't even have to do any of the tedious handy work!

    3.) Accessories: This is definitely the most customizable part of halloween hair! Our advice is get to a craft store and go wild! Usually, as long as there is a skinny stick or flat portion of the object in question, it can be attached to your hair  with bobby pins! Now this step can be super fun if you have the time by finding the items you want, spray painting them, adding glitter, etc.! The options are endless. We LOVE a huge amount of teased hair with miscellaneous halloween objects in it. Make your hair your only costume! It's fun AND budget friendly!

    Have a safe, creative, and happy Halloween!

  • Favorite Fall Hair Accessories for 2014!

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    We are so excited that it is finally October! Fall is my favorite hair accessory season! We've rounded up some of our favorite accessory trends we've been seeing so we think are going to be HUGE this fall season!

    1.) Floral headbands/hair pieces - First off, we love these ALL the time but we love them most in the fall! All of your typical fall colors work perfectly with pretty much any hair color and can take any outfit from drab to fab in seconds. These can be purchased but are even more fun and affordable to make yourself if you have a craft store nearby!

    2.) Headbands in general - We're loving the big bulky headband comeback thats been going around! This trend is a no brainer for anyone with a hectic schedule! Headbands are everywhere and also super easy to make. They can be used for casual and formal looks but are crazy fun to use for messy up-do's when you're running late!

    3.) As always, braids, braids, braids - We're loving the braided crown trend for fall but we are loving it even more when there is some extension work involved! I've been loving all of the chocolate-woven blonde braids I've seen and vice versa. What an easy way to spice up your average braid!

    Tell us what you're favorite fall hair accessories are! The list is endless :)

  • Summer 2014 Hair Trend Prediction: Head Bands!

    So, ever since Lupita was caught rocking her sparkling embellished headband at the Oscars, we have seen a rise in this amazingly easy trend. Nicole Richie has always been a huge fan of this look and has even created her own line of headbands as part of her House of Harlow accessory line. We are LOVING this trend for summer. Not only is it incredibly easy to recreate the look of all of the gorgeous celebs above but it's the perfect way to keep down those uncontrollable curly fly-aways that the humid summer weather can sometimes cause.

    Although we're still a huge fan of the floral head bands as well, I think the theme of this summer's headband obsession will definitely be bling! Embellished headbands are everywhere! Making them not only easy to find but usually super affordable! weather you're rocking them across the forehead or the good old fashioned way, the sunlight (or moonlight) will reflect off your blinding band and be sure to put you in the spotlight!

    I hope you're ready to get your shine on this summer!


  • The Ultimate Brush Buying Guide!



    If you haven't noticed, here at StyleBell, we are pretty much obsessed with anything hair care. We also love sharing all of our favorite information with you! We decided to make a buying guide for one of the most important and long-standing staples in almost every woman's beauty routine-- hair brushes! We broke it down completely by brush type, bristle type, and material! We hope this helps you make the right choices in buying the brush you need to achieve or maintain your desired style!

    Types of Brushes:

    Let's start with the classic vent brush. These brushes are a staple in the beauty business and a must have for everyone and every hair type. If you own a blowdryer, you probably own one of these brushes. Vent brushes have an semi-open base that the bristles attach to. The base usually has slits or cut outs where the air can pass through which is perfect for removing excess moisture from the hair and why I refer to these as step 1 brushes. I would not dare start a blow dry without a vent brush. They cut drying time in half... and after all, time is money in the beauty business. There are hundreds of different vent brushes out there but my two favorites in this category are both from the Cricket Static Free line. The Cricket Static Free Volumizer is amazing. It's slim design makes it super easy to hold and it has a unique criss-cross bristle pattern to lift hair for increased volume at the root. The Cricket Static Free Tunnel Brush has a unique flared design which helps add a nice shape to the hair while you're drying and is the perfect platform to start your round brush blow-out with tons of movement at the ends. Both of these brushes have ceramic and ion properties to help reduce static and add shine all while reducing your drying time. Like I said, these brushes are definitely a must have!

