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TCA Powertools The Color Accelerator 1.25

The TCA Powertools Color Accelerator processes permanent hair color, semi-permanent color, demi-permanent color, bleach, foil & high lift application in 4 to 10 minutes when added to any manufacturer's products in conjunction with low heat.
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The TCA Color Accelerator by Powertools processes permanent hair color, semi-permanent color, demi-permanent color, bleach, foil & high lift application in 4 to 10 minutes when added to any manufacturer's products in conjunction with low heat. The TCA Color Accelerator super conditions hair and holds color longer virtually eliminating color fadeout. TCA is a tool for the progressive color professional that demands the best color service results possible.

Product Details:
  • Available in 1.25 oz (55 applications) or 4 oz (176 applications)
  • Color accelerator solution
  • Process hair in 4-10 minutes
  • Color/Bleach service
  • Virtually eliminates fadeout
  • Super conditions
  • Can be used with any manufacturer's semi, demi and permanent color, lighteners/bleaches, conditioners and permanent wave neutralizers.
  • Benefits are quicker color services, better gray coverage, less fadeout and better overall condition of the hair.

  • TCA drops used with any manufacturer's slow color or bleach products can process color/bleach three ways:
  • Process the color as specified on manufacturer's color/bleach package to eliminate fadeout and super condition the hair.
  • After applying color, cover with a plastic cap and body heat to cut the processing time in half.
  • After applying color, punch 16 holes into a plastic cap with a tail comb, cover color with cap and place under a low heat dryer, steamer or lamps and processing time will be 4 - 10 minutes.

TCA Formulation Chart:

Any total formulation of color PLUS developer/peroxide together equaling:
color + developer = 2 oz. add 10 drops
color + developer = 3 oz. add 13 drops
color + developer = 4 oz. add 17 drops
color + developer = 6 oz. add 22-25 drops


2 oz. color + 2 oz. developer = 4 oz. add 17 drops
Formula adjustments can be made as needed. For foil, bleach and high lifts, add 17-20 drops. For shortage and re-mixing, add 5 extra drops.

Important Points About TCA:

When you mix color and peroxide, you get what is called "FREE RADICALS". A free radical is an unpaired electron. The antioxidants in Dennis Bernard TCA Hair harnesses the energy of the free radicals which allow the pigments in the color to grow faster and penetrate the hair deeper.

The vitamins, nutrients and proprietary conditioning system in the Powertools Color Accelerator protect the hair and the color, so the hair comes out softer and shinier while color fade-out is reduced by approximately 95%.
If you read or have read any health magazines recently, the biggest rage is antioxidant pills that harness the free radicals in the body which can make you physically and mentally feel better.

The original, clear, easy squeeze formula was developed in 1981 by New Jersey licensed hairstylist Eugene Campanaro. TCA was extensively tested for 5 years and has been on the market since 1986.

TCA harnesses the energy from the extra oxygen molecule, which is a free radical, in the peroxide or developer. The structure of a free radical in chemical compounds consists of an atom or group of atoms that has at least one unpaired electron and is therefore unstable and highly reactive. Their arrangement determines the stability of the compounds. A stable compound has electrons that are in pairs, somewhat like the "buddy system". If one electron does not have a partner, it can become very reactive and unstable, thus seeking out another electron with which to pair up, in an effort to return to a stable state. TCA encapsulates the electron putting its energy to positive use. Even moderate sun exposure can trigger the formation of negative free radicals which, in turn, can cause damage to the hair. When TCA drops are added to hair color, the negative effects are reversed.

TCA is not an oxygen booster or an enzyme. TCA is a non-irritating hair color additive in the form of drops, which, when mixed with any brand of color, will allow the hair color to develop in approximately 4-10 minutes (super resistant hair may take 15-18 minutes), giving the hair vibrant shine, strength and manageability. TCA will also reduce fading by approximately 95%.

There is no absorption of TCA through the sebaceous or sweat glands; yet it helps to moisturize the hair from within. TCA is unaffected by air, sunlight and ultra violet rays. Colorists will enjoy a safe experience with every use. It is also non-irritating to the eyes.

The role TCA plays in increasing salon service revenue cannot be underestimated. The salon is able to book more color, produce a value added service that differentiates themselves from other salons not using TCA and is able to compete at a higher level against the onslaught of 10 minute at home hair color.

TCA drops added to any perm neutralizer's (3-5 drops/shake well), will make for dynamic wave/curl patterns, with less relaxation and an immediate super-silky hair condition will result, that you can see and feel.

TCA drops applied to any moisturizing conditioner's and wrapped with a wet squeezed steamy towel, will allow hair to become super-silky conditioned, where you can see and feel results immediately.

A value added service for extremely dry damaged hair. (TCA Spa Condition Treatment, 20 drops - 20 minutes - $100.00)

TCA Questions & Answers:

How does TCA work?

TCA’s formula slows down the decomposition of hydrogen peroxide while driving color molecules deeper into the hair shaft. Anti-oxidants allow TCA to help develop the color molecules completely in less time whether using heat or not. It’s conditioning system avoids any damage done to hair by chemical services. The process is stable from beginning to end.

What is meant by "stable"?

The oxygen attempting to escape is what makes peroxide unstable. This had a tremendous effect on the whole coloring process.
TCA stabilizes the peroxide forcing it to work more efficiently.

Won't heat damage the hair during coloring?

No. Low dryer heat in combination with TCA will not damage the hair. Color with TCA is stable beyond temperatures you would ever use on a client. The low dryer heat simply increases the molecular activity accelerating the processing time. Low heat with TCA also helps with grey coverage.

What makes TCA unique?

It works! Eighteen million heads a year can't be wrong!

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Manufacturer Powertools

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Good productReview by Guest
I have used this for years, but this was the first time I found it in the 4oz. size. (Posted on 12/16/2012)

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