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  • Mustaches in Movember!

    movember, no shave november, moustache movember, movemeber movement

    So many of you have probably heard of, participated in, or witnessed, "No shave November," or Movember. Although watching the progress all of the growing mustaches and beards is super funny and entertaining - it's also helping to spread awareness at the same time. What most of you don't know is that all of the beard and mustache participants of Movember are helping to raise awareness of Prostate Cancer, Testicular Cancer, and men's mental health awareness! As the prevalence of these cancers increase, this is a such a simple and cost effective way to bring awareness to the climbing numbers and serves as a reminder that men should have a yearly examination to rule out these cancers or catch them early!

    Here's a little bit about how it works: Any man, or "Mo Bro," who chooses to participate in Movember, starts on the first on november with a freshly shaven face and continue to grow and groom these super creative mustaches all throughout the month. It serves as a conversation piece to raise awareness and donations towards cancer research.

    If you're participating in Movember and need help getting your mustache groomed perfectly -- that's where we come in! We are happy to help by recommending our FAVORITE facial grooming tool - the Babyliss i-Stubble Shaver. This will make your month a breeze. Keep up the good work fellas!

    If you haven't started growing your 'stache eyer -- it's still not too late to start! This is a great cause and can use the help of all men to grow and groom your mustaches and awareness! For more information, visit

  • Wes Welker's Successful Hair Transplant

    wes welker, hair transplant, hair plugs, hair loss treatment

    Wes Welker says he doesn't regret having a hair transplant procedure at all and has had greats success with it! Do you know anyone who had the same great success?!

  • Justin Bieber Dyed His Hair?

    The Biebs is sporting a new dye job...he's "crossed over" to the dark side! It has not been confirmed why he made the change, but there is some speculation it's for a movie.

    justin bieber, justin bieber dark hair, justin bieber brunette, just bieber brown hair, justin bieber hair color

    What do you think of the new color? Also, will someone please tell JB where his waist is? I'm worried if he makes any sudden movements those pants are history...they're so low! See, we got your back JB. ;)

  • Ashton Kutcher's New Look

    ashton kutcher, ashton kutcher beard, ashton kutcher hair, ashton kutcher long hair

    I keep a mental list of celebs who I'd like to have made over, and Ashton Kutcher has been at the top of the list for quite some time. Ever since he stopped believing in hair cuts (and then shaving), it's made me cringe. His greasy "homeless chic" look just doesn't do it for me. But I finally got my wish! Ashton shaved his beard and CUT HIS HAIR! Time to cross that one off the list, and redirect my power of positive thinking over to Kelly Osbourne. *c'mon, dye job!*

    ashton kutcher, ashton kutcher short hair, ashton kutcher shaved face

  • On Trend - Hair Tattoos

    hair tattoos, hair tattoo designs, hair tattoos designs

    Ever since we humans discovered scissors, we've been coming up with creative ways to cut our hair off. Hair tattoos are one popular way that some people choose to express themselves in a very eye-catching and dramatic way. Tribal patterns are popular, but like a topiary, anything goes as long as you can find someone to shave it off. Check out some of these awesome hair tattoos! What do you think?

  • Style Your Hair Like Edward Cullen

    edward cullen, edward cullen hair, robert pattinson hair, rpatz hair, rpatz, robert pattinson hair

    If you're Team Edward, this video's for you! Hair stylist Beatrice De Alba shows you how to style your hair like Edward Cullen! Check out this simple tutorial video to learn how to turn yourself (or your boyfriend!) into Robert Pattinson's sexy character Edward Cullen from the Twilight series. After you get this hair style down, all you'll have to do is practice looking sullen and smoldering and you'll be all set.

    Don't have everything she mentioned in the video? No problem. Stylebell recommends...

    Hair Dryer w/ Concentrator Attachment

    Mini Flat Iron


    Texturizing Paste

  • 10 Great Gifts (Under $50!)

    It's getting down to the wire for those of you who still have shopping to do, but don't worry! We won't judge. ;) In fact, we're here to help! Here are 10 great gifts, each under $50. You're welcome!

    hot tools, hot tools flat iron, hot tools dots iron, hot tools ironHot Tools Flat Irons

    These cuties have 1" ceramic plates and a patterned casing. But they're more than just a pretty face in your styling arsenal. They have variable heat up to over 400 degrees, an 8 foot cord, rounded movable plates for easy styling, and a slim cool tip design. Do flips, waves, curls, and straighten with these. Though this is a professional-quality tool, it's also great as a starter flat iron, or for the casual user. Got a little sister who keeps borrowing your CHI? Get her out of your hair and into her own with one of four adorable patterns - hot dots (pictured), cheetah, zebra, or tiger!


    conair, conair quick gem, conair quick gems, hair jewels, conairConair Quick Gems

    My philosophy for gift giving is that it's fun to give gifts people wouldn't normally buy for themselves, but would still enjoy. The Conair Quick Gems tool falls under that category for me. This little do-dad comes with 30 reusable plastic jewels that it quickly and easily attaches to your hair for a dazzling effect. Probably aimed at the younger set, I still think I would have a blast playing with this thing, wouldn't you?