    Another very famous household brush is the cushioned brush. It seems like when people hear the name cushion brush they picture this super fancy elaborate brush, when in reality, you probably already have 1 or 2 of these brushes on hand. Cushioned brushes are your classic oval brush for daily brushing and most paddle brushes also fall into this category, too. The reason they are referred to as cushioned brushes is because the base of the brush has a pliable cushion that allows the brush to bend and conform to your scalp. Their ability to contour makes them perfect for daily brushing and scalp stimulation, but not so much for drying.

    While we're on the classics. We should mention your classic styling or shaping brushes. Although there are tons of brushes that could fall into this category, the type of brush that is unique to this section is the classic "rowed" brushes. These brushes are typically round and have a wooden or plastic base that are not vented and are classified by how many rows of bristles they have. The more rows, the larger the diameter. I like to use these brushes for finishing touches while I'm styling. Weather it is to smooth the hair while I am using a finishing spray or to brush out a roller set. They're perfect for rolling out your finishing touches without decreasing your volume. I love the Static Free Row Round Brushes for this as well. They help control the static and fly aways that can come with brushing out a fresh heat style. 

    Now we're moving on to the big guns, the round brushes. The term round brush is used interchangeably with thermal brushes. The reason why I refer to these brushes as the big guns is because this is your ultimate hair weapon to achieve pretty much any smooth, shiny, bouncy style. The rule of thumb with round brushes is the larger the diameter of the brush, the smoother the hair; the smaller the diameter the more curl and bounce you'll achieve. Although many of our boar bristle round brushes feature wooden bases, most round brushes often have stiff nylon or boar bristles and metal bases, which is why it important to start with a vent brush to remove some of your moisture first to avoid exposing your hair to the heated metal for prolonged periods of time. Although we love the classic round brushes like the Static Free Thermal Brush and Technique Thermal Brushes, our new number one favorite round brush (especially for stylists) is the Alumilite brushes. They are made from lightweight brushed aluminum and are 30% lighter than your average round brush making them ideal for stylists or anyone who suffers from carpel tunnel or arthritis.

    Now the types of brushes that are somewhat new on the scene are detangling brushes. This category includes all of these new popular brushes like The Wet Brush, The Knot Genie, and the Cricket Ultra Smooth Detangling brush. These brushes feature special bristles designed to detangle hair without any added breakage from brushing. We became HUGE fans of these brushes very quickly. Our favorite has got to be the Cricket Ultra Smooth -- this brush is unique in that it is infused with keratin proteins, olive oil, and argon oil to hydrate, shine and reduce frizz all at once.

    Types of Bristles:

    Many of our favorite cushioned brushes and round brushes feature what are referred to as natural bristles. This category of bristles pretty much features one type of bristle exclusively -- boar bristles. You'll often see all natural 100% boar bristles on the extremely popular, yet quite pricey, Mason Pearson brushes. The reason why people are willing to pay top dollar for these brushes is their ability to close the hair cuticle which allows for maximum shine and even absorption and distribution of our hairs natural oils. Boar bristles are extremely soft, making them ideal for children's hair or fragile, over processed hair. 100% boar bristle brushes should be used with caution with heat styling because of their softness and tendency to collapse. If you like the sound of boar bristles but would like some added support and the option of applying heat while styling, a mixed bristle brush would probably be a perfect fit for you.

    Mixed bristle brushes, often referred to as porcupine brushes, are typically a mix of a boar and nylon bristle. These brushes are perfect for heat styling finishes or for any other finishing touches like teasing. We love the Cricket Amped Up teasing brush for all of our smaller finishing touches and the Technique Boar Round Brushes for all of our boar heat styling. The BEST part about using a mixed boar bristle brush for round-brush blow drys is how smooth and shiny they make the hair by securing a nice solid grip on each hair strand while drying.

    Synthetic bristles pretty much encompass all other types of brushes that are not boar. Any bristle that does not come naturally from an animal would fall under this category. The most common bristles we see are Nylon, Tourmaline and Carbon. Nylon and Tourmaline have become the most popular bristle we see on all of our favorite basic round brushes like the Alumilite and thats feature an ionic nylon and the Technique brushes that have a tourmaline ionic bristle. These ionic bristle help protect hair from moisture loss and infuse ultimate shine into our strands in the process. Carbon bristles are equally as reliable but have the added benefit of withstanding high heat. We occasionally still see some metal bristles on our round brushes, but metal bristles should typically be avoided to avoid damaging the hair while drying. Nylon definitely takes the prize for this category of bristles. 

