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  • Never Forget to Ask These 5 Questions During Consultation & Before Leaving Your Stylist's Seat!

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    Unfortunately, it seems we all have had an experience at the salon that left us disappointed to say the least. Although this could definitely be related to a bad salon experience, or just a bad stylist -- usually, it boils down to miscommunication between you and your stylist. With that being said, we've rounded up a list of the 5 most important questions to ask your stylist before you even begin your hair transformation during your consultation. If your stylist doesn't block out enough time to have a thorough consultation with you at each visit, it might be time to switch it up or talk to your stylist about this concern. Now, we've also considered that sometimes, leaving the salon, you might absolutely love how your hair looks but realize you could never replicate the look again once you get home and get your hands on it. So, we took care of that too. We came up with the 5 most important questions to ask your stylist before leaving her seat -- this is where you're going to get your crucial maintenance information. After all, what's the point in spending time and money on a professional stylist if they aren't teaching you how to recreate the look in between visits? Let your stylist be your teacher.

    During your Consultation: 

    1.) Will this style match my lifestyle? This is one of the most important questions you can ask. Explain to your stylist how you style your hair and how much time you are willing to spend on styling a day. With that information, the stylist will be able to tell you right off the bat if it will for for you or not. So many people end up unhappy with a style because they simply do not have the time to maintain it.

    2.) Is this the correct tone for my skin? So you've got a picture of a color you love and you are absolutely set on this color. Sometimes, whether you like it or not, it's in your best interest to let your stylist tweak the color a bit. Your stylist knows what they're doing. If you have a red skin tone, and pick a hair color with underlying red tones, odds are, this is going to make you completely hate the color. But, with a drop of this and a dash of that, your stylist can customize that color to compliment your skin tone. Hand over the reigns and give them the opportunity to be honest.

    3.) Is this shape right for my face? This is your consultation, so take the time to dissect the haircut. Just because you have a picture of a gorgeous haircut, and it's somewhat similar to what you have now, doesn't mean it's right for you. Let the stylist make suggestions to customize the cut to flatter your face.

    4.) Will this affect any events coming up in my life? Planning a wedding? Going to prom? These are huge events that your stylist should know ahead of time. Especially if this is the stylist you will be using on your big day. The stylist may prefer to work with hair that's a little bit longer, and if you love your stylist, give her ample time to make suggestions of "in the mean time" styles you can rock up until your big day to keep you and your stylist happy!

    5.) If I don't like it, how hard will it be to change it back? This is HUGE! If you're making a big hair color change -- it's important to know the repercussions. If you're going from platinum blonde to a rich dark brown and decide you absolutely hate it, you should known in advance what to expect should you want to go back to your previous color. Ask your stylist: how quickly would I be able to get back to my previous color, what would it cost, how much damage would this cause, and how many visits will this take? Judging by her response, you may decide to make a less drastic move and opt for lowlights to see how you like a gradual change instead.


    Ask your stylist to show you a step by step demo of how she styles your hair. Now, you can't expect a full-blown class because rightfully, she would have to block out time and charge for that. However, she should be able to walk you through the basics as she sections. Don't be shy -- take notes if you have to. It's a small price to pay to look fabulous!

    Before you Leave the Seat: 

    1.) What shampoo's or conditioner's should I be using for maintenance? A lot of people are afraid to even ask this question because they do not plan on purchasing anything from the salon during their visit, but that shouldn't matter! Of course your stylist is going to want you to be using the best of the best when it comes to hair products because your hair is their masterpiece, however, they understand that sometimes what they carry just does not fit into everyone's budget. Ask them if you should be using color maintenance, volumizing, etc. They make even recommend a duo. Explain your situation and he or she  may even be able to point you in a direction to a line that suits your needs perfectly!

    2.) What products should I be using, and how? The same goes for number 1. Just because you may not purchase exacting what your stylist used on your, ask for the basics. Don't get product names -- get details. Did they use a thermal protectant and when did they use it? Did they use a volumizing mouse? From this, you should be able to mimic the look or try other products from other lines that may offer the same benefits.

