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About StyleBell

At StyleBell we think beauty should be uniquely hip, incredibly accessible, and casually cool. We strive to bring our savvy shoppers an amazing array of well known, highly coveted, must-have items we think are effective and worth it. We sample, test, and review all beauty products to bring you the latest and greatest "gotta get" brands at affordable prices. We love raving about a fabulous flat iron, recreating those celebrity styles at home, and sharing the 411 with anyone who will listen. We think beauty should be social and fun! Welcome to StyleBell, your premier hair resource.

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About Us
Why hair?
We started with a passion for flat irons and hair dryers. Like a lot of women, we've always been interested in haircare, hairstyling, hair products and appliances and the more research we did on the products in the marketplace, the more we realized how many different flat irons and hair dryers there were - and the amount of technology talk made our heads spin! We read tons of magazines and love celebrity looks but we weren't always sure which products were best for our individual styling needs. How can you expect to get the same style as someone else if you have different hair types and textures?
StyleBell started out of a need for information.

When and how did start out?
As online professionals and internet shoppers ourselves, we already had a great respect for the web community and realized that there is an entire group of very smart and savvy individuals who like to do their homework before buying an expensive hair appliance. They want to find the product that works best for them - but how do you really know which is best for you? A lot of flat irons say Ceramic. What's so great about Ceramic? Is Ceramic good for my hair type? What plate width should I pick? How hot does this flat iron get? Which brand is best for
me? That is when we knew we were on to something!
Everyone has these questions.
Launching in early summer 2007, after about a year of beta testing and product research (and testing on our own hair, our friends, our families) we have created an online resource that combines shopping, content and community to provide people with the best product information we can find on the most-wanted hair appliances and products on the market. We talk to manufactures to get the real information on the technology and why it works, and who it works best on.
StyleBell combines Shopping, Content and Community.

Why the name Stylebell?
We wanted the name to be fun and catchy and of course, we love the word Style! Bell came later, when we were thinking the names over. Not only does StyleBell have a nice "ring" to it (LOL), it's easy to remember! The writers for our website became our "belles" that's belle with an "e" to denote the fabulous women they are! For example we have CurlyBelle who writes all of our curly hair articles (you could have guessed that), and guess what StraightBelle writes about?
Our "belles" write our articles geared toward specific hair types and concerns.

What makes the premier hair resource?
We definitely think it's our amazing product assortment combined with our casual mix of copywriting, customer reviews and editorial. At StyleBell, we have started an online dialogue with our shoppers to help them decide which item is best for their hair type, their styling needs and their budget. So if you are shopping for a hair appliance, you know that StyleBell is the first choice for getting the best product FOR YOU at the best price.
We combine an amazing product assortment with a casual mix of copywriting, customer reviews and editorial.
How do you go about picking the items you sell on
We shop! We read newspapers, magazines and blogs! We have a fantastic relationship with the blog community. We continually talk to our manufactures and attend industry events to network and find the trends. We ask our customers what they are looking for, we have a spot on our site for them to give us their product suggestions. Basically we like to joke that we will talk to anyone who will listen to us and we listen to anyone who will talk to us.

We shop, read magazines, newspapers and blogs looking for the latest trends
(and catching up on our favorite celebs.)
What do you consider your favorite product?
A Heat Protectant, any heat protectant of course! Whether you straighten or curl your hair, you should always take the time protect your delicate strands from the heat of the blowdryer and styling irons. Not only will it make styling easier and faster, it will eliminate damage. WE believe you should think about your hair as an accessory you wear every day, so you should want to keep it as healthy as possible and looking its best.
We believe your hair is an accessory you wear every day.
What makes stand out above the rest?
Our customer service! At StyleBell, we are more than happy to tell someone that "this flat iron might be the most expensive, and the one you've read about, but I think there is another iron that might be better for YOUR HAIR and it's less expensive". In the hair and beauty industry, that's rare. And our customers appreciate it. That's probably why we've grown so fast organically - with tons of word of mouth advertising. Everyone loves to talk about a great shopping experience, and our editorial gets passed around on the internet as a great resource for your shopping homework. We always want our customers to be happy with their purchase and the results they get from the products they buy, so we really try to educate and guide them in their buying decisions.

We want our customers to be happy with the results they get from the products they buy, so we really try to educate them in their decision.
What do you consider your greatest achievement in the hair resource business?
Again, our ability to communicate with, listen to, and educate our customers. We really listen to them, and continually tell us they value the information they get from us. It's not just about a sale, it's about creating an online community. And at StyleBell, we know what we are talking about, we've tried all of the products. A lot of customers ask "which one do YOU like", "which is YOUR favorite and why"? We answer them honestly. We all have different hair types and lengths and like different products for various reasons. Our customers love us for our honesty.

It's not about a sale, it's about creating a valuable online community experience.
Each decade has been defined by a certain hairstyle. Since we are nearing the start of a new decade, what would you consider the hairstyle of the millennium?
We think individuality is always the most important trend you can follow, and with your hair it's even more important. Everyone's hair type, length, color and style is SO different, and that's what makes it so great. You can create the same hairstyle on two people, and the trend should be making that look your own, and feeling comfortable! Your hair says a lot about you, so you should embrace your individuality! AND always keep your hair in great condition with a heat protectant! But I'm sure we mentioned that already.

Your hair says a lot about you, so you should embrace your individuality and
ALWAYS use a heat protectant!