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Hair Clinic: How do I use Nioxin?

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I was wondering if you can tell me a little about Nioxin and how to use it? - Jo Jane Binsfeld
Sure! Basically, Nioxin is a three step system (cleanser, conditioner, treatment) to be used daily, and in the aforementioned order. You can choose from Systems 1 through 4 according to your hair type and the type of thinning you are experiencing:
System 1: Natural Hair (not color or chemically treated) in the early stages of thinning
System 2: Natural Hair (not color or chemically treated) with advanced thinning
System 3: Chemically Enhanced Hair in the early stages of thinning
System 4: Chemically Enhanced Hair with advanced thinning
We also have three piece kits available, which makes it easy to use the program. You may also find this article helpful:
Maximum Scalp Health Equals Maximum Hair Health According to Nioxin.

Be sure to let us know how you like it!

-Straight Belle
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