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  • Hair How To: Babyliss Miracurl!

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    If you haven't heard about the Babyliss Miracurl curl machine by know, it's time to check out our video about how this miracle machine works. This makes curling possible for even the most curl challenged people. This machine handles everything from heat settings, curl rotation, and time. It even beeps to let you know when your curl is cooked to perfection! We hope you love this product as much as we do!

  • Seven reasons to love the FHI Technique Pink Professional Flat Iron


    1 - Damp to Dry Capability: According to FHI, damp hair is the preferred method of use for the iron. Betcha didn’t know that! Yes, this hair straightener was built to break down more water molecules and force them back into the hair shaft for increased moisture. Then the iron closes the hair’s cuticle as you glide down the section, repelling humidity, insuring the style is locked into place.

    2 - Ultra-rapid heat-up time: The FHI Pink 1 inch Flat Iron heats up in less than 15 seconds. That’s super fast for those of us who’d rather be styling than waiting. Plus it has a fixed temperature of 410 degrees F, that delivers consistent, even heat every time you use it.

    3 - Technology: The FHI Pink Flat Iron directly infuses negative ions into the hair at a rate 20 times more than most ordinary non-ionic hair straighteners resulting in hair that is more moisturized and in better condition. Plus, an additional oomph of Nano Titanium Oxide and Nano Silver Technology helps remove any harmful chemicals as well as kill bacteria. This means your hair is softer, shinier, and healthier. Healthier hair? Sign me up!

    4 - Reduces Color Fade: The combination of Ionic technology and gentle infrared heat allows your hair color to last longer than ever due to the extra moisturizing that happens when you straighten the hair section, and smooth down the hair’s cuticle. Good news if you have highlights, they will look brighter and more vibrant each time the iron is used.

    5 - Automatic-Sense Control System: This unique feature promises a superior heat-recovery rate. Every time you style your hair and finish the section, the temperature of the iron changes. Think about it, when you style your hair it’s not that hot, but after you glide down the section your hair stays hot for a minute or two. With the Automatic-Sense Control System in the FHI Pink Flat Iron the heat is instantaneously recovered to the plates. Translation: The iron is as effective at the beginning of the styling process as it is at the end.

    6 - The PTFC Ceramic Heater: The heating element in the FHI Pink Flat Iron (as well as all FHI Heat Technique flat irons) is one of the most technologically advanced PTFC ceramic heaters on the market. The production of far-infrared heat means you are straightening the hair from the cortex outwards and sealing the cuticle flat. This protects the hair strand and reduces damage promoting a healthier head of hair. Again, healthier hair, I love it.

    7 - Design: This iron is so versatile, FHI calls it a ‘multipurpose styling tool’. The clever design has beveled edge 1 inch plates that allow you to flip, twist, and curl hair with this one, clever appliance. This means that you can go curly one day, straight the next all with this iron. Who doesn’t love options?

    OK one more…

    8 – The color! I just love that it’s pink. But don’t let the girly color fool you, this iron is packed with technology that will leave your hair silky and soft, with a long-lasting frizz-free smooth style, whether curly or straight.

    Convinced? Check it out for yourself right here: FHI Pink Professional Ceramic 1 Inch Flat Iron.

  • Choosing the Right Flat Iron For Your Keratin Treatment!

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    We know how difficult it can be to get the results you are looking for out of a keratin treatment -- but it doesn't have to be! If you're not getting the results you want, odds are, you're not using the right tool. In keratin treatments, the flat iron and temperature are key in treatment performance.  We recommend considering 3 things when buying your next flat iron to guarantee excellent smoothing performance for daily styling and some serious seal for your keratin treatments!

    1.) Titanium Plates: Titanium is the perfect plate material for keratin treatments. Why? Because of it's stable heat conducting ability. With titanium plates, the heat gets evenly distributed across the entire plate and holds heat at an even, set temperature. This prevents "hot spots" and guarantees that you have flat ironed each section evenly with every pass.

    2.) Variable Heat Temperature: Variable heat settings are key in maintaining your hair integrity, and also the perfect way to customize your keratin treatments when using brands like Global Keratin, who provide you with instructions to follow per hair type.

    3.) Durable Outer Housing: We LOVE the Ryton material Babyliss uses for the exterior portion of their flat irons. This is EXTREMELY important for stylists or anyone who will be doing a keratin treatment, as they require you to work closely with the flat iron for a longer period of time. This housing makes the flat-iron's extremely comfortable to grip without the concern of getting burned!

    Check out our quick video on all of the reason's we recommend Babyliss Titanium Flat Irons for Keratin Treatments!

  • Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Review

    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola Review

    Does your hair always seem to be working against you rather than with you? Are you constantly SB-00975-2combating high humidity? Are all those hours spent styling your hair the only way to tame your tresses?

    If so, Keratin Complex hair therapy by Coppola is a weapon worth having in your arsenal. Just one treatment of Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola will have your hair under control and looking great for up to five months.

    How Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola Works

    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola works to restore shine, softness, and life to lackluster hair. The therapy packs in a ton of natural keratin that infuses with hair, coating it all the way down to the cuticle. The keratin acts like a protective shell that keeps hair safe from environmental elements such as pollutants, toxins, and harmful UV rays.

    So how does this hair miracle happen? It’s a lot easier than you may think. In a few hours you can get hair that’s way easier to manage while cutting your normal hair routine down to a fraction of what it used to be. It all happens in just five steps:

    1. Shampoo
    2. Dry Hair Completely
    3. Soak Hair in the Smoothing Therapy
    4. Dry Hair Again
    5. Flat Iron

    Sounds almost like your everyday routine, right? The only difference is that you only have to follow these steps a few times a year to have great hair 24/7.

    Who Can Use Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola?

    Now you may be wondering if Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy will actually work on your unruly hair. And, you’re in luck! We’ve found that there is practically zero types of hair that the Smoothing Therapy can’t handle. Course, curly, frizzy, color-treated, or chemically-treated hair - this keratin treatment is formulated to work on virtually everyone!

    This hair transformation will seriously impress. After just one treatment, hair is so soft that you might not be able to stop touching it! If deep conditioners and leave-in treatments haven’t been doing the trick, it’s time to step it up to a keratin smoothing therapy. Don’t let Mother Nature get you down in the hairdo. Kick her butt and battle back 95% of frizz with Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola.

  • Curling Wands vs. Curling Irons

    Woman styling her hair with a curlerCurling Wands vs. Curling Irons

    Many girls out there have been wondering about the curling wand vs. curling iron debate when it comes to styling their strands. The curling wand is a fairly new beauty invention, while its curling iron cousin has been around for ages (even in ancient societies before electricity’s discovery). Curls are an amazing look for just about any occasion, and it’s important to know some details on both tools before you make your decision.

    What’s The Difference?

    A curling iron is a heated metal cylinder with a clip. You wrap your hair around the iron, and use the clip to hold the hair evenly against it. A curling wand has no clip, and you must hold the hair yourself – most curling wands come with heat gloves so you don’t burn yourself. A curling wand is often tapered, so you can get a curl that differs from top to bottom where as a curling iron is usually one sized, for a flat, even curl.

    The curling wand is typically hotter, can get your hair curled a bit faster than the traditional iron and there’s no clip to snag or pull your hair! If time is of the essence, you may prefer the wand. But if you have time, and are just more comfortable using a tool that has been in your bathroom since before you can remember, just use the handy curling iron.
    Curling Wand Curls vs. Curling Iron Curls

    A curling iron can create big curls, small curls, and all kinds of waves – you just might need a few different sizes of irons. Some curling irons even have detachable barrels to change the curl size. With curling iron curls, you will get a flat, ribbon-like curl that is consistent from root to tip. With a curling wand, the curls look fuller, natural, bohemian, and fun – perfect for a party, a hip concert or a day at the beach. Many ladies prefer the curling rod because you can get closer to the root and create more volume throughout. With a tapered curling wand, the curls are not consistently the same size throughout the curl.

    Different Hair Types Might Need Different Tools

    The curling wand is fast, but if you have shorter hair it can be hard to use because your hand and arm will be getting pretty close to the hot metal. It may take new users a few tries to get completely comfortable with this tool. Long hair that isn’t too heavy or wavy can use the curling wand very easily to create beautiful, fun curls.

    If your hair is short, heavy, damaged or naturally frizzy, your best bet is to use the curling iron. The clamp that the curling iron is known for spreads the heat evenly throughout the strands and keeps the tension the same throughout the curl. Tension is important when you have hair that really needs to be tamed, like heavy or textured hair.

    When Should You Use Each Tool

    If you’re in need of a fancy up do, with just a few loose curls to be the highlight of the hair, you will want to use a curling iron. The curls are more consistent and classic looking. Likewise, if you want perfect curls or waves for an elegant occasion, the curling iron will give you the desired look.

    If you want big Victoria Secret curls, the curling wand is for you. The curls from the wand are fuller, not flat like the curling iron curls, resulting in a modern, sexy look. Also, if you’re in a rush, and just want some curls or waves – use a wand. It’s quick and easy, once you get the hang of it.

    Browse our great selection of curling irons and curling wands to find exactly what your looking for. Need help choosing a barrel size? Check out our Curling Iron Barrel Size Guide.

  • Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner Review

    Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner Review
    SB-00993-2Is keratin good for your hair or is keratin bad for your hair? That is the question! Shakespeare had some unruly locks, so it’s feasible that he may have pondered that thought, along with many other fair maidens with color treated hair. The overwhelming consensus: ‘tis better for color treated hair than you would ever believe.

    Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner are at the top of the list for dyed dames who want to have color and protect their hair at the same time

    Other keratin hair treatment reviews haven’t focused on color treated hair products, so we thought it was time to change that. This sulfate-free shampoo and moisture packed conditioner are formulated to protect and repair color treated hair. The dynamic duo work together to give dyed hair the extra oomph it needs to steer clear of dry-dull town.

    Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo has mild surfactants that won’t strip your hair of its color while gently removing dirt and product build-up from each and every strand. The shampoo’s keratin, or soy and wheat proteins, helps protect your hair long after it’s been washed.

    Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Conditioner is all about locking in much needed moisture and detangling strands, so they appear smoother and shinier. The creamy conditioner also wraps each strand with the keratins soy and wheat proteins, further protecting your hair from future damage caused by heat styling products.

    The End Result? Dyed dolls love Coppola Keratin Complex Keratin Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner because the results are for real. The keratin treatment reviews from tons of ecstatic users, and the experiences of the team, back up that Coppola has created a formula that leaves color treated hair softer, stronger, and more manageable. BONUS: if you’ve invested in a keratin smoothing treatment, this shampoo and conditioner can prolong the effects while protecting your color!

  • How to Apply the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment

    Are you looking to learn how to perform the Keratin Complex Smoothing Keratin Treatment?  In this video we show you how you can perform the Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment so you can get optimal results.  This step by step begins with the client consultation all the way to the flat ironing and blow drying. Enjoy special tips that will help you achieve incredible results.

  • Product Review of the Day: Tibolli Volume Obsessed Shampoo & Conditioner!

    tibolli volume obsessed shampoo and conditioner, tibolli volume obsessed shampoo, tibolli volume obsessed conditioner, volume shampoo, volume conditioner, volume obsessed shampoo, volume obsessed conditioner, tibolli review

    Well it's only fair that after trying all of the other keratin lines we've been showing love to that we try out some products from our other favorite brand, too. Tibolli has been taking the keratin world by storm with their keratin treatments and product line but I think these this duo holds the Tibolli crown. Tibolli's Volume Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner with color protection is the answer to all of our keratin prayers. Volume AND smooth straight hair? Yes, you heard me right! Here's a little more about this miracle regimen ;)

    Description & Benefits: The Tibolli Volume Obsessed Shampoo with Color Protection will give your hair a fresh cleanse while adding body and volume. The Tibolli Shampoo is enhanced with natural plant extracts that will deliver weightless natural hydration to the hair and scalp. Natural seed oils hydrate the hair, leaving it replenished and conditioned. This shampoo is free of SLS (Sodium Laurl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) that will protect your color treatment.  This shampoo is also free of Sodium Chloride for preservation of the Tibolli Keratin Treatments and is safe for all other keratin treatments. There are no unnecessary petrolatum mineral oils, allowing complete nourishment of the hair.

    Feel & Scent: I love the super silky feel of the shampoo and conditioner but love that they don't leave a greasy residue in the hair. The best part about this product is the scent. Other keratin shampoo's and conditioners are lacking in the yum factor, but not these guys. Both the shampoo and conditioner have a baby-sweet powder-like scent that leave your hair smelling fresh and fabulous

    Usage: I used the Volume Obsessed Shampoo and Conditioner post-keratin treatment for about a week. I shampooed once and loved the lather. Although it wasn't super sudsy (as most other keratin shampoos are), the shampoo evenly distributed all over my head and left it clean after only one shampoo. For the conditioner, I used about a quarter sized amount and started at the ends of my hair and worked my way up. The conditioner is super silky but feels incredibly lightweight and instantly detangled my knotty hair without leaving a greasy residue after rinsing.

    Results: Well, I think Tibolli nailed it in the name. I'm OBSESSED with this shampoo and conditioner combo. This is exactly the product I have been searching for! I absolutely love getting keratin treatments done, especially in the humid summer months, but hate how flat it can make my hair look. This duo puts that worry in the past. With this shampoo I'm able to have super soft and shiny hair with tons of fullness and all over volume. This is hands down my new favorite post-keratin routine!

    Stay full and fabulous!

