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  • Kylie Jenners Cornrows Are Causing a Buzz!

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    Wow, we have been seeing so much of Kylie Jenner lately. She's been taking over the world of hair with the launch of her new extension collection by Bellami Hair, however, this look has seemed to cause a stir for her on social media with Hunger Gamers actor Amandla Stenberg. Hmm... we're not so sure we agree with Stenberg on this one because we love how daring Kylie is with her look. It's fun to switch it up! We are sure she meant no harm in it and love to see women embrace & incorporate all cultures into our hairstyles!

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Protect Your Hair from UV-Rays!

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    During the summer, we all tend to forget how important it is to protect our hair from the sun while we are busy vigorously applying sunscreen to our skin -- but, keep in mind, your hair IS part of you skin, and could be treated as such to maintain healthiness and of course, bright vibrant colors! So, in order to make summer hair a breeze for you, we've rounded up our favorite hair care tips for you again!

    1.) Always use sun protecting products! Even if you aren't one to typically use a lot of hair products, we recommend picking up a light weight leave-in with UVA-UVB protection and spray generously from root to tip if you're going to be having heavy sun exposure. Not only will this protect the integrity of your hair but it will maintain your hair color without excessive sun fade!

    2.) Take advantage of the radiant heat! Well, if you're just relaxing on the beach enjoying the sunshine, you might as well let your hair enjoy it too. Grab your favorite conditioner or masque, lather it on and throw your hair up into a messy bun. Let the heat from the sun help the conditioner penetrate your hair strands. This will guarantee soft, manageable post-beach hair!

    3.) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The rule of thumb is, any extra measures that you take for your body in the summer - you should take for your hair, too. So, since you are always grabbing extra water to hydrate your body, it's important to take the extra time to make sure your hair is hydrated. Whether you are doing the deep conditioner treatment in the sun as recommended above, or if you're doing treatments in your shower -- it's extremely important to bump up your conditioning to a minimum of twice weekly and switch to a hydrating shampoo or conditioner.

    4.) Protect your length from summer fade, in a cute way! If you're someone who spends a ton of time in the sun, it might be time to try a new style to wrap up your ends and protect your hair as much as possible from sun exposure without having to completely cover up your gorgeous locks. Our favorite suggestions? Braids, of course! This wraps the majority of your hair up securely while allowing you to look adorable at the same time!

    5.) Follow up with your stylist for regular maintenance! This is MOST important in the summer. If you're the type of person -- as we all are -- to slack off on your regular trim appointments, summer is not the time to forget! While we are all running around enjoying the beautiful weather and our on-the-go lifestyles, it's very easy to go an entire summer without ANY salon maintenance if we let ourselves cancel just one appointment. Be vigilant in scheduling and reminding yourself to keep your appointments! Regular trims will help make all of this maintenance easier and help prevent excessive breakage!

  • 5 Summer Hair Tips for the Curly Girls!

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    Here at StyleBell, we know that when it comes to curls -- the struggle is REAL. We also know that the summer only adds to this problem. This is why we've decided to round up our favorite summer hair tips for curls that are easy enough for everyone to do and we are sure that you will see a difference in your hair!

    1.) Skip Harsh Towels! Scrunching your hair with towels roughs up your cuticle and causes curls to lay unequally leading to frizz and less bouncy curls. We recommend investing in a curl towel or using an old t-shirt to pat hair dry.

    2.) Comb with Your Fingers. Skipping combs and brushes allows curls to start forming the second you get out of the shower. Using a light leave-in conditioner spray helps detangle hair with your fingers and allows curls to form naturally, beautifully, and as full and frizz-free as possible!

    3.) Use Cream or Oil Based Products. We love cream and oil based products simply for their hydrating properties and in the summer heat, they tend to warm up as your hair does in the humidity and reactivate themselves, unlike drying foams or mousses.

    4.) Skip Heavy Hairsprays. In the summer, heavy hold hair sprays have the same stiff and drying affect as mousses and foams. If you can't live without hairspray (which we recommend for summer curls to leave them loose, natural and beachy) then we recommend using a light hold hairspray and only use enough to keep fly-away's at bay. You'd be surprised how much your natural curls will hold up without it!