    3.) When should I expect to come back in? This is so important -- don't under or overdo it. Some people think they absolutely have to come in every 4-6 weeks to get their color touches up when in reality, their hair still looks awesome and their roots have not grown in that much. This may take a few visits for your stylist to figure out your hairs pattern, but trust me, she'll figure it out and she'll let you know. Stylist's are not in the market for ripping you off -- they, too, want to maintain the integrity of your hair! After all, you're a walking advertisement.

    4.) Is there any special precautions I should be taking to maintain this style? This is extremely important for color treated hair and keratin treatments. There are definitely going to be some ingredient restrictions depending on the types of color or treatments they use. Follow up with your stylist for the specifics on the do's and don'ts. Also, let your stylist know if you're going to be vacationing or spending a lot of time poolside, she may recommend a UV protector or limitations for keratin treatments.

    5.) What are your days of availability? This is sometimes a larger compliment than a tip. This not only tells your stylist that you will be coming back, but it also lets you know when she is available should you have any questions. Although you may not be able to get her on the phone directly, you can always leave a message with the receptionist and have her call you back or answer for you. This is always good to know in case you need to pop in for bang trims or quick fixes!

    We hope this helps make your next salon visit a lot more enjoyable! Never be afraid to ask questions,


  • A Salon to See: Riccardo Maggiore on Fifth!

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    Over the weekend, Deanna and I were lucky enough to be invited to review Riccardo Maggiore’s new salon location in the flat iron district. What a beautiful salon -- and conveniently located just a short walking distance from Penn Station. Upon arriving at the salon (about a half an hour earlier than scheduled) the staff was extremely friendly and accommodating. We were taken right back to meet our stylists, Marcus & Saniye. 

    My appointment was for a full highlight with Marcus. After a very thorough consultation, he started to work his magic. Marcus was very friendly and held very pleasant conversations with both Deanna and I while he was working but still managed to put get a full head of foils in place quickly, efficiently and very VERY neatly! What really stood out to me about Marcus was his attention to detail. He really listened to what I didn't like about my current style and, from that, was able to place the foils perfectly to give me the more subtle highlight I was looking for all while blending in the existing chunky highlight. After I processed for about fifteen minutes, he mixed up a gloss to compliment the highlight and brighten up my existing highlights. Marcus had his assistant shampoo me and apply the gloss, and let me just say, I am sure glad he did. The assistant gave an extremely relaxing shampoo, complete with a neck massage, which absolutely took the services over the top. As a licensed stylist, I am usually never 100% satisfied with hair services and have become a bit of a salon snob, but this time I would not have changed a thing.

    Luckily, between Deanna and I, we were able to experience a lot at this salon. She was scheduled for a single process color service with Saniye and was able to review the salon from more of a consumer perspective. Deanna, whose current stylist has been using semi-permanent color on her, came well prepared with an arsenal of photos for the stylist to look through as she was ready to take the plunge into permanent hair color. After a color and cut consultation, Saniye set off to mix-up her magic color potion. Both of us were more than impressed with how quickly she was able to get the color applied (I was particularly impressed, knowing this leads to more even processing time and better overall color results.) She was generous in applying the color, leaving no hair untouched and did not have to go back to re-mix until it was time to run through the ends. Deanna had the same lovely shampoo experience, and the assistant was kind enough to take the extra few minutes to make sure she removed any and all stain she could see. Her hair color came out beautiful, rich and incredibly shiny and the stylist did a wonderful job on Deanna's blow out -- it really complimented her new fabulous cut. Deanna said, "She was very knowledgeable about the kind of service she was doing. She saw and fully understood my vision and followed through with it. She was professional, friendly and genuinely made me feel like she cared about my hair and what I wanted. You could tell she was confident in what she did so, to me, as a consumer, that showed she knew what she was doing and made me feel more trusting of her."

    Overall, these stylists were extremely impressive. We would absolutely recommend taking a trip to Riccardo Maggiore's salon next time you are in the city for a little r&r and pampering. You will not regret this salon selection! They will surely blow you away. ;)


  • Product Review of the Day: Babyliss ItaliaBrava Dryer!

