Hair Disasters

  • Kylie Jenners Cornrows Are Causing a Buzz!

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    Wow, we have been seeing so much of Kylie Jenner lately. She's been taking over the world of hair with the launch of her new extension collection by Bellami Hair, however, this look has seemed to cause a stir for her on social media with Hunger Gamers actor Amandla Stenberg. Hmm... we're not so sure we agree with Stenberg on this one because we love how daring Kylie is with her look. It's fun to switch it up! We are sure she meant no harm in it and love to see women embrace & incorporate all cultures into our hairstyles!

  • Zendaya's Hair Got Haters at the BET Awards!

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    Zendaya rocked a super cute short wig to the BET Awards and got some serious heat for her new (temporary) look! She handled the heat well and was confident in her look, tweeting funny faces while rocking the super cute short wig. We love this look and love that she has the confidence to rock it! After all, what fun is hair if we can't play around with it?!

  • Bad Chemical Treatment? How to Correct It:

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    Have you recently had a chemical treatment gone wrong? Unfortunately, most of us women have been in the same boat. Whether it was a color that didn't turn out quite how you wanted it to and you're expecting the impending damage of the corrective color that's on the horizon; or you've had a relaxer gone wrong and your hair feels like mush -- we've been there. I have seen my fair share of damaged hair working in the salon and here's a few of my go-to quick fixes (other than the typical, but very important, avoidance of blowdrying, heat styling, braids and pulling hair back tightly until the damage is controlled) to help salvage and reverse as much damage as possible before you wind up with the dreaded "chemical cut," which almost always does not turn out how we'd like it to.

    For relaxers or perms gone wrong: Unfortunately, there has not been much progress made in this very permanent hair process. Relaxers and perms CANNOT be reversed so the best thing you can do it keep up with your trims and condition, condition, condition, avoiding anything stressful to your hair and scalp until your hair is recovered. Then, prevent it from happening again by ALWAYS using a neutralizing shampoo after any of these treatments -- perms and relaxers completely throw your hair's pH out of whack by taking it from one state to another extreme. Neutralizing is the only way to prevent your hair from turning into stretchy post perm or relaxer mush.

    Corrective color? Here's the best way to prep:  The best way to prep for a corrective color treatment is by talking to your stylist! Sometimes, even though our hair may need some intense deep conditioning, conditioning can make the corrective color process more rough on your hair than it needs to be. Many conditioners will leave a protective, sometimes waxy, coating on your hair which can make the hair color work harder and longer on your already damaged hair. Your stylist will be able to recommend the perfect regimen to prep and prevent further damage. Corrective color should never be done at home -- I repeat -- NEVER be done at home!

    Over-processed color treated hair: This is one of the easier chemical nightmares to prevent the spread of. As always, starting off with a healthy trim is going to be the best way to prevent frizz from becoming the nightmare that we all know it can become. Then, this a time when a strengthening deep conditioning treatment is needed up to 4 times a month to replace the keratin protein and strength that was lost in the wreckage. Following up your shampoos and conditioning with a essential oil serum, like Maijan, will make combing, brushing and styling a breeze which will make a huge difference in the long-term recovery of your hair!

    Hope we helped!


  • How to Handle Highly Processed Haircolor

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    Are you having a problem controlling your overly dry, over-processed hair? Unfortunately, we know a lot of you are - especially if you love highlights as much as I do! Highly processed hair can be troublesome for everyone including hair stylists! As a matter of fact, most stylists can sometimes suffer the most from over processed hair because we just can't get enough of changing our hair to keep up with the latest trends and treatments! So, what can we do to keep our highly-processed hair as healthy as possible? Here's a few quick tricks I've found to be the most effective at preventing excess damage

    1.) For The Platinum Blondes or Highlight Addicts: Although it's tempting to go more blonde during each visit, there's a much less damaging way to brighten up your older growth while getting your touch ups. Talk to your stylists about only bleaching or coloring your new growth and using a platinum, or purple/ash toner on the ends. Most clients LOVE the way these toners knock out any brassiness that's accumulated from the daily elements and it's a super quick and non-damaging way to brighten your older growth up to the same shade as your fresh roots! Also, if you're getting highlights frequently, ask your stylist to only touch up your roots in the foil. Even if they don't perfectly line up with your old weaved pattern -- you will never be able to tell! It's a great way to prevent over processing the blonde that is already there!

