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  • Product Review: DROK Electric Straightening Hairbrush

    Ever take a look at your hairbrush and ask yourself, "I wonder if they could make a straightening tool in the shape of a brush?" Well now there is!

    Recently we've had the opportunity to review the DROK Electric Straightening Hairbrush. This product is shaped just like a standard Oval Paddle Brush. While it is not as light as your typical hairbrush, for having a heatingIMG_7291 element in its' back, it is not very heavy. The brush features a very ergonomic design which makes for easy styling. The maximum temperature setting is 450 degrees Fahrenheit, 232 Celsius. The brush has a relatively quick heat up of about 3-5 minutes. Prior to using the brush it is essential that you comb through your hair with a regular hair brush to remove any knots. While the product is a hair brush, the bristles are not flexible like those of a regular brush. Once you've combed through your hair and the brush is heated up, you can take sections of about an inch to an inch andIMG_7289 a half, and brush through. If the brush is IMG_7287on the proper heating setting, it should only take 1 to 2 swipes to achieve straight hair. With a simple flick in the wrist, you can also create flips or angles to style your hair. Unlike flat irons, this is not a product you can create curls with. This is a great product for all ages and hair types. We tested this product on mildly wavy hair, and it was able to straighten and style the hair perfectly! Because of the high temperature settings an entire head of medium-long hair, took about 15 minutes to straighten.

    Pros: Reasonably priced, ergonomic handle, swivel cord, quick heat up, custom adjustable temperature settings, easy to use and an   overall effective styling tool.

    Cons: Temperature displays in Celsius.

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How To Handle Cowlicks!

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    We know how frustrating cowlicks can be but unfortunately, almost everyone has one in one place or another! The most pesky place? Right along your front hairline, or in the bang like Reese Witherspoon. Depending on how resistant your hair type is and how stubborn your cowlick choses to be, we've listed our favorite ways to conquer the cowlick! If one doesn't work for you, try another or a combination of a few -- something is bound to work, we promise!

    1.) Blow Dry Away from the Cowlick Pattern: You've probably already tried to train your re-train hair while blowdrying, but when it comes to cowlicks, technique is key. Drying cowlicks should be done IMMEDIATELY after you wash your hair. Letting the hair dry naturally, even just slightly, before blowdrying allows the cowlick to start to "take it's form." Eliminate this by blowdrying at least that section while your hair is still sopping wet. Use a firm grip brush and work this section back and forth, mostly away from the growth or "grain" and be sure to follow this up with a cool shot button.

    2.) Use a Root Lifter: Root lifters are the perfect hair hair for anyone who suffers from cowlicks. We recommend a mousse-based root lifter that sprays directly onto the root area. This can be used by itself to tame less stubborn cowlicks or in combination with step one for the extra stubborn growth patterns!

    3.) Cure Hair with a Keratin Treatment: Some may call this the cheaters way out, but we call it staying sane! If you have had enough of your battle and are tired of feeling defeated, try getting a smoothing treatment applied to just that area, or your whole head if you want to make your styling process really easy! Using a smoothing treatment will seal the hair in place for 4-6 weeks at a time, or until you have new growth. This is definitely worth it -- especially in the humid months of summer! Not to mention, if you stick to applying the treatment just to your problem area, it won't be costly at all!

    4.) Tease to Prevent Seperation: This is obviously a more temporary solution, but it's the perfect way to cover cowlicks on the back of the head or directly on the part. Not only will it help to blend in any unsightly parts, but it will give you a crazy boost in volume. Not a bad side effect if you ask me!

    5.) When All Else Fails, Rock it! If you're cowlick is too stubborn to response to these helpful hacks, it might be time to switch up your style to one that works more naturally with your cowlick. If your cowlick is on your hairline or part, find a style that will move with your cowlick and start to train the rest of your hair to move that way. After all, cowlicks are the hardest hair to "retrain," so starting fresh with the rest of your hair might be a lot easier!

  • Hairstyling Tip of the Day: How to Smooth Down Fly-aways!

