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Hair Clinic: CHI Pink or CHI Original?

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CHI Original or CHI Pink, which is better?
Hi, I am shopping for a new flat iron and I was hoping you can tell me the difference between the chi original and the chi pink flat irons? - Barbara via email
They're essentially the same!
Technology-wise, they are the same flat iron. CHI has been coming out with a new limited edition pink flat iron every year for the past few years to generate support for national breast cancer awareness. Farouk Systems (the makers of CHI) donates a portion of their pink flat iron sales to the cause every year and we applaud them. Rest assured you are getting the same ceramic, ionic technology with the CHI Pink 1" flat iron as the CHI Original 1" flat iron, but the CHI Pink flat iron is way cuter of course, and the cause is worth it!
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Thanks for the question!
-Straight Belle
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