Enchanting Updos

  • Miley's Sparkling Hair!

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    We're loving Miley Cyrus' custom glittered braid! The undone and fabulous look is super fabulous! We would love to see what the bright red glitter looked like on top of her platinum locks -- but it looks like Miley's going for a more grown out look. Either way, we love it!

  • Katy Perry's Old School Ponytail at the Superbowl!

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    We are still obsessing over Katy Perry's super high ponytail for her Superbowl halftime performance! I mean... is there any look she can't pull off?!

  • Nina Dobrev & Ashley Tisdale Looking Casually Gorgeous!

    nina dobrev, nina dobrev hair, ashley tisdale, ashley tisdale hair, casual hair, casual hair styles, trending hair styles, top knots, long loose waves

    We are obsessed with the messy but sophisticated top knot Nina Dobrev was rocking to a Los Angelos party this weekend -- and her partner in crime Ashley Tisdale's super loose waves look awesome! Loving the casual look on these ladies!

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Smooth Down Fly-aways!

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    So, in the beauty world, there are two drug store items we seems to be obsessed with -- toothbrushes and Q-tips. This beauty trick is one of the very many reasons we insist on everyone keeping a spare toothbrush around for beauty emergencies! Ever put your hair back or style it into the perfect top knot just to have to take it all down and start over because of a few lumpy spots or fly-aways? Not anymore! A toothbrush and a light hold hairspray are all you need! Simply spray the hairspray lightly above the lumpy area, and use the toothbrush to smooth the area back! Don't like hairspray? No problem! This trick works just as well with a lightweight leave-in conditioner! Here's a little how-to video we assembled for you!

  • Jennifer Aniston was Stunning As Always at the Golden Globes!

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    Jennifer Aniston blew us away with this gorgeous, elegant, pulled back hair style! We are so used to seeing her rock her usual sleek and shiny hair down, but she switched it up and it worked! We love this look on her! We are officially convinced that she can pull off ANY look!

  • Golden Globes Trend Alert: Low Ponytails with Strong Parts!

    Well, I think it is safe to say we have officially seen our first red carpet trend of 2015 -- the low slung pony with a nice, defined part. We LOVE this timeless look! Kate Hudson, Anna Kendrick, and Lorde were our favorites rocking this look on the red carpet last night! The best part about this look? It's super easy to do and almost anyone can pull this look off! It's an effortless way to take your look from drab to fab in no time!

  • How to Get Jennifer Lawrence's Pinned Back Up-do At Home!

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    We absolutely love this Jennifer Lawrence red carpet look -- So much so, we wanted to show you how super easy it is to recreate! The best part is, all you need is an elastic headband (or a decorative headband if you're looking for a more fancy look) bobby pins, and a light hair spray if you're looking for a more put together look. We LOVED the messy look that Jennifer Lawrence achieved by pushing her short grown out pixie cut back and pinning it, so we decided to show you how to recreate this look with longer hair. You will be amazed at how simple it is to achieve this look just by playing around!

    Step 1: Using your elastic headband, (we used a thin one for this look) push all of the hair off of the front of your face backwards while securing the band behind your ears. This prevents unwanted lumps and bumps around your hairline.

    Step 2: Adjust the back portion of the headband to a place where it sits comfortably on your head, without pulling or snagging if you turn your head from side to side. If you feel like the band is slipping backwards from your hairline, you may need to continue adjusting it a bit until you find the most comfortable spot.

    Step 3: Once your headband is in place, separate your hair into two horizontal sections from the ears up. This is what will give you the "bump" that jennifer lawrence naturally achieves with her short, grown out pixie. You can tease this section if you want more volume, but we decided to keep it simple.

    Step 4: Put a slight pressure on the section in the back and begin to pin the section upwards to maintain the volume. Don't push the section to high up, or else it will fall and leave no volume.