    5.) AVOID Sea Salt Sprays. Although sea salt sprays have the tendency to make those ladies with straight or wavy hair achieve gorgeous beach waves without consequences, too much sea salt can wreak havoc on curly hair. Curly hair tends to be more fragile therefore making it less capable of handling the drying effects of sea salt on a daily basis. If, like me, you've already become addicted to this spray on product, try cutting the solution in half. Grab a cheap spray bottle and divide the contents of the product bottle in two then dilute it with water. This will give you the same benefits with MUCH less drying.

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Choosing the Right Heat Setting For Your Hair!

    babyliss flat iron, babyliss 1 3/4" flat iron, flat iron tips, heat styling tips, hair temperature tips, temperature tips for your hair, keeping your hair healthy, healthy hair tips, tips for healthy hair, tips for heat healthy hair, heat styling your hair, how to heat style your hair, heat settings for hairDoes your hair seem to be suffering the consequences of your daily heat styling? Feeling dry and looking lifeless? This is a super simple fix!  Dial down your heat settings to one that is more appropriate for your hair type. You will be amazed at how quickly you see a difference in the quality of your strands! We are always so quick to turn the dial up as high as it goes but that is the biggest mistake we could make for our hair! One of our hair experts, Deanna, breaks down some more appropriate temperatures for you in the video below!

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: Part Ways With Your Oily, Flat Hair!

    Unfortunately, the most common hair complaint we all have is how flat or "oily" our hair looks just a few short hours after spending a massive amount of time blowing it out to perfection. Luckily, you would be surprised how easily you can PART ways with this problem! The easiest way to give the illusion of fuller, less oily hair, is to STOP with the side part. We know you may love it, but switching your part to the center, or just slightly off center gives both sides of your head a much more equal distribution of your hair and helps natural oils distribute more evenly throughout the day. Take a look at Kate Hudson's major part makeover above. What a HUGE difference, right?!

  • Top 5 Hair Resolutions for the New Year!

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    Well, the new year is all about having a fresh start, right? So... we've rounded up a list of our favorite ways to start the new year with happy healthy hair and some of the easiest ways to keep your hair happy all year long. If you commit to following these simple steps, we can almost guarantee that you will see a HUGE difference in your hair, making for one less resolution next year! ;)

    1.) Start off with a clean slate: Starting the year with a new hair cut or a fresh trim will not only make you and your hair feel good but it will set you up with a healthy palette to build your happy hair resolution off of! Although we still recommend maintaining trims every 4-8 weeks, getting a nice heavy trim right into the new year will help you say goodbye to any styling damage from the previous year and give yourself another shot at doing things right! Plus, it's a great way to monitor your maintenance with steps 2-4!

    2.) Commit to a cool rinse: After conditioning, a cool rinse will seal in all the benefits of the conditioner and seal the cuticle. This will prevent excessive moisture loss during styling and help prevent breakage. The added bonus of this step, sealing the cuticle smooths out rough surfaces of the hair shaft, leaving the hair in it's most shiny state.

    3.) Use a spray on, conditioning, detangler: Before even thinking about taking a comb or brush to your hair, always use a light weight leave-in conditioner or detangler to help hair glide through the process more easily. We recommend the  Maijan Frizz Eliminator which is an all-in-one product that will not only help detangle but condition your hair and add thermal heat protection all at the same time! Why do we recommend a spray on? We believe this helps distribute the product most evenly from root to tip without weighing the hair down.

    4.) Detangle with a comb or brush that is meant for detangling: Rather than grabbing any old comb or brush that will only add to the pre-existing knots in our hair, opt to purchase a brush that is specifically designed to help detangle the hair and work out the knots in the least harsh way possible. We recommend the Knot Genie or Wet Brush -- they will make detangling a breeze!

    5.) Research the proper heat settings for your hair appliances: This is probably the most important step out of all of them. I know the urge to crank the heat all the way up is very VERY tempting in the fast paced world we live in, but trust me, it's not doing you any favors in the long run. If you have fine, fragile hair, keep hair at a lower heat setting to prevent over frying and over drying. It is crucial to follow this rule to prevent breakage and unnecessary damage. Heat is not a bad thing if it is properly controlled!

    We hope this helps jump start your healthy start to a new year!

  • Finding the Right Color for Your Cut!

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    As we approach the new year, many of you may be feeling the need to switch up your look and go for a whole new you! That's where we come in... we've rounded up the most common hair cut and color dilemmas so you know the do's and don'ts going into your new style! We've broken it down by style type so you can mix and match to personalize your look without any problems!