    Base Material:

    Because many of our thermal brushes or round brushes feature the metal bases, it is important to know the different types of base materials that are available. The 2 most common metal coatings you will round on round brushes are Tourmaline and Ceramic. We are huge fans of both. These coatings not only help to infuse crazy shine into the hair but they also protect the hair from sitting directly on the hot metal surface that is lurking underneath. We like to think of these coatings as our armor for to help our hair stay strong and shine on!

  • How to Cover Up Thinning Hair Instantly!

    thinning hair, how to cover up thinning hair, hair thinning, hair cover up, covering up thinning hair, thinning hair tips

    Unfortunately, thinning hair has become a huge area of concern for women lately. Experts believe there is a direct correlation to our crazy busy lifestyles, stress, and thinning hair. So sadly, since most of us cannot give up all of those things that cause us stress in our daily lives, but on the bright side, there is an overwhelming variety of products on the market for all of us suffering with thinning hair! Here are a few of our absolute favorite, tried and true, products and tips for concealing your thinning hair and giving you your confidence back!

    1.) Toppik Hair Building Fibers: We cannot say enough about these little miracle fibers for thinning hair! These little charged hair particles (that come in a variety of different shades for each hair color) shake right onto your hair and grab hold near your roots, concealing those extra scalpy areas looking natural without looking painted on like scalp concealers! The best part of it all? It's INSTANT. No waiting weeks to see any results! Definitely a must-have product!

     2.) Don't be afraid to accessorize! Luckily for us, hair pieces and bows seem to be making a HUGE comeback in the beauty business. This trick is an easy, super affordable, and fashionable way to conceal your trouble areas, particularly those who are suffering from thinning near your part. Buying (or making) a simple bow headband and strategically placing the bow over the problem area is another instant fix that takes seconds!

    3.) Colored Dry Shampoo's! This is another staple in my beauty box! I'm loving Batiste's line of colored dry shampoos. Even if your hair is clean, a quick spray of this dry shampoo not only conceals thinning scalp by bulking up your hair but by doing that it gives you crazy volume and prevents your hair from becoming stringy! Triple win!

    Try these instant tricks next time you find yourself battling with thinning hair in the mirror. You will love how quick and easy it is to bring your hair back to life!

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Back to School Haircuts at Home!

    hairstyling tip of the day, haircuts, back to school haircuts, back to school cuts, mom cuts, at home hair cuts, kids cutsHairstyling Tip of the Day: Back to School Haircuts at Home! Moms, don't send your kids back to school with a bad haircut. The first step to giving your kids a perfect at-home hair cut is to start with the right tools. This Satin Edge Starter Kit is an affordable way for all at home stylists to be on their way to the best haircuts at home. Be prepared to face any cowlick with these professional shears, thinning shears, comb and razor combo.

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don't Rush With a Brush!

    dont rush with a brush, comb dont brush, wide tooth comb, combing wet hair, hairstyling tip of the day

    Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don't Rush With a Brush! The best thing you can do for your hair to prevent breaking is to take the extra few minutes after your shower to detangle your hair with a wide tooth comb. Brushing may get through you locks quicker, but mainly because it pulls and breaks your delicate strands! Comb your hair for 2-3 minutes with a wide tooth, or rake comb, and you'll immediately appreciate the difference :)

  • Kris Jenner Rocks Oprah's Afro Wig!

    oprah wig, kris jenner oprah wig, kris jenner talk show, kris jenner afro, oprah afro, oprah afro wig

    Check out Kris Jenner talking about wearing Oprah's 3 1/2 pound wig on her new talk show, Kris. This intricate wig was hand assembled using SEVEN bags of hair! Could you imagine wearing something that heavy? Oprah debut's her hand sewn wig on September's issue of her O magazine!

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