    Step 5: We liked to pin the bottom half of the back up by diving it into three vertical sections and twisting them up. You can twist them any way you'd like and tuck the ends into each other to keep the style looking messy but neat. You can really do what whatever you'd like back here to pin your hair back, make it as creative, messy or sleek that you'd like!

    Step 6: Twist remaining pieces from the top into the bottom and voila! A simple, gorgeous up-do!

  • Hair How To: Fingerwaves Made (Almost) Easy!

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    So... If any of you have been through cosmetology school or have been someone's hair model for the state board exam, you know how difficult finger waves can be to achieve! As most stylists will tell you, passing state boards was probably most exciting because we think to ourselves "NO MORE FINGER WAVES...EVER!" But, as luck would have it, this 1920's inspired look has made a serious come back, which, in turn, means so did the never ending learning process of how to do them. Luckily, unless you are prepping for your state board exam (in which case, practice by the book) you don't need to be as meticulous about finger waves as long as you are achieving the same look in the end. And, when not prepping for your state boards, you have the option of using these magical little tools called "waving clips." Who knew?! So if you're looking to achieve those some fabulous finger waves like Tyra Banks is rocking, here's a quick and EASY step by step to achieving this retro-fabulous hair at home!

    What you'll need: 

    - A fine tooth comb like this Cricket comb.

    - A strong hold gel. We love this one by One 'N Only!

    - Waving clips (optional)

    Here's how to: 

    1.)  Start with wet, towel dried hair and liberally apply a setting lotion or medium- firm hold gel like the one mentioned above. Be sure that your hair has enough product in it to stay in a molded position.

    2.)  Decide where you would like your finger waves to begin (side parting is recommended)

    3.)  Once you have chosen which side you would like to start on, preferably starting with the heavy side, comb all the hair from the first side section toward your face.

    4.)  Then, once hair is combed forward, lay your finger parallel and just below the part, making sure to hold your finger down firmly to hold the hair in that position.  (This is where you would use a waving clip if you chose to make your life a little easier)

    5.)   Using your comb, position the teeth straight towards the head and begin combing the hair back in the opposite direction, sideways along your finger, away from the face. Secure with a waving clip if you choose to.  These will create your first C-shaped ridge.

    6.)   Repeast the process, combing hair towards your face again, and continuing through step 5.

    7.)   Repeat entire process on back of head, repeating the side to side combing motion.

    8.)   Once at the ends of the hair – this is where you can put your own personal twist on it. You can either do the typical pin curl placement, or add rollers, a low bun, chignon or other up-do.

    9.)   Allow finger waves, and setting of your choice to dry completely before styling

    10.) Using the wide end of your comb, gently and lightly brush out finger waves to give them volume without looking slicked down, or leave as is like the fabulous Tyra Banks did!

    Enjoy you’re gorgeous retro waves!


  • The Ultimate Roller Breakdown!

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    As hot rollers and wash & sets continue to make a huge come-back in the beauty world, questions about rollers have been increasing as well. We can totally relate to how overwhelming it is to shop for rollers -- there are so many different types, textures, and materials! So, we've taken all of your questions into consideration and decided that the easiest way to answer them is by creating a how-to buying guide for every type of roller we could think of! We'll break it down by texture, material, and type of roller by curl type.

    Texture: When it comes to the texture of the roller, there are two main types you will commonly see - ribbed or flocked. Below you'll find a miniature description of the textures and how they differ.

    Ribbed rollers are definitely the more preferred texture. They provide grip for the hair without changing the material of the roller. There's typically 2 ribbed sides of these rollers that help hold the hair on the roller by sticking out and allowing hair to fall between the ribs. Because they do not add any additional material for gripping the hair, the hair will release from these smooth plastic rollers without any resistance or pulling.

    Flocked rollers have an additional piece of material around the entire center portion of the rollers. The material is a velvety, felt like material that grips the hair and acts as a non-slip cushion. This texture works best when using large rollers for mainly volume. If you were using them to achieve curls, the hair would likely need to be wrapped around the roller several time which could then become very difficult to remove, leading to tangles and discomfort.

