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StyleBell Scoop: Flat Iron Buying Guide 101

From the Editor
Hi Everyone!
I was so geared up for the Academy Awards last Sunday night. Watching my favorite celebs all decked out in the most glamorous gowns, dripping with jewels, and perfectly coiffed as they sashay down the red carpet oozing fabulosity. This yearís hair focus seemed less glamour goddess and more casual chic. Lots of simple ponytails, sweeping side parts and choppy bangs. For the most part, I liked the hair styles Ė think straight without being overly slick or polished. Of course there were a few ďwhat was her stylist thinking?Ē moments that I had to GASP over, but even those are all in good fun. Gossiping over the flops is part of the whole armchair Oscar experience! Plus, we want to be prepared for those entertainment show recaps donít we?
Flat Iron Buying Guide 101
Buying a flat iron shouldnít be intimidating. There are a few simple questions that will help you narrow down your choices to set (and get) you straight. You might think itís a good idea to buy the same iron your best friend has, but if your hair texture is different, your results may never be the same. Find the flat iron that is best for YOU. Read more.
Celeb Style we Love
FergieFashionistas like Fergie are wearing their hair long and loose with tons of tousled tendrils. To capture these curls try a Babyliss Pro 30 Ceramic Ionic Hairsetter and CHI 44 Iron Guard - it offers outstanding style memory as well as thermal protection.
- Starting with 1 inch sections, spritz a bit before curling your hair around one of the 3 largest sized rollers. Varying each curl size will create the most natural look.
- Slowly roll each section up to ear level and spritz again.
- When the rollers are cool, unwind and softly pull each curl down.
- Gently separate some strands and finish with hairspray. 
Absolutely Fergalicious!
Ask an Expert
ďIím going on a trip where itís very hot and humid. I love the sunshine, but not the bad hair days. Do I need a humectant or an anti-humectant? What is the difference?Ē - Betsy, via email
Hi Betsy! I have thick, curly hair and I definitely consider humidity my #1 arch enemy. Itís one of the biggest contributors to bad hair days everywhere and itís very hard to avoid. Face it, you canít escape the weather. Even when youíre inside the humidity will find you, but there are certain products to help you repel it. On humid days, hair seems to quickly soak in the extra moisture from the air leaving you looking like the top contender in a frizzy hair contest. But what to do? You want to find a product that provides a barrier between your hair and the airís moisture. Curly or straight, you want an anti-humectant. Read more.

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BioSilk, I'm a Believer
BioSilk Silk Therapy has all the makings of a true cult favorite. Well known in the beauty industry for its impressive silk-ifying performance, it has come to be a famous favorite for hairstyling divas everywhere. Why? Because BioSilk works amazingly well with the excessive temperature of flat irons and curling irons. This silky wonder liquid has even won Allure Magazineís Readerís Choice Award for Best De-Frizzing product three years in a row. They don't call it therapy for nothing, this stuff works! Read more.
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Best Wishes!
Shelley, Stylebell Editor at Large
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