    pureology, pureology colourmax, pureology essential repair, pureology essential repair colour maxPureology Essential Repair ColourMax

    For the color-treated diva on your shopping list, Pureology Essential Repair ColourMax is the answer. This smart little leave-in conditioner helps seal in color. This is the product with the highest concentration of their famed AntiFade complex. Simply spray into your hair after your shower and comb through to help protect your color from fading. That means more time between trips to the salon. She'll be thanking you until next Christmas.

    alterna, alterna experience kit, alterna hair care, alterna caviar, alterna overnight hair rescue Alterna Experience Kit

    Whenever someone tells me they have dry hair, I always tell them they need to try Alterna Caviar. It's my favorite. It's definitely not cheap (with a name like caviar!), but this little kit helps you try it for a lower price before you take the plunge on full sized bottles of the stuff. The kit comes with travel size versions of their moisture shampoo and conditioner, hair spray, and overnight hair rescue. Alterna always leaves my hair feeling moisturized, silky soft, and bouncy. I love it, and so will those you're shopping for. Though you might want to buy one for yourself, too. Go ahead, I won't tell!

    hot tools, hot tools hair dryer, cheetah hair dryer, leopard hair dryerHot Tools Ionic Turbo Hair Dryers

    Of course with Hot Tools flat irons on this list, I also have the matching Hot Tools hair dryers! They come in the same fun patterns as the flat irons, so you can mix or match. Each dryer comes with 3 attachments to help you achieve whatever style you're aiming for. These dryers are cute and functional, as well as a great value.

    olivia garden, olivia garden brush, olivia garden boar brush, boar bristle brush, hair brushOlivia Garden Combs & Hair Brushes

    Olivia Garden offers a huge variety of different hair brushes and combs. These make great stocking stuffers, and would be really fun to add to a gift basket, or include with the hair dryer above or any other hair-related gift. They're extremely high quality tools, many of which are made from sustainable materials such as bamboo. There are tons to choose from, and they start at just under $5!

    ouidad, ouidad hair care, ouidad frizz fighting, ouidad climate control, ouidad hair

    Ouidad Ultimate Frizz Fighting Trio

    Ouidad calls themselves the curl experts, and they aren't kidding! They have some of the best products available for curly hair. This gift set includes generous 8.5 oz sizes of 3 of their top selling favorites: Climate Control Defrizzing Shampoo, Climate Control Defrizzing Conditioner, and Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. All three have an exclusive Humidity Shield Complex to fight frizzies!

    sultra feathers, sultra hair feathers, sultra feather accentsSultra Feather Hair Accents

    Hair feathers are still a hot, hot trend and Sultra has created a simple way to try it out on your own! These reusable, clip-in feather accessories are totally gorgeous! They're all natural authentic feathers, which means you can style them just like you would your hair with a flat iron or curling iron. Because they clip in, you can wear them as often or not as you like! No need to commit to having them for any length of time.

    redken, redken products, redken for men, redken shampoo, redken mensRedken For Men

    If there's a man in your life whose hair could use a little sprucing up, surprise him with some goodies from Redken for men. The Go Clean shampoo and Finish Up conditioner are both solid basics that even the most oblivious of men can appreciate. He'll love the results, even if he can't explain why.

    sojourn hair, sojourn thermal protection, sojourn heat protector, sojourn hair productsSojourn Thermal Protection Straightener

    When in doubt, heat protection. If a person owns any heat styling tool, they also need a heat protecting product, and Sojourn Thermal Protection one is the best I've ever used. You can undo all of the work of your expensive shampoo and conditioner if you heat style without protecting your hair. I try all sorts of shampoos and conditioners and while they are fantastic products, I still have to credit this one with my hair being as healthy as it is despite all I put it through.

  • The Young Turks - Celebrating Movember!

    cenk uyger, the young turks, movember, theyoungturks,current tv, tytHave you heard of The Young Turks staring Cenk Uyger? Well if you haven't you will soon. Cenk, one of my dear college buddies, is launching his own show The Young Turks on December 5th, on Current TV. Yes that is the Al Gore channel. To bring it back to hair, which we always do, Cenk decided to dish out a little Movember love! Check out this Movember message from The Young Turks!

  • Kellan Lutz Has a Mohawk!

    kellan lutz, twilight, kellan lutz mohawk, celebrity mohawk, mohawk, celebrity hair

    Well hello there, Kellan Lutz! The Twilight star revealed his new 'do recently, joking about Movember being about Mohawks. What do you think? Love it? Leave it?

    Not sure I'm loving it, but he's still a mega hottie. Those eyes! Goodness!

  • Majestic Mustache of the Week - Hollywood

    This week instead of focusing on just one mustache, we're focusing on a BUNCH of mustaches! Even better, right? Here are some of your favorite celebrities trying to rock the mustache. Did they pull it off?

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