    Material: Picking the right material is most frequently considered when dealing with rollers that produce any type of heat. Below we've listed the most commonly used and stylist-trusted materials for this category

    Sponge rollers, often use steam to achieve curl, like Caruso Rollers. This leaves you with super shiny curls in about 10 minutes with absolutely NO heat damage. This is perfect for fragile hair or any other hair type trying to achieve curl and volume.

    Ceramic rollers use ionic/far-infrared technology to infuse hair with shine by sealing the cuticle while setting the hair. This is a great option for anyone with damaged or fizzy hair as sealing the cuticle seriously cuts down on frizz.

    Nano-Titanium rollers generate far infrared heat that eliminates hot spots to provide maximum heat transfer evenly throughout the rollers. Because of this, this is the perfect roller for anyone who is trying to achieve loose but somewhat spiral curls and volume. Titanium rollers are great for all hair types and are very helpful for thick, resistant hair!

    Wax Core rollers are perfect for those who have curl-resistant hair. Wax, being a dense more rubberized material, has the tendency to grab onto heat and hold heat for longer periods of time -- making it perfect for people who have trouble getting their curls to set. This is also an excellent option for those with really thick hair, allowing an extended heat time to help penetrate through thick locks!

    Type: once you've narrowed down the texture and material, the rest is simply picking the right type of roller for the amount of styling time you have or curl type.

    Heated rollers: These are those that would include all of the materials mentioned above – ceramic, titanium, wax-core and steam rollers. All of the mentioned rollers are available in a variety of diameters – the larger the roller the smaller the curl. Larger diamaters will give you more volume and smaller diameters will give tighter curls. All of the mentioned materials, with the exception of the steam rollers, come with an electric base that heat the rollers so they are ready to use right away and are typically done setting in less than 5 minutes. When using steam rollers, each roller must be “steamed” on the unit individually for 3-5 seconds then once all the rollers are in your hair, the hair must left to dry for about 10 minutes but produce absolutely no damage to your hair. All rollers, however, and less damaging to hair than curling irons.

    Magnetic rollers: These are plastic rollers that are to be used on wet, freshly washed hair and set in place with magnetic counter piece for easy hold with no pins or clips. The hair should be dried under a dryer or by air drying and will provide much longer last results than heated rollers.

    Mesh rollers: These are a light weight plastic that is designed to mimic mesh and are applied to wet, freshly washed hair. They are super smooth and allow hair to dry quickly under a dryer or by air-drying because of how easily air can circulate through the hair. These require being pinned in place with roller pins but will also provide much longer last results than heated rollers as well.

    Foam rollers: These are designed to be used on clean, dry hair and either slept on or set under a dryer and left to cool. These are a gentle way to wake up to gorgeous volume without the tight curl that wet-hair rollers will give you.

    Velcro rollers:  As seen in the image above, can either be used on damp, towel dried hair or dry hair in the same way as magnetic rollers or foam rollers. These are great for thin, fine hair which leads to less breakage since there is not a need to use pins or clips --  if you have thick hair, you may still need to use a clip to pin the roller in place. Velcro rollers leave you with soft, loose curls and tons of volume.

    Flexi-rods AKA Twirlers: These are a long rod made from a foam-like material that is flexible and requires no pins or clips. These can be used on wet, damp, or dry hair and set overnight and bend to hold themselves in place. These give you a similar but longer-lasting curl result as a curling wand or hot sticks.

    We hope this helps narrow down your search!

  • Viola Davis Rockin' Perfect Fingerwaves at the Oscars!

    Viola davis, Viola davis hair, Viola davis oscar hair, Viola davis hairstyle, Viola davis Oscar hairstyle

    I'm loving this retro-inspired finger wave style on Viola Davis. And her dress is amazing!

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