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  • Maxiglide SonicGlide Limited Edition Kit Review

    Maxiglide SonicGlide Limited Edition Kit Review

    Imagine all your hair straightening tools bundled up in a single, stylish package. The limited maxiglide-flat-iron-reviewedition Maxiglide SonicGlide hair straightener kit was created for ladies who like their hair silky smooth at home and on the road.

    Maxiglide flat irons have become the go-to styling tool for controlling frizzy hair in just one step. It has a multi-patented design that combines steam, ceramic plates and sonic vibration technology. It is the epitome of smart styling and the kit takes it a few steps further.

    How the Maxiglide Hair Straightener Works

    The steam makes a huge difference in helping to soften the hair, whereas other straighteners tend to dry hair out, leaving it straight but often unhealthy looking. As you straighten, the Maxiglide lets out a burst of steam on the hair. If you’re the scientific type, you’ll appreciate that the steam feature creates negative ions and spreads the heat evenly across the hair more quickly. The Maxiglide hair straightener was made to get the most unruly hair under control. No matter what type of hair you have, all the tools in the kit will help get your hair straighter than it’s ever been.

    The one drawback of the Maxiglide flat iron is that if you have really curly hair you’ll need to first brush your hair straight. The Maxius Styling and Detangling Brush that comes in the kit is a great detangler. If curly hair isn’t brushed smooth, the detangling pins could get snagged in the curls. For ladies with straighter strands, the detangling pins do their job just fine without needing to brush first.

    Maxiglide Flat Iron Limited Edition Kit Specs

    Here’s what you’re really wanting to know – what is included in the kit.

    1. Maxiglide SonicGlide Hair Straightener (1 ¼ inch)
    2. Miniglide Flat Iron
    3. Travel Bag
    4. Maxius Styling and Detangling Brush
    5. Additional Flat Plate

    The Miniglide flat iron packs in all the technology that makes the Maxiglide so great, but so in a much smaller tool. This compact straightener is so small it can be carried in your purse. However, it doesn’t incorporate the steam technology due to its small size. Despite the lack of steam, the flat iron is still a great tool for straightening those important face framing layers.

    Professional stylist Masood Max created the Maxiglide hair straightener so he and other stylists, as well as at-home amateurs, could cut the time that it took to straighten hair. The unique design eliminates the need for blow drying and also helps to keep hair healthier by not drying it out. It may be bulkier than other straighteners on the market, but the Maxiglide flat iron and the accompanying tools in the kit are worth their weight in gold.

  • Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy Review

    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola Review

    Does your hair always seem to be working against you rather than with you? Are you constantly SB-00975-2combating high humidity? Are all those hours spent styling your hair the only way to tame your tresses?

    If so, Keratin Complex hair therapy by Coppola is a weapon worth having in your arsenal. Just one treatment of Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola will have your hair under control and looking great for up to five months.

    How Keratin Complex Hair Therapy by Coppola Works

    Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola works to restore shine, softness, and life to lackluster hair. The therapy packs in a ton of natural keratin that infuses with hair, coating it all the way down to the cuticle. The keratin acts like a protective shell that keeps hair safe from environmental elements such as pollutants, toxins, and harmful UV rays.

    So how does this hair miracle happen? It’s a lot easier than you may think. In a few hours you can get hair that’s way easier to manage while cutting your normal hair routine down to a fraction of what it used to be. It all happens in just five steps:

    1. Shampoo
    2. Dry Hair Completely
    3. Soak Hair in the Smoothing Therapy
    4. Dry Hair Again
    5. Flat Iron

    Sounds almost like your everyday routine, right? The only difference is that you only have to follow these steps a few times a year to have great hair 24/7.

    Who Can Use Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola?

    Now you may be wondering if Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy will actually work on your unruly hair. And, you’re in luck! We’ve found that there is practically zero types of hair that the Smoothing Therapy can’t handle. Course, curly, frizzy, color-treated, or chemically-treated hair - this keratin treatment is formulated to work on virtually everyone!

    This hair transformation will seriously impress. After just one treatment, hair is so soft that you might not be able to stop touching it! If deep conditioners and leave-in treatments haven’t been doing the trick, it’s time to step it up to a keratin smoothing therapy. Don’t let Mother Nature get you down in the hairdo. Kick her butt and battle back 95% of frizz with Keratin Complex Smoothing Therapy by Coppola.