  • Product Review of the Day: Barbar Eco 8000 Dryer!

    barbar, barbar dryer, barbar eco 8000 dryer, eco 8000 dryer, barbar blow dryers, barbar eco 8000 blow dryer, blow dryer review, barber dryer reviews

    Here at StyleBell, we were just recently introduced to Barbar hair tools at the most recent hair show we went to. So, naturally, we had to try it out! After trying it out, I cannot believe we didn't hear about this awesome brand sooner! They have a bunch of high quality salon tools to offer and I can definitely see this brand blowing up! We got a sample of the Barbar Eco 8000 dryer and it's definitely one of a kind! Here's a little more about the dryer and what we thought!

    Description: Here's a super informative description of this unique dryer from Barbar, "Standard blowdryers are equipped with coil heating elements. Coil heat emits over 200 mG (milligauss) of EMF, a measure of radiation that's equivalent to that of a microwave. By contrast, the Barbar Eco 8000 Eco-Friendly Blow Dryer emits a mere 4.1 mG. It also saves 40% more electricity that a standard dryer. But make no mistake: the Eco 8000 is very powerful, producing heat and power that will cut dry time in half, achieving the results you expect from a professional dryer."

    Feel & Features: This is dryer looks incredibly futuristic, including two green lights that stay lit while drying and turn off while the cool shot button is pushed, letting you know that you are actually hitting the button which is awesome for those of us who sometimes push the cool shut button by accident while holding up high on the dryer handle. It features a 1000 watt motor (eco-friendly) and a ceramic heating element to help heat the dryer up quickly and evenly and utilizing electricity more efficiently while not requiring as much wattage -- which is super unique and such a fabulous feature. Especially considering the amount of power you get from this dryer in comparison to other 1000 watt dryers. I loved the weight of the dryer. It was just heavy enough to know that it was in your hand but not too heavy to make you feel like you're lugging dead weight.

    Results: This is an awesome dryer! Definitely a must-have for at-home stylists or those who just want an reliable salon quality blow dryer. The dry time was absolutely cut in half and the cool shot button shot the chilled air out in less than a second, where other dryers can take a few seconds to start spitting out cool air, making it that much quicker and easier to set a gorgeous round brush blow-dry! The only thing I would change about this dryer is adding just a tiny bit more cord, the cord is a bit short making it a little restricting depending on your salon station set-up, but it's perfect for salon quality blow outs at home!

    Blown away by this revolutionary dryer,


  • Product Review of the Day: Babyliss ItaliaBrava Dryer!

    babyliss brava dryer, babyliss dryers, brava dryer , babyliss italiabrava dryer, italiabrava dryer, babyliss italiabrava dryers, italian dryers, babyliss italian dryers, babyliss yellow blow dryer, brava blow dryer, babyliss blow dryer, italia brava blow dryer

    If you are a stylist, chances are you have already heard of the latest Italian dryer by Babyliss, the ItaliaBrava. I could not wait to get my hands on it to try it out after seeing it at this years show! We were lucky enough to get a sample last week and we have been loving it ever since! Below, I've listed a little more detail about the dryer and exactly why we love it so much.

    Description:  The Babyliss Pro ItaliaBrava Hair Dryer features a fierce Ferrari yellow color with a similar engine. It has a Ferrari-designed engine with MaxLife Pro brushless technology allowing for quicker and quieter drying. This dryer is made in Italy and also features nano titanium heat technology. The dryer is 2000 watts, has 6 heat/speed settings, cold shot button, 2 snap-in concentrator nozzles and a lock-in turbo boost. BONUS: The ItaliaBrava dryer also comes with a Ferrari yellow pouch that contains 2 round brushes and a paddle hair brush that are of such an amazing quality it's hard to believe they come free!

    Feel & Style: The most amazing feature about this dryer has got to be the weight. There are ton's of lightweight dryers on the market but in most lightweight dryers the first thing you lose while losing the weight is power. That is not at all the case with the ItaliaBrava. My second favorite feature is the recessed filter on the back of the dryer. It 100% prevents hair from getting sucked into the fan of the dryer.

    Usage:  I tried out all of the different heat settings on this dryer as well as the turbo boost before I chose which setting I would use on my fine, processed hair. Because of how powerful the dryer is, I found I was able to do the same blow dry on medium heat with turbo boost that I would have to use high heat for with any other dryer. That made me incredibly happy because we all know, less heat = less damage! I also played with the turbo feature on clients in the salon and noticed that it significantly reduced my overall drying time throughout my 4 hour day. All in all, I would say it all added up to about 30-45 minutes saved! Love that! After all, time is money in the salon, right?


    Results: I used this dryer both on myself at home and in the salon and it is hands down my new favorite dryer... EVER. It's worth every cent! This dryer is an absolute must have for any stylist, especially as blow-out bars become increasingly popular! My hair dryers just as soft and shiny as it always does in easily half the time! Who wouldn't love that?

    I hope you all try & love this dryer as much as I do!


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