    1. Layers: The best part about traditional layers is you can pull off almost any color with them! Layers tend to make a single process color look more multidimensional and make highlights or balayage pop and blend beautifully. I personally LOVE a partial highlight with shorter layers so you can see the underlying darker color in the longest layer in the back. This is a timeless look that will never go out of style!

    2. Angles or Asymmetrical: I've always loved angles or asymmetrical cuts with bold color blocking! This is a great way to get a personalized panel of color to pop or from your face without being overbearing. The only color technique I would not recommend are heavy or "chunky" highlights. This could lead to a cheetah-print effect in the front if going for a traditional angle.

    3. Stacking or Tapering: This is another technique that makes chunky highlights difficult. Stacking highlighted hair can leave the back of the head with a checkerboard pattern. So, if you are looking to add some color to your single process, try just doing a mohawk of highlights or some peek-a-boo color blocking techniques to blend the look together! This would definitely make your look pop!

    4. Bangs: Bangs can be so much fun with hair color! Although the same chunky highlight rule tends to apply to a dramatic straight across bang, you can still do thin highlights or awesome color blocking peek-a-boo's in a straight across or side bang! We LOVE a little color pop right on the face. You would be surprised how much this could spice up your look!

    5. Blunt Cuts: This is obviously the cut that will work with any color, however, we do recommend adding a little dimension to break up the look. We LOVE ombre and balayage on long blunt cuts, this is a great way to give hair a layered appearance without making the commitment to cut!

    We hope this helps you narrow down the hunt for your new look in 2015!

  • Important Ingredients to Avoid While Shopping for Hair Products

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    Unfortunately, when it comes to hair products, we are usually so excited to get our hands on the latest and greatest products that we forget to pay mind to the ingredients we are exposing our precious strands to. Luckily, we have done endless research on this so that you don't have to! We've compiled a list of some of the most important ingredients to avoid while shopping for your hair products to encourage the healthiest hair possible. Here's our list, summarized by what they're used for, of ingredients to avoid!

    1.) Heavy Duty Degreasers: this includes, but is not limited to, isopropyl alcohol, sodium laurel/laureth sulfate (SLS), and polyethylene glycol which are commonly found in tons of shampoos (it's actually scary how many). Their industrial use being used as solvents and engine degreasers should speak volumes about why they are inappropriate for use on your hair. Yes, our hair can get greasy sometimes, but a heavy duty degreaser is completely unnecessary. Over exposure to these items can strip our hair from essential oils and lead to brittle, dry, damaged hair and breakage. Who wants that? Another ingredient to steer clear from -- propylene glycol, more commonly found in conditioners, but has the same effects with long term use.

    2.) Oil Based Lubricants: Now, this is not to say you can't use your favorite essential oils on your hair -- in fact, most oils, are safe. However, there are two that you should avoid. Just like our skin, our hair needs to breathe, so using heavy lubricants such as mineral oil and petroleum based products can coat the hair and prevent other products from penetrating our strands and doing their jobs. Avoiding these heavy oils helps our scalp breathe which overall leads to better hair health.

    3.) Unfortunately for us Keratin Lovers -- Formaldehyde: Formaldehyde, a known carcinogen, is a very popular ingredient in our trending keratin treatments. Unfortunately, this is going to have to be a risk to benefit ratio that you use your judgement on while deciding which keratin option is right for you. Luckily, the formaldehyde free options are on the rise and we are super excited to see what more the formaldehyde free keratin world has in store for us in the upcoming years. It is not just keratin treatments that you need to worry about -- formaldehyde can be snuck into hair products in many forms, including it's precursor forms Imidazolidinyl urea and dmdm hydantoin. Be alert and be informed about this key ingredients as this may be the one that is most important for your overall health.

    What's our suggestion for the best way to avoid these ingredients all together? Stick to products that have a natural based like argan or jojoba oils, these products tend to have the lowest amount of added ingredients and help to promote overall healthy hair care!

    Hope this helps ease your anxiety while product shopping!