  • KeratinPerfect 30-Day Home Keratin Review


    Have you heard about the latest and greatest at home keratin treatment?! The KeratinPerfect At Home Brazilian Hair Smoothing Treatment is the new line that will make accessing (and affording) keratin smoothing treatments easier for everyone!

    With our hair world revolving around heat styling, we are constantly causing damage to not only the outside hair cuticle but deep into the hair shaft as well. KeratinPerfect is a full line of hair care products and brazilian keratin smoothing treatments designed to help repair and smooth our hair for a more radiant look without breaking bonds and causing permanent damage. Keratin helps renew the hairs shiny cuticle and texture while strengthening the hair from deep in the hairs cortex. Keratin treatments help infuse the hair with lost keratin molecules filling in and evening out the hairs natural porosity, which in turn improves hairs texture, strength and elasticity.

    On top of the obvious reasons why having even porosity in your hair is beneficial, the added bonus is when the porosity is even, hair is less likely to react to humidity because it is less likely to be absorbing all of the moist heat and other environmental factors. KeratinPerfect takes all of the guess work out of the at home treatments with their full line of keratin  smoothing kits, keratin treatments, and keratin infused hair care and styling products. With long lasting 30 day results, this treatment will make your daily styling quicker and overall healthier by cutting down on your daily heat styling time and is much more affordable than previous monthly salon treatments!

  • Babyliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl Review

    Babyliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl Review


    Have you heard of the latest technology in curls? Babyliss has come out with an automatic hair curling machine, the MiraCurl. Accompanied by it's own special hair care line for styling your curls, the MiraCurl is designed to make perfect curls accessible to everyone. In one clamp, the MiraCurl will curl each section with the perfect time for the type of curl you are trying to achieve. With their exclusive line of MiraCurl products, Babyliss has designed this line with long-lasting results in mind. Formulated with MiraMer, a heat activated polymer, these products not only provide structure but provide thermal protection to keep hair at it's healthiest and most shiny condition.

    The MiraCurl also prevents over-heating your hair with it's unique "beep" function that will let you know precisely when you're curls are done, preventing leaving the hair on the direct heat of ordinary curling iron for too long.

    Babyliss MiraCurl Hair Caremiracurl group image

    So, what stands out the most about the MiraCurl? I would say the feature that stands out the most is the consistency that the MiraCurl provides throughout styling. Every curl is wrapped, heated, and released at the same temperature and time. The MiraCurl not only provides structure for the curl-beginners but it also helps stylists and at-home curling pro's get the most out of their time and cut down on unnecessary waste of styling time! You no longer have to take the extra time to worry about which way to curl your hair when framing your face, with the MiraCurl it's as easy as pushing a button and it curls your hair just the way you like it!

  • Ombre Hair Color vs Balayage Highlights

    Ombre Hair Color vs Balayage Highlights

    Ombre hair color and Balayage highlights may look similar, but there are subtle differences between the two that require different coloring techniques and skill. Each style is unique in its own way and pairs best with different hair lengths and base colors.ombre-hair-color-vs-balayage-highlights

    Ombre is a French word meaning "two-toned," and it's meant to look like bleached hair that has not been re-touched for a significant amount of time. It features darker tones at the root area that gradually fade into lighter tones on the ends. The contrast in shades can be dramatic, with very dark roots and very light ends, or understated with muted, natural tones of color throughout. The ombre hair coloring technique tends to flatter darker blondes and brunettes with longer hair.

    Balayage is also a French term, but means "to sweep." This look is created by freely applying highlights and lowlights to carefully selected individual strands of hair. The result ranges from soft and sexy to bold and chunky highlights of color. Dramatic light highlights are created with bleach, while soft, subtle shading is applied with a high lift color. This technique produces a sun-kissed appearance that looks great on girls with shoulder-length or long hair.