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    So, in the beauty world, there are two drug store items we seems to be obsessed with -- toothbrushes and Q-tips. This beauty trick is one of the very many reasons we insist on everyone keeping a spare toothbrush around for beauty emergencies! Ever put your hair back or style it into the perfect top knot just to have to take it all down and start over because of a few lumpy spots or fly-aways? Not anymore! A toothbrush and a light hold hairspray are all you need! Simply spray the hairspray lightly above the lumpy area, and use the toothbrush to smooth the area back! Don't like hairspray? No problem! This trick works just as well with a lightweight leave-in conditioner! Here's a little how-to video we assembled for you!

  • Babyliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl Review

    Babyliss Nano Titanium MiraCurl Review


    Have you heard of the latest technology in curls? Babyliss has come out with an automatic hair curling machine, the MiraCurl. Accompanied by it's own special hair care line for styling your curls, the MiraCurl is designed to make perfect curls accessible to everyone. In one clamp, the MiraCurl will curl each section with the perfect time for the type of curl you are trying to achieve. With their exclusive line of MiraCurl products, Babyliss has designed this line with long-lasting results in mind. Formulated with MiraMer, a heat activated polymer, these products not only provide structure but provide thermal protection to keep hair at it's healthiest and most shiny condition.

    The MiraCurl also prevents over-heating your hair with it's unique "beep" function that will let you know precisely when you're curls are done, preventing leaving the hair on the direct heat of ordinary curling iron for too long.

    Babyliss MiraCurl Hair Caremiracurl group image

    So, what stands out the most about the MiraCurl? I would say the feature that stands out the most is the consistency that the MiraCurl provides throughout styling. Every curl is wrapped, heated, and released at the same temperature and time. The MiraCurl not only provides structure for the curl-beginners but it also helps stylists and at-home curling pro's get the most out of their time and cut down on unnecessary waste of styling time! You no longer have to take the extra time to worry about which way to curl your hair when framing your face, with the MiraCurl it's as easy as pushing a button and it curls your hair just the way you like it!

  • 2013 Fall Hair Colors and Trends

    2013 Fall Hair Colors and Trends

    Fall hair trends start in a lot of ways – on the runways, in salons, or by stylish fashionistas in the urban outdoors. At StyleBell.com, we’re always on the lookout for the best hair trends whenever the fall season rolls around. Here’s a peek at the fall hair colors and styles that we have on our radar.

    Side Parted PoniesBG Art 1

    Want an easy style that still looks pulled together? Try a low, side parted ponytail. Part your hair to one side then pull it all back in a low ponytail at the nape of the neck. Don’t worry if a few of your shorter, face framing layers slip out. This style can be a little messy and still look good. There’s also a million ways to modify a low ponytail to make the style your own.

    ‘90s Reborn

    Lady Gaga just debuted a new ‘do that’s reminiscent of the cuts some of our favorite actors sported back in the day. Think Eddie Furlong and Leo DiCaprio with their long locks in the front that looked perfectly disheveled when left undone, yet surprisingly sophisticated when slicked back. Though it is shorter in the back and similar to the hairdo that Posh Spice made famous, this cut isn’t as angular and lacks the stacked back. Don’t be surprised if you see this hair cut become popular this fall.

    Side Swept Bangs Are Back

    Lady Gaga just debuted a new ‘do that’s reminiscent of the cuts some of our favorite actors sported back in the day. Think Eddie Furlong and Leo DiCaprio with their long locks in the front that looked perfectly disheveled when left undone, yet surprisingly sophisticated when slicked back. Though it is shorter in the back and similar to the hairdo that Posh Spice made famous, this cut isn’t as angular and lacks the stacked back. Don’t be surprised if you see this hair cut become popular this fall.

    Crank Up the Volume

    It seems like hair has been getting bigger with each season. From updos to pinned hair, some of the top fall hair styles for 2013 are all about volume. To get the look yourself, curl your hair with pins or rollers, allowing them to fully set before taking them out. Finally, back brush through the curls to make them less defined and tease to add volume.

    Fall Hair Color Trends

    Bronzy Brown

    Brown gets a hint of bronze shimmer this fall. It’s a darker shade that’s anything but dull, and works well for a pseudo ombre look. Jennifer Lopez has mastered the bronze brown hair color by incorporating thin golden highlights around the face.

