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Hair Clinic: Can I use my flat iron on wet hair?

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Can I use a CHI Volume flat iron on wet hair?  - Kiki via email
NO! A very passionate no, but let me explainÖ

Technically you can use any flat iron on wet hair, but that doesnít mean you should. Your already delicate hair is much more vulnerable when it is wet. This means itís subject to more breakage and damage then when itís dry. Doesnít sound like the greatest time to start running a red hot appliance down your hair strands does it? No, of course not.
Not only will using a flat iron on wet hair potentially cause damage to your hair strands (as will all flat irons, not just the CHI Volume flat iron) it will also inhibit your styling results, and lead to poor performance of the iron. No one wants that.
I would never use a flat iron on wet hair unless itís a wet-to-dry model, and even then Iíd want my hair 90%-95% dry. The healthier you can keep your hair the better, this means only using your flat iron when your hair is 100% dry. Thanks for asking, now please put that notion out of your head.
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