  • Bad Chemical Treatment? How to Correct It:

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    Have you recently had a chemical treatment gone wrong? Unfortunately, most of us women have been in the same boat. Whether it was a color that didn't turn out quite how you wanted it to and you're expecting the impending damage of the corrective color that's on the horizon; or you've had a relaxer gone wrong and your hair feels like mush -- we've been there. I have seen my fair share of damaged hair working in the salon and here's a few of my go-to quick fixes (other than the typical, but very important, avoidance of blowdrying, heat styling, braids and pulling hair back tightly until the damage is controlled) to help salvage and reverse as much damage as possible before you wind up with the dreaded "chemical cut," which almost always does not turn out how we'd like it to.

    For relaxers or perms gone wrong: Unfortunately, there has not been much progress made in this very permanent hair process. Relaxers and perms CANNOT be reversed so the best thing you can do it keep up with your trims and condition, condition, condition, avoiding anything stressful to your hair and scalp until your hair is recovered. Then, prevent it from happening again by ALWAYS using a neutralizing shampoo after any of these treatments -- perms and relaxers completely throw your hair's pH out of whack by taking it from one state to another extreme. Neutralizing is the only way to prevent your hair from turning into stretchy post perm or relaxer mush.

    Corrective color? Here's the best way to prep:  The best way to prep for a corrective color treatment is by talking to your stylist! Sometimes, even though our hair may need some intense deep conditioning, conditioning can make the corrective color process more rough on your hair than it needs to be. Many conditioners will leave a protective, sometimes waxy, coating on your hair which can make the hair color work harder and longer on your already damaged hair. Your stylist will be able to recommend the perfect regimen to prep and prevent further damage. Corrective color should never be done at home -- I repeat -- NEVER be done at home!

    Over-processed color treated hair: This is one of the easier chemical nightmares to prevent the spread of. As always, starting off with a healthy trim is going to be the best way to prevent frizz from becoming the nightmare that we all know it can become. Then, this a time when a strengthening deep conditioning treatment is needed up to 4 times a month to replace the keratin protein and strength that was lost in the wreckage. Following up your shampoos and conditioning with a essential oil serum, like Maijan, will make combing, brushing and styling a breeze which will make a huge difference in the long-term recovery of your hair!

    Hope we helped!


  • How to Handle Highly Processed Haircolor

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    Are you having a problem controlling your overly dry, over-processed hair? Unfortunately, we know a lot of you are - especially if you love highlights as much as I do! Highly processed hair can be troublesome for everyone including hair stylists! As a matter of fact, most stylists can sometimes suffer the most from over processed hair because we just can't get enough of changing our hair to keep up with the latest trends and treatments! So, what can we do to keep our highly-processed hair as healthy as possible? Here's a few quick tricks I've found to be the most effective at preventing excess damage

    1.) For The Platinum Blondes or Highlight Addicts: Although it's tempting to go more blonde during each visit, there's a much less damaging way to brighten up your older growth while getting your touch ups. Talk to your stylists about only bleaching or coloring your new growth and using a platinum, or purple/ash toner on the ends. Most clients LOVE the way these toners knock out any brassiness that's accumulated from the daily elements and it's a super quick and non-damaging way to brighten your older growth up to the same shade as your fresh roots! Also, if you're getting highlights frequently, ask your stylist to only touch up your roots in the foil. Even if they don't perfectly line up with your old weaved pattern -- you will never be able to tell! It's a great way to prevent over processing the blonde that is already there!

    2.) Use Alternating Deep Conditioning Treatments: One thing many people using deep conditioners don't know is that you need to switch it up. A lot of masques or deep conditioners designed to strengthen and reinforce hair are VERY high in protein and although this is great periodically, too much protein can also cause you're hair to become stiff and in turn, more brittle! So, with that said, be mindful of how many times a week you use it, 2-4 times a month of a strengthening treatment should be all you need. On the off weeks, be sure to use a hydrating or moisture based deep conditioner, since after all, that's what our over-processed hair needs most!

    3.) Trim, Trim, Trim! If you're hair is already over processed, no matter how many deep conditioners you can use, the best way to prevent excess breakage is by cutting off those split ends before the continue to split higher and break off -- ESPECIALLY if you are trying to grow your hair out; no one wants to be left with fly aways and a stringy mop! Monthly trims, even if they are only 1/4-1/2", will prevent tons of breakage from spreading from ends to mid-shaft, which will leave you with a much fuller and more shiny head of hair...even if it is a little over-processed!

    Hope this helps you on your way to growing your hair long and strong!


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