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Hair Clinic: My fine hair needs body!

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My fine hair needs body. What should I do? I have pin straight hair that is baby fine. How do I give it volume? - Dianna via email
Youíre not alone! It can be difficult to give volume to baby fine, pin straight hair, but lucky for you there are a lot of products on the market dedicated to adding body to your shall we say, voluminously challenged style?
Start in the shower with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner combo like these from Biolage, but go easy on the conditioner.
If your hair is limp all over, try a thickening boost spray, mousse or gel to add a little texture to your strands:
Fudge Oomf Thickening BoostMurad Volumizing Airfoam, or Pureology Texture Twist.

I would also suggest a root lifting product, sometimes fine hair is especially flat at the roots:
Pureology Root Lift or L'anza Volume Root Effects.
Lastly, you can always try the upside down blow dry - one of my favorites - this tends to help the hair dry with a little more body. Try adding a little hair spray while youíre upside down, it will help create longer lasting body.
Pin straight hair can be a challenge in the volume department, but with products like these youíll get more volume than you might expect. Thanks for asking!
-Straight Belle
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