    Wondering how to ombre your hair at home? Here are the steps:

    1. Gather your supplies, including gloves, two color applicator bowls, developer, dark hair color, bleach, pre-cut plastic wrap, toner, and applicator brushes.
    2. Mix your bleach in the first bowl and then apply it to the ends of your hair, randomly blending it up a little higher in some places.
    3. Wrap the bleached ends in the pre-cut plastic wrap to keep the bleach from drying too fast.
    4. When hair gets to the lightness you want, rinse and dry your hair.
    5. Mix the dark hair color in the second bowl, and apply it from the roots down to the middle of your hair.
    6. Let it process, and then shampoo, condition, and towel dry your hair.
    7. Apply toner to the bleached ends to tame brassiness, and when the color gets to the shade you like.
    8. Rinse, condition, dry, and style your hair!

    Get gorgeous DIY balayage highlights at home with these steps:

    1. The supplies you need are gloves, applicator bowls, developer, your base color, bleach for highlights, a dark or bold color for lowlights, professional foil boards, and a small or angled applicator brush that lets you apply color to individual strands and get close to the scalp.
    2. Begin by applying your base color.
    3. One processed, rinse and dry your hair.
    4. Comb your hair into your usual style (do you usually part your hair on the left, right, or down the middle?) and visually map out where you want to apply the highlights.
    5. For a sun kissed look, place highlights around your crown, with more up front than in back.
    6. Section a small strand of hair and hold the foil board under it.
    7. Use the applicator brush to apply the bleach all the way to the ends, and pull the board away.
    8. Use the applicator brush to apply the bleach all the way to the ends, and pull the board away.
    9. Now it's time for the lowlights. Clip the top section of your hair where you just applied the highlights.
    10. Apply the lowlights on three or four strands of hair spaced around your head, primarily in the under layers of your hair.

    Let this color process, and then rinse, shampoo, condition, and style your hair as usual.

    Ombre and balayage are both handpainted techniques that an experienced stylist can apply to your hair for a fee. But with a little practice, patience, and the right tools, you can produce these results in the comfort of your own home. No one will ever know that you didn’t just step out of the salon!

    Let this color process, and then rinse, shampoo, condition, and style your hair as usual.

  • Babyliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl How To

    Babyliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl Curl Machine How To

    The Babyliss MiraCurl is the hottest new way to curl your hair.  The MiraCurl allows you to do tighter curls, softer curls, subtle curls, spiral curls, alternating curls and so much more.  When you look at the MiraCurl you may say to yourself how can I use this product to make all of these varying curl types.  We will show you how simple it is to achieve the curl type you want with the MiraCurl.

    Look 1: Subtle Curls

    look 1 miracurl subtle curlsHeat: 375° F
    Time: 8 Seconds
    Direction: Left or Right

    1. Apply Babyliss MiraCurl Curl Prep to wet hair
    2. Blow-dry thoroughly
    3. Comb hair
    4. Position MiraCurl where you want the curl to start and close
    5. You will hear 3 beeps at regular intervals while curl is being formed
    6. When you hear 4 rapid beeps, open and gently release curl
    7. Repeat
    8. To finish, finger comb to loosen curls Apply Babyliss MiraCurl
    9. Defining Spray for a light, flexible hold
    10. Finish with Babyliss MiraCurl Shine Spray for instant shine

    Look 2: Spiral Curls

    look 2 miracurl spiralsHeat: 450° F
    Time: 12 Seconds
    Direction: Left or Right

    1. Apply Babyliss MiraCurl Curl Foundation to wet hair
    2. Blow-dry thoroughly
    3. Comb hair
    4. Position MiraCurl where you want the curl to start and close
    5. You will hear 5 beeps at regular intervals while curl is being formed
    6. When you hear 4 rapid beeps, open and gently release curl
    7. Repeat
    8. Apply Babyliss MiraCurl Hair Spray for a strong, finished hold
    9. Finish with Babyliss MiraCurl Shine Spray for instant shine

     Look 3: Alternating Curls

    look 3 miracurl alternating curlsHeat: 410° F
    Time: 10 Seconds
    Direction: Set on A for alternate

    1. Apply Babyliss MiraCurl Curl Foundation to wet hair and blow-dry
    2. Comb hair
    3. Position MiraCurl where you want the curl to start and close
    4. You will hear 4 beeps at regular intervals while curl is being formed
    5. When you hear 4 rapid beeps, open and gently release curl

    There are two ways to finish this style:

    Leave curls as they are


    Brush through curls for deep, glamorous waves
    For either style, finish with Babyliss MiraCurl Defining Spray for a light, flexible hold. Follow with Babyliss MiraCurl Shine Spray for instant shine!

