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Tibolli Trioxxy Keratin Smoothing Hair Treatment 33.8 oz.

The Tibolli Trioxxy Keratin Hair Treatment 33.8 oz. with Trioxxy will cut styling time in half and remove frizz from your hair.
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The Tibolli Trioxxy Keratin Hair Treatment 33.8 oz. with Trioxxy will cut styling time in half and remove frizz from your hair. This treatment will leave your hair soft, smooth and shiny.  It repairs and rejuvenates the strands of your hair giving you stronger healthier hair.

Product Features:
  • 33.8 oz.
  • 3x the amount of Trioxxy
  • Trioxxy nourishes and repairs hair from within
  • Improves manageability of your hair
  • Removes Frizz from Hair
  • Leaves hair soft, smooth and shiny

Why Trioxxy?

Pollution and other nasty environmental factors such as UV Rays eventually take a toll on the health of you hair making it feel dry and hard to manage. Trioxxy nourishes hair from within by penetrating each hair strand while repairing damaged hair and improving the manageability of your hair.

How to Apply:

1. Preparation:

  • Cleanse the hair thoroughly with Tibolli Pre-Treatment Shampoo. Leave the shampoo on hair for three minutes. Repeat the shampoo process twice to rid the hair from any buildup. The formulation in the Pre-Treatment shampoo opens up the cuticles of the hair removing excess styling products and impurities leaving the hair ready for the Trioxxy Treatment.  

2. Application:

  • Shake product well; start with 2 oz. (60ml) in a non- metallic bowl. Apply to 1/2" sections of hair with an application brush staying 1/2" away from the scalp. Always start in the curliest, most resistant area of the hair.
  • Dab on Trioxxy without wiping away excess product. Work the Trioxxy Treatment into the hair strand with fingers, pushing the product into hair. 
  • Continue applying all over the head. The hair should be completely saturated with Trioxxy; if the hair is dry or over porous, it will tend to absorb the Trioxxy. The product should be visible on the hair shaft.

3. Processing:

  • When choosing the processing time take into consideration the hair texture. Density and what the client wants to accomplish with their hair.
  • The processing time will be determined by the client's desired results.
  • To achieve straight results allow the Trioxxy treatment to process for the full 60 minutes.
  • Professional Judgement is required when customizing timing for each client.

What to Expect:

Straight Forward: Trioxxy will provide a maximum reduction in curl patten. Hair will be up to 80% straighter when blown dry.

Soft Waves: This product will reduce the blow dry time for client in half. The curl pattern will be softer and more manageable allowing the client to blow out hair perfectly straight or style the hair curly with ease. Hair will air-dry into no frizz curls or waves depending on the clients natural curl pattern.

Under Control: This product will reduce the curl pattern significantly. The client will experience a slight wave in the hair when air dried, but manageable.

Frizz Off: Will maintain the shape and integrity of the natural curl. The frizz and fly-aways will be removed and hair will have incredible shine and health.

Additional Info

Manufacturer Tibolli

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