    Browned Down Red

    Fall is a popular time to take inspiration from the changing of the leaf colors by going red. This season, instead of punching up the color to a brighter shade, tone it down with a warm brown hue. Think Jessica Chastain with her subdued, sophisticated red-brown locks.

    Honey and Butter Blonde

    Blonde is getting sweetened up this fall with colors that are rich and warm – perfect for the cooler weather. Ditch the platinum strands and instead opt for a color that’s a couple of shades deeper, with touches of brown undertones.

    The fall hair color trends are definitely all about brown this year – no matter what the main shade is. Also, all over monotone hair color is out. Right now it’s tres chic to create warm hair color by mixing in the right undertones and highlights. So get your color browned, pump up the volume, and pull it back in a pretty low pony!

  • Hair Temperature Tips!

    flat iron, temperature, hair tips

    Top stylist at Arrojo Salon, Tatum Neill, suggests that for at home use of flat irons, stay at a temperature between low to mid 300's. 400+ is for the professionals when chemically altering the hair! Plus, keeping the temperature lower will prevent unnecessary damage! Click here to read more! :)

  • Fabulous Holiday Hair With Travel-Proof Styling Tips

    With the holiday season less than three weeks away, many of us are getting ready to travel and make our appearance elsewhere. Speaking of appearance, many of us battle with “travel hair”, where despite truly valiant effort, our hair never looks as fabulous as it does when we’re at home with our own products and tools. Tired of relatives and others making comments about your own lackluster hairstyle when you come to visit? Afraid to bring all the wrong hairstyling items again? StyleBell decided to take action on this “situation” and call in an expert. Here, celebrity hairstylist Rodney Cutler gives us his exert advice on how to get fantastic hair on the road:

    What are some of the mistakes women make when packing as it pertains to hair care?

    People take for granted the impact the right or wrong shampoo can have on your hair: it all starts with the right hair cleanser. Transfer your full-sized shampoo and conditioner into generic 3 oz size containers. Our salon produces a great Cutler Carry-On Kit ($22) that includes travel sizes of our Daily Shampoo, Daily Conditioner, Body Wash, Body Milk, and Face Soap. Also, consider what climate you’re traveling into, i.e. more or less humidity than where you live. Different climates require different styling products. Finally, look at the events you’ll attend and plan the desired looks you want to achieve.

    What are your essential do's or don’ts when it comes to travel-proof hair?

    Limit your possessions. For example, if you aren’t sure if you’re going to wear your hair curly or straight, bring one tool that does both like a flat iron that works as a straightener and a curling iron.

    What are the essentials any woman should pack to make her hair look its best when she travels?

    A must-have is a bungee cord to pull hair back into a bun or ponytail so you don’t disturb the texture of the hair.

    Is there anything a woman can do in advance of traveling that can make doing her hair on the road any easier?

    Go easy on finishing products with too much oil, like a shine spray because travel time will lead to your scalp producing oil, which creates greasy hair.  Stick with products with more of a matte finish because. Quick and easy and you’ll be ready for any holiday function with gorgeous hair!

    By Kristin Booker

  • Ten Healthy Hair Tips

    If you're looking to improve the health of your hair, these ten tips are tops!

    1- Never wring your hair with a towel, gently blot instead.

    2- Switch your hair dryer to a cooler setting when hair is 60%-70% dry and finish.

    3- Remember to deep condition once a week.

    4- Use your flat iron on the lowest setting that will still straighten your hair.

    5- Always a thermal protectant before using a heat appliance.

    6- Don't brush wet hair, it's too vulnerable, use a wide tooth comb instead.

    7- Use a conditioner with Panthenol, Keratin or Vitamins to add strength and nutrients.

    8- Be gentle, use damage-free ponytail holders.

    9- Reduce sun exposure by finding hair care with UVA/UVB protection.

    10- Don't skimp on nutrition - drink lots of water, eat whole grains and veggies.

  • Static-y Winter Hair?

    Bounce Dryer SheetsGot static? It’s a common hair problem in the winter, especially if you whip off your hat too fast. And it’s never a good look. What to do? Try a dryer sheet! Yep, just rub a dryer sheet over your strands to keep static away! Who knew?


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