    Look 4: Retro Chic

    look 4 miracurl retro chicHeat: 450° F
    Time: 12 Seconds
    Direction: Left or Right

    1. Apply BaByliss MiraCurl Curl Prep
    2. Blow-dry and comb hair thoroughly
    3. Start at the nape of the neck, position the MiraCurl near the scalp and close
    4. You will hear 5 beeps at regular intervals while curl is being formed
    5. When you hear 4 rapid beeps, open and gently release curl
    6. Guide the curl to lie flat against the head and use a pincurl clip to secure it
    7. Repeat, working your way to the top of the head
    8. When curls are cool, remove clips, let hair down and brush into smooth, silky waves
    9. Spray with Babyliss MiraCurl Hair Spray to lock-in curl for strong hold
    10. Finish with Babyliss MiraCurl Shine Spray for instant shine

  • Hair Q&A: What's the Best Round Brush for Fine Hair?

    round brush, round brush for fine hair, fine hair styling, hair q&a, question of the day, round brush question
    StyleBell Customer Question: What is the best round brush to use to curl my ends under while styling?
    Hair Type: very straight fine hair about 2 inches below shoulders in length
    Answer: Having fine hair is not always a bad thing, especially when it comes to shopping for brushes! With fine hair, the rule of thumb is: the smaller the brush is, the more curl you will get. I recommend staying with a brush that is between 1 1/2 and 2 1/2" to get a nice, defined curl while turning the hair under. That being said, picking the type of brush material you want is mostly personal preference. In my opinion, for finishing touches like curling the ends under, I like to stick with Tourmaline or Ceramic Ionic to help protect the hair from the heat you will be applying and because these materials work most similarly to flat irons and other heated styling tools. The most important thing to keep in mind while using a round brush and blowdryer to style your hair is to assure you are using the "cool shot" button on your blow dry once the hair is dry to set the hair in place. With thermal brushes like the ones I mentioned, cooling your hair around the brush will seal the cuticle and give you the longest lasting (and shiniest) styling results possible!
    Hope this helps!
  • Question of the Day: What Do You Do the Day After Getting Your Hair Colored?

    haircolor, after hair color, hair care, color care

    Question: What do you do the day after getting your hair colored?

    Answer: Getting your hair colored should not change your hair care routine tremendously, however there are a few things to change or add to your usual hair regimen. If you are not already using a color care shampoo and conditioner, this is a crucial step to prolonging the life of your hair color. Be sure any shampoo's you use are safe for color treated hair. Another important step in maintaining your hair color is using a thermal protectant product to protect your hair from any heat styling. Constant heat on your hair will cause the cuticle to open, allowing the vibrancy of your hair to dwindle so be sure to protect those strands and keep that cuticle sealed!

  • Question of The Day: What Size Flat Iron is Best For Long Hair?

    Question of The Day: What Size Flat Iron is Best For Long Hair?, question of the day, flat irons, long hair

    Question of The Day: What Size Flat Iron is Best For Long Hair?

    Answer: For long hair, there are a few different options! Picking the right flat iron is dependent on the look you are trying to achieve. If you're just looking for a quick, simple run through to smooth down waves and frizz -- the wider the better. The larger the plate, the quicker you can smooth, or create large loose waves. However, if you are looking for a more fine-tuned look, the skinnier plate will allow you to get closer to the scalp and get those tight ringlets around your face. The skinner irons can also be used to get more defined curls!

  • Q & A: What is the difference between Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment and Express Blowout?

    keratin complex, smoothing treatment, express blowout, q&a

    Question: What is the difference between Coppola Keratin Complex Smoothing Treatment and Express Blowout?

    Answer from Coppola's Keragirls: Natural Keratin Smoothing Treatment, our signature Smoothing Therapy, was created especially for frizzy, curly texture and is effective on all hair types. It is a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment that seals keratin into the cuticle to lock out frizz-causing humidity and reduce curl. One treatment gives long-lasting results for up to five months and requires a 72-hour waiting period post-treatment. Our newest Smoothing Therapy, Express Blow Out, is a unique, one-hour service that gives the hair a softer, smoother and silkier texture for up to six weeks. Hair can be washed after just eight hours. Express Blow Out is perfect for all hair types

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