    2.) Use Alternating Deep Conditioning Treatments: One thing many people using deep conditioners don't know is that you need to switch it up. A lot of masques or deep conditioners designed to strengthen and reinforce hair are VERY high in protein and although this is great periodically, too much protein can also cause you're hair to become stiff and in turn, more brittle! So, with that said, be mindful of how many times a week you use it, 2-4 times a month of a strengthening treatment should be all you need. On the off weeks, be sure to use a hydrating or moisture based deep conditioner, since after all, that's what our over-processed hair needs most!

    3.) Trim, Trim, Trim! If you're hair is already over processed, no matter how many deep conditioners you can use, the best way to prevent excess breakage is by cutting off those split ends before the continue to split higher and break off -- ESPECIALLY if you are trying to grow your hair out; no one wants to be left with fly aways and a stringy mop! Monthly trims, even if they are only 1/4-1/2", will prevent tons of breakage from spreading from ends to mid-shaft, which will leave you with a much fuller and more shiny head of hair...even if it is a little over-processed!

    Hope this helps you on your way to growing your hair long and strong!


  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don't Mess With Your Hormones!

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    Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Don't Mess With Your Hormones! Just as pregnancy and other prescriptions drugs, such as steroids, can cause hair loss -- changing your naturally occurring hormones can have the same affect. The most common cause of pre-mature hair loss is caused by the abuse of Birth Control Pills. Changing your pill, or not taking it on a regular basis can cause some serious hair loss (or the opposite for some of the more lucky ladies). If you have noticed more frequent hair loss, or are not taking the pill exactly as prescribed -- consult your doctor. They may be able to recommend a different pill that will help prevent this hair loss -- or provide advice on how to stick to a more routine schedule!

  • The 10 Worst Things You Do To Your Hair

    10 worst things you do to your hair, redbook, hair facts, hair don't

    According to Redbook, here is a list of the 10 WORST things we do to our hair:

    1. Using old styling tools - clean between each use to remove and prevent build up and germs!

    2. Using rough elastics - using elastic that is covered in fabric (like a scrunchie) will prevent snagging!

    3. Infusing hair with too many chemicals - a chemical overdose can cause breakage and damage. Tr y a pre-treatment before your next visit to the salon!

    4. Setting the heat too high - don't turn the dial above medium!

    5. Skipping heat protectant - this is important to help seal in and maintain moisture to keep your hair shafts healthy!

    6. Going too long between haircuts - snip the split ends before they take over! The only thing that makes them go away is a trim!

    7. Brushing from the roots down - prevent snagging and breakage by working out knots from the bottom up!

    8. Handling wet hair roughly - wet hair is more fragile -- be careful while combing!

    9. Slathering on too many products - build up is NEVER good and can block hair from soaking up natural moisture.

    10. Keeping the same shampoo for changing hair - as your hair changes, so should your shampoo!

  • Amanda Bynes Shaves her Head!

    amanda bynes, shaved head, buzz cut, wigs

    Amanda Bynes "wigs out" and shaves her head! The actress, who has been known for bizarre behavior lately, claims she had to shave her hair due to hair damage from frequent hair color changes! With her new ability to wear wigs with ease I'm sure we can expect to see more colors and styles!

  • Middle School Student Burns Her Hair Off Making You-Tube Tutorial

    burnt hair, over heating, hair, curling ironMiddle school student, Tori Locklear, burns her hair off while making a you-tube tutorial. This is definitely an example of over heating your hair! Remember to always chose the appropriate temperature for your hair when styling and keep in mind that only professionals should be using temperatures over 375 degrees! Also, be sure to double check the products you are using to be sure they are heat compatible and use a thermal protector!

  • Hair Extensions Causing Permanent Hair Loss?

    hair extensions, damage, hair loss, extensions

    According to Consumer Reports, hair extensions are leaving some people with irreversible damage and hair loss... scary! Click the link to read more!

  • Challenging Curly Hair?

    cutler, curling creme, curls, curly hair

    Challenging curly hair? Try a curling creme like this one by Cutler. Cremes will hydrate and smooth your frizz and they also tend to be less drying than gels. Hydrating products, like cremes, are better for long term use on curly hair because in most cases curly hair is already quite fragile.

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