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    If you are a stylist, chances are you have already heard of the latest Italian dryer by Babyliss, the ItaliaBrava. I could not wait to get my hands on it to try it out after seeing it at this years show! We were lucky enough to get a sample last week and we have been loving it ever since! Below, I've listed a little more detail about the dryer and exactly why we love it so much.

    Description:  The Babyliss Pro ItaliaBrava Hair Dryer features a fierce Ferrari yellow color with a similar engine. It has a Ferrari-designed engine with MaxLife Pro brushless technology allowing for quicker and quieter drying. This dryer is made in Italy and also features nano titanium heat technology. The dryer is 2000 watts, has 6 heat/speed settings, cold shot button, 2 snap-in concentrator nozzles and a lock-in turbo boost. BONUS: The ItaliaBrava dryer also comes with a Ferrari yellow pouch that contains 2 round brushes and a paddle hair brush that are of such an amazing quality it's hard to believe they come free!

    Feel & Style: The most amazing feature about this dryer has got to be the weight. There are ton's of lightweight dryers on the market but in most lightweight dryers the first thing you lose while losing the weight is power. That is not at all the case with the ItaliaBrava. My second favorite feature is the recessed filter on the back of the dryer. It 100% prevents hair from getting sucked into the fan of the dryer.

    Usage:  I tried out all of the different heat settings on this dryer as well as the turbo boost before I chose which setting I would use on my fine, processed hair. Because of how powerful the dryer is, I found I was able to do the same blow dry on medium heat with turbo boost that I would have to use high heat for with any other dryer. That made me incredibly happy because we all know, less heat = less damage! I also played with the turbo feature on clients in the salon and noticed that it significantly reduced my overall drying time throughout my 4 hour day. All in all, I would say it all added up to about 30-45 minutes saved! Love that! After all, time is money in the salon, right?


    Results: I used this dryer both on myself at home and in the salon and it is hands down my new favorite dryer... EVER. It's worth every cent! This dryer is an absolute must have for any stylist, especially as blow-out bars become increasingly popular! My hair dryers just as soft and shiny as it always does in easily half the time! Who wouldn't love that?

    I hope you all try & love this dryer as much as I do!


  • Kate Middleton's Last Minute Salon Switch Up?!

    kate middleton, kate middleton salon, salon switch up, new salon, salon pampering

    A very pregnant Kate Middleton makes a last minute salon switch up and ditches her old salon. Is this change permanent or is it just some last minute pampering before baby? Check out this article by E! News to read more.

  • Jennie Garth Takes Matters into Her Own Hands!


    Jennie Garth takes matters into her own hands and attaches her own hair extensions in the salon! If this is a usual routine for her than good for her -- her hair is always trendy and adorable!

  • January Jones Battling Hair Loss!

    january jones, hair, hair loss, over coloring, hair color

    January Jones is blaming her battle with hair loss on the many different hair color changes she has made this year! Over-dying is Over-drying! Keep your hair hydrated and share with us your hair horror story!

  • Hairy Situation Handbook

    bad hair day, hair salon etiquette

    Going to a salon or spa should be relaxing and rejuvenating, but it can turn something entirely else when you have to face hairy situations like product-pushing aestheticians or waiting too long for your turn in the chair.

    This weekend, as I was recovering from turkey coma, I flipped through a useful list of tips shared by ShopSmart magazine. It’s like a hair etiquette guide!

    SITUATION: You feel like the salon’s prices are a bit steep, but you’re not sure it’s OK to ask for a discount.

    SOLUTION: In this economy, salons are feeling the pinch, too. But you can say, “I’d like to keep coming to you, but money is tight—is there an arrangement we could work out?” Often your stylist would rather have you in her chair for a discount than not at all.

    SITUATION: Your stylist or aesthetician tries to push products on you.

    SOLUTION: If you don’t want them, simply say “I’d like to use up the products I have, so I’ll pass this time” or “Thanks for recommending this—I’ll keep it in mind.” But if you like the way your stylist does your hair, it might pay to ask what she’s using and take her advice on new products to try.

    SITUATION: The hairdresser works on two clients at once or keeps you waiting too long.

