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Hair Clinic: Curling iron suggestion?

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I need to find a good curling iron, can you recommend one?  - Vivian via email 
Right now Iím loving the Tourmaline Nano-Ceramic curling irons from Bed Head, they are some of the best curling irons Iíve seen, and Iíve seen plenty! The Bed Head curling irons have Tourmaline technology that generates about a bazillion negative ions, combined with Nano-Ceramic barrels to smooth your hair with gentle, far-infrared heat while they create curls. This translates into faster styling and longer lasting frizz-free curls without damage. I'm all over that.
I also am a huge fan of the fiber optic heat indicators. Theyíre not just cool to look at, theyíre smart too. They change colors when you change heat settings, this way, you always know when youíre using high heat vs. low heat - what a great perk to keep you from frying your hair. (Donít forget to use a heat protectant!)
If you arenít sold already, this will get you: These irons have a three year limited warranty from the manufacturer. Most warranties are only one year, tops, and a one year warranty is great considering that itís a heat appliance and you use it constantly! Some appliances donít even have a warranty. Any manufacturer that offers a warranty that long is pretty darn sure the appliance will provide consistent results for an extended length of time.
State of the art technology for long-lasting frizz-free curls, fiber optic indicators and a kickiní warranty? You really canít ask for more in my book.
Swing by our Bed Head section to see the entire product line, it's awesome. Thanks for asking!
-Curly Belle
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