    SOLUTION: If you’d like to have your stylist’s undivided attention, make that clear before the appointment, so they can schedule accordingly. If a substantial delay happens while you’re there, say, “You seem overbooked—can we find a time when I can come back?” Your tone is going to carry the day—if you say it in a neutral tone, you’ll probably be rewarded for it.

    SITUATION: You’re not sure whether you should tip the people who wash and blow-dry your hair.

    SOLUTION: You should give the hair washer a tip, but it doesn’t have to be huge: shoot for the $2 to $5 range. If someone other than the stylist blow-dries your hair, also give her a tip in that range. If you lean on the side of being gracious and generous, the next time you need to get in quickly for a special occasion, your hairdresser will remember that.

    SITUATION: You want to go to another person at the same salon, but if feels like you’re cheating on your hairdresser.

    SOLUTION: Address the issue by saying, “I really appreciate what you’ve been doing with my hair, but I feel like I need a change and I wanted to see what this other person would do.” But if you’re switching because you haven’t been pleased with her work, say something like, “My last few cuts weren’t what I had in mind, so I’m going to give someone else a try.”

    SITUATION: You don’t see the manicure instruments being cleaned between clients, or the pedicure tub doesn’t look sparkling clean.

    SOLUTION: If you’re not sure about the salon’s hygienic practices, politely ask the technician how the tools were cleaned after the last client. If she doesn’t know, leave. If you’re questioning the cleanliness of the pedicure tub, your best bet is to say you’ve had a change of heart and don’t want the service.

  • How to Assure You Get a Good Cut

    Have you ever gone to get your hair cut and the hair stylist asks you what you want?  You play with your hair for a few seconds and say I want this.  The stylist then proceeds to cutting your hair.  30 mintues later it is a complete disaster!  It happens to me all of the time.

    I decided that with my next cut I am going to be well prepared to assure that I get the perfect cut.  Redken, in their push to give the client the perfect consultation, has just launched a 411 on what to ask, what to investigate, and what to discuss before and during your cut.  This is perfect!  Rodney Cutler shows how a perfect consultant is done so that we all can understand what the stylist needs to know before we go for that big cut!

    Check out this video it is awesome!

  • Paul Mitchell CEO Exec Produces FUEL

    fuelJohn Paul DeJoria assumes the role of executive producer of FUEL, the 2008 Sundance Audience Award winning documentary directed by environmentalist Josh Tickell which investigates the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy.  FUEL is an insightful portrait of America’s addiction to oil and an uplifting testament to the immediacy of new energy solutions.  DeJoria appears in the film alongside Julia Roberts, Richard Branson, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow and other celebs and politicos passionate about the cause. DeJoria is filmed filling the Patron train with biodiesel fuel, and discussing how corporations have a responsibility to help change the world.  He also explains how biodiesel can help in this initiative while simultaneously saving money.

    A firm commitment to caring for the earth influences every aspect of John Paul Mitchell Systems’ policymaking and strategy.  DeJoria has been a longtime supporter of alternative energy, from utilizing solar power for the harvesting of Awapuhi at the Paul Mitchell farm in Hawaii to supporting the development of solar-powered vehicles via the Stanford Solar Car Project.  “Alternative fuels are one of the most efficient answers to our nation and the world’s energy needs,” says DeJoria.  “The FUEL film is a great example of just exactly how alternative energy makes sense.”

    Check out FUEL debuts in Los Angeles on February 13th and in New York on March 13th; FUEL will be playing at limited theatres nationwide; for a complete list of theatres, visit

  • Michelle Obama's Stylist Rahni Flowers

    rhani-flowers1Some may or may not know the real man behind Michelle Obama’s fabulous hair. His name is Rhani Flowers and he is fabulous. He has been doing Michelle’s hair since she was 18, yes 18! Rhani is a true stylist with innovation, vision, and down to earth charm. His team did the entire Obama group including mother, grandmother, and daughter during the inauguration! When asked should a woman relax your and color your hair? Rahni gives a resounding answer NO! He states that applying two chemical treatments to your hair can damage your hair and cause breakage. Rahni instead suggests using highlights which is not as drastic or add colored extensions